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AMAC: Obamacare Is ‘Slapstick Comedy Worthy Of the Keystone Kops’

dan-weberIt’s progressive ideology, including the new diagnostic code in the law for accidents caused when your skis catch fire –

BOHEMIA, NY, May 31 – Be prepared to describe to your doctor just what type of injury you sustained from your pet Macaw when Obamacare takes full effect.  It seems he must use one of nine specific Macaw codes to report the incident to the government, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“No kidding,” Weber said.  “Senator Rand Paul, an MD, himself, pored through the 9,000 pages of new regulations and 122,000 new medical diagnostic codes in the Affordable Care Act and reported that in addition to the Macaw codes, there are two new codes for turtle accidents and two more for injuries suffered as the result of walking into a lamppost.  It’s slapstick comedy worthy of the Keystone Kops.”

Weber speculated that “perhaps this is one of the reasons Obamacare will end up as the ultimate failure of President Obama’s term in office instead of the definitive achievement he hoped it would be.”

The notion that implementation of Obamacare might not happen or that the law may undergo significant changes in the coming months or that it might eventually be repealed gained traction this week when several unions started backing away from endorsing the law.

The President of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Joe Hansen, told reporters that the Affordable Care Act “makes an untruth out of what the president said, that if you like your insurance, you could keep it.”  And, David Treanor, who is in charge of health care for the Operating Engineers union, said “we’re concerned that employers will be increasingly tempted to drop coverage through our plans and let our members fend for themselves on the health exchanges.”

Weber pointed to the growing IRS scandal and the fact that the agency is given sweeping new powers under Obamacare as another harbinger of the law’s ultimate demise.  He cited an Op Ed by Dr. Scott Atlas, an authority on health care systems, published by Forbes magazine.

Atlas said in his editorial that “the potential abuse of power by the IRS with its massive authority as Obamacare’s governing agency is already causing anxiety, and rightfully so.  Expanding the apparently unmonitored IRS by hiring thousands of new agents to implement dozens of the law’s provisions is enough to cause alarm.  Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act, a law whose very name is a grand deception, is struggling to be implemented.”

Weber also noted that “the American public has remained steadfast in its opposition to Obamacare.  New polling shows that three years after its passage, the majority of us still think it stinks.  It was a wrong-headed decision based on progressive ideology on the part of the president, including the new medical diagnostic code for accidents caused when your skis catch fire.  You can’t make this stuff up.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.


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william matteson

Thanks for the oppurtunity.When i look at our congress i only see women cause there isn`t enough people there with enough BALLS to impeach the president and do the job that they are supposed to do.


Amazing…some of the bigger cities have a 6 to 8 hour telling how long now when you have to fill out paperwork to describe when was the last time you had a hangnail

peter ferretti

If House of Reps.Oversight Committee is serious about its work,why not start with Obama instead of the janitors and Admin. Aides that work in the Whitehouse? Are Repubs. just Grandstanding in a safe venue until the current Admin. is over and no justice can take place? Then they can safely be reelected because they did nothing and avoided any controversy.

Robert McElhinney

Because of this stupid law I have joined a Christian health sharing group called Samaritan ministries . My health insurance bill for a 5000 dollar deductible policy had went up to 521 dollars per month. This is a rise of 232 dollars per month in 3 years and I see no end to the increase . This is for a single person . Just think what it would be for a family of 4. Know that I have joined the sharing group I have a HSA that I can not use for health care . If I use it I will be hit with a big penalty . I only see this law hurting our health care system and many other businesses as well . The IRS cant even do a good job on our taxes and I do not want them running my health . Shame on congress for… Read more »

G.A. Jurko

I sometimes wonder,after all this time, if whomever put the ADA together might have “fixed it” to ultimately fail. Part of it are so absurd that it has to be a joke!!

peter ferretti

Who cares what the public polls say about Obama?, House of Reps. need to start Impeachment Proceedings ASAP. What he has done and continues to do is no mystery. Holder and Rice have willingly lied as often as Obama has asked them to do so —-for this he will either protect their current jobs or promote them to higher positions. If this House of Reps. is too lazy and inept to do anything, then we will suffer for a long time because the House will fall to the Democrats after the 2014 Elections. Your only hope then is to get the Hague to try him for his 2 violations of International Law—(1 ) selling 1000 machine guns to the Drug Mafia in Mexico without the full approval and/or understanding of the Mexican government and (2) using our US Embassy in Lybia for covert and illegal military uses. By Law, an… Read more »

Les Siegel

BEWARE: Obama is the second comming of HITLER. Lets not forget HISTORY repeats itself if we let it.

Jerome Zacny

Obamacare will ultimately collapse under its own weight. Remember all the promises that were made in the selling of the Affordable Care Act? *It will bring the cost of health care down. *if you like your current plan, you can keep it. *You will be able to keep your current doctor. *Those making less than $200,000 a year will not see their taxes go up even a dime. *There are no such things as ‘death panels’. *Doctors and hospitals will embrace this legislation. *Access to doctors will be greater. None of these claims have proven to be true. Obamacare is the law of the land today. People have had their hours cut from full-time to part time and have lost their group health insurance today. Where are all the “insurance exchanges” today? People who don’t buy health insurance are going to have to pay a fine. If people are unemployed… Read more »

Randall Guest

Skis can catch fire while waxing them (old style, with a flame).
Concerning Europization of the USA: remember that ISO no longer means the internations standards organization… it means “equal.” (As in hobble a well-performing economy to make equality?) No kidding… see their own site.

Lynn Mohr

After reading all of the above, I agree with the general accordance, Obama Care is something that all reasonable people know is nothing that should be forced on this countries people. It should be repealed right now. We all know that it will take a lot more effort on our collective parts than just wanting it to happen! I suggest a few of these options. CALL, do not write your Senators and Representatives! Ask one of them to send you a pocket size copy of the Constitution. Read it again and again. It’s not the “hard to read or understand” document that Washington would have us believe! Don’t let them try to tell you, “Remember when it was written, it was a long time ago!” Things that applied then don’t apply to this modern age!” Bull!! It’s an easy read and easier to understand. We The People can get rid… Read more »


This article is disappointing. I am very much Anti-Obama/Obamacare and it irks me to no end to have to ‘defend’ them now…please check your facts before publishing something like this.
These new diagnosis codes have nothing to do with Obamacare and everything to do with the ICD-9/ICD-10 conversion issued by the World Health Organization in 1993…again 1993. The US is the only county that has not converted to the new coding system and is just now getting around to it.
I truly hope the quote by Rand Paul was taken out of context becuase, as an MD, he should know better.


Does one use multiple codes for a head injury from running into a lamppost while under attack by a macaw that was panicked by shouting while trying to put out one’s burning skis, or is there a specific code just for that set of events? What if the skis are water skis instead of snow skis?

Nana's my name

Many things have been reported to the government in many different agencies. This should not be a time when we all complain to one another only. We need to let our politicians know by calling and writing them. They need to know how many people believe this is the wrong direction. For the sake of the generations to follow we must get this changed. We need to be so loud about it that no one has to take a poll to know. We also have to be kind by not complaining about the people in charge but complaining about the action being taken so that they hear the true problem and not a personal attack which gives them a reason to not listen.
To you I say thanks for listening.
Nana’s my name



peter ferretti

Simplest Congressional solution to our very corrupt and incompetent Executive Branch is to Impeach Obama! Congress can then repeal Obamacare, simplify our tax code,revamp the IRS, make the IRS smaller and more effective,make sure IRS never again is responsible for anything except TAXES, and start calling INT’L TERRORISM what it is——a movement by radical and very phony Islamists who have put so much fear in legitimate Islamists that they watch and say nothing.


Short, sweet and simple. To all politicians YOU WORK FOR US so like on any other job you listen to your boss you don’t tell him what to do. There is nothing special about you just because you got elected to office, you still work for we the people. You will be limited to two terms at a moderate pay with limited insurance and no pension benefits. After your second term is up you find yourself a real job like every one else and settle for the benefits that company offers. Institute a FLAT TAX which will preclude the ability of BIG BROTHER to offer freebees to those to lazy to work because to do so you must raise the tax on certain people, however when ever everybody has some skin in the game as they will with a FLAT TAX we the people will be more careful of tax… Read more »

peter ferretti

Nobody lies today—that’s an outdated concept that is no longer PC! HOLDER just spoke” the double truth” that is completely opposing views on exactly the same topic! Actually,about every third sentence he has spoken since his appointment has been a lie! Apparently, we can even lie under oath and not be charged with Perjury, or get fired, or be impeached,or get jail time. Why have any Laws? Why waste so much time and money on Congress and a Supreme Court when we could have a lifetime Imperial Monarchy—— all Obama needs to do is to rescind our Constitution!

Lise from Maine


On my husband’s W-2 for 2012 it showed how much he paid for health insurance which was $5,000 for me since his health insurance is a benefit from his employer.

What this means is that it is already being reported to the government whether someone has health insurance or not BEFORE Obamacare kicks in.

I venture to believe that most people did not realize this.

Thank you!

peter ferretti

We as a voting public have lost all our Constitutional powers except one —- We can still always vote out all INCUMBENTS ! Never again re-vote for anyone who holds an OFFICE—-Throw them out whether they did an outstanding job,,a terrible job,a mediocre job, or were just corrupt —( now almost a synonym for the word — POLITITION!)

peter ferretti

What will happen to a corrupt and totally incompetent Government? NOTHING! w