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AMAC: Obama’s Medicare Advantage Cuts ‘Bad Medicine’ For Seniors

Dan Weber The Association of Mature American Citizens AMAC‘Something must be done to reduce federal spending for such programs as Medicare, but there are other ways of doing it’ –

 BOHEMIA, NY, Feb 22 – “President Obama is sticking it to seniors yet again by cutting Medicare Advantage funding,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

It was announced last week that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS] will publish new rules for Medicare Advantage programs on April 1.  Subsidies will be slashed and access will be severely restricted, according to insurance industry analysts.

“AMAC has been actively lobbying for legislative relief ever since we first began reporting the President’s intentions regarding Medicare Advantage last year.  Mr. Obama deceptively avoided any discussion of the program cuts prior to the election and the mainstream media obliged him by not bringing up the subject,” Weber said.

The president had another thing going for him, the complexity of the Medicare Advantage program, itself, he added.  “MA coverage and costs vary from locality to locality across the country, and so the impact of the cuts will also vary.

He urged AMAC members to call their Medicare Advantage providers and ask them how, in fact, their coverage will be affected should the cuts be implemented.  In fact, we’d like to hear from members who make the call to find out what these companies are telling them.  They can email us at”

Weber noted that the cuts are not a done deal until CMS publishes its new rules and said there is still time to set things right.  The CMS has the ability to bend the rules if enough pressure is exerted by interested parties, including lawmakers and health industry groups—especially considering the fact that the Advantage cuts will be chaotic and disruptive, he explained.  “We may not get a permanent fix, but perhaps we can get a temporary reprieve during which time a longer-term compromise may be possible.”

But he lamented the fact that AMAC may be the only senior citizen advocate making its voice heard on Capitol Hill regarding this issue.  “Perhaps it is because there is general agreement that Medicare spending is growing at too fast a pace.”

Weber acknowledged that something must be done to reduce federal spending for such programs as Medicare, but said that there are other ways of doing it, such as gradually increasing the eligibility age for Medicare.

“However, in this instance the billions that will be cut from the Advantage program is far from a spending reduction.  The money will be used for new, costly entitlements such as buying smart phones for the needy.”

He noted that the health insurance industry echoes the frustration of the nation’s seniors over the imminent Medicare Advantage cuts.  For example, Karen Ignani, president and CEO of the industry trade group, AHIP, was quick to issue a statement after the funding reductions were announced.

She said: “The proposed changes to Medicare Advantage payments are a crushing blow to the 14 million seniors and people with disabilities who count on this critically important part of Medicare.  The combined effect of the ACA cuts and new proposed payment changes will likely result in seniors facing higher out-of-pocket costs, reduced benefits, and fewer health care choices.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.


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I feel the same way most of you do. However did anyone see Rand Paul and the filibuster and note the help of Rubio, Cruz, I am sorry I don’t remember the names of the other Senators. It was a small stand but it was a stand and I was very proud. We need to write these senators and let them know we are behind them. Ryan is also a stand up guy. People do not listen they excerpts on CNN and think thats the story. We need to watch the whole broadcast and listen to it. That is the only way we can learn anything. I thought the first time I saw Obama that he was make changes. Then I sat watched him and he contradicted everything he stated at the beginning That was when I started to pay attention to the speeches. We can’t just watch once in… Read more »
Let’s start by getting rid of the illegals taking advantage of our health care and unemployment benefits. they should get in with the laws that we have established for citizenship. All welfare programs must provide jobs, cleaning the streets, cleaning the parks and waterways, or no pay. Women having children and collecting all kinds of benefits must have limits imposed on them. We will provide for two children, but after that the benefits get cut. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, all federal employees, congressmen and senators included, should be part of the Social Security program and Medicare. If they want additional pension funds, open a IRA or 401K with their money. No more free rides for government officials that DO NOTHING in Washington. Limit their terms as the president’s term is limited. All of us need to get everyone we know involved in the election system. Otherwise, our country will become a… Read more »

Don’t you guys get it,after busting my butt for 40 years I stopped paying in &started to take out. The system needs payers not players.

I have a golf buddy that voted for this guy and still thinks he is a great president. I told him to get his head out of the sand and his — and see what is going. I cannot beleive how many people do not see what is happening to this country. We will be 3rd world quite fast at this rate. Have to hammer the house to not fund any portion of obmacare. They control the purse strings. Lets let them have it full force, get mad and keep hammering at them. I do every day. I have the worst in Washington, Fienstein, boxer and now Hahn, CA is just like Washington but worse now, Democrats control the all in CA now. I still hammer on them even though I know I’ve lost. Don’t give up or we are done for. I’m 79 so I won’t be around for… Read more »
The most unfortunate circumstance of all is that we have four more years of this tyrant OBAMA only because a majority of the American people did not exercise there right to vote him out of office. Obama was re-elected by fewer votes then McCain LOST with in the previous presidential election. We are victims of the malaise of the American people thinking that their one vote doesn’t count. Well, the DEMON-ocrats made sure that they got their voter base – whatever their reasoning might be ie freebee’s, handouts, government paying for everything, who knows what?, Those folks they made sure they got to the polls and cast their votes – signed, sealed, & delivered! And in some cases, multiple times. Politics is corrupt – and those who are best at working the corruption to their benefit win the elections big when the majority of the honest voters stay home. So,… Read more »

why is it that the recipients of medicare are those on the “obama chopping block”? what of those on welfare? there are more on welfare today, than ever in the past….and yet, things are not taken from them, such as cellphones, tvs, food, medical, eye glasses, healthcare for their children, dental, housing, sometimes even cars….and for the most part, i would venture a guess that they dont even vote, for him or anyone else, in most elections….people getting medicare have contributed to the system all their working lives with the expectation of having something to fall back on, when they are no longer working….while those on welfare dont contribute, dont work, just take.

This is why America sucks nowadays. Obama thrives and America dies and keeps on taking. I had to retire 2 years ago coming in Oct. and lost 50% of my net wealth since then. I figure my wife and I will be homeless in 7 years. Until then, I try to spread the truth of the Constitution.


The simple reason medicare recipients and seniors in general are on “Obama’s chopping block” and those on welfare are not, is that those welfare recipients you refer to are a significant part of the backbone of the Democrats’ voting block. They do indeed vote and they turn out in very large numbers to preserve all the “free stuff” that is handed to them. All at our expense of course, but then we are not the type of voters the Democrat Party is looking to cultivate. We’re just expected to be the people who pay for all the handouts to those deemed “more deserving”.

True enough.

Unfortunately, Medicare has been considered a cash cow by both the current and past federal administrations. They help themselves to it because it’s available and they can. Naturally the Obama administration will look to taking whatever they feel justified in taking to fund Obamacare, unfortunately there is not enough money in this world to fund Obamacare adequately. They don’t care that seniors worked all their lives and contributed to Medicare and Social Security, and it’s obvious that seniors will take a back burner in this administration- not that Obama and his cronies care about anyone once they have no use for them.

Medicare and medicaid, should be completely abolished… How many millions more people have to die
at the hands of incompetent medical people and institutions ??? And, look at the food we’re being fed !!!
Any fool who thinks we are better off with the food we’re exposed to and the medical establishment we
have is in need of Real Food for their brain to begin working!!! At age 84 I have long ago caught onto the
ways of a wicked generation and started thinking for myself !!! I do not go to doctors and I avoid all of the
Garbage I can in our grocery stores !!! WAKE UP america !!!

Amen, lets juice the medical profession out of (most of their) business. I still think they should set broken bones. :)

You are all angry and I agree with you. One of you said “we” voted for obama. (lower case deliberate). I disagree. When I heard he was a community organizer, I said I wouldn’t vote for a communist. The few seniors that I know, didn’t vote for him. The young, foolish, idealistic, and people who don’t want to be called racists voted for him. He’s bent on destroying America. We must stop him! He must be thwarted and impeached. Impeachment goes for dopey Joe Biden and the succeeding one. I live in Rhode Island and our rep & Cong are all DEMOCRATS!! I’ve written to them telling them to oppose obama. They write back, thanking me, and telling me the Republicans oppose the pres and, therefore, are to blame. I responded, BULLDUST!!!!! I’m 83, so I’m worried about my children and grandchildren as all of you are. God help them.

I’m all for impeachment, but it won’t happen as long as the democrats have a majority in the Senate.

I didn’t vote for him either.

i didn’t vote for obama, iam 72 years old have many medical problems and the type oboma wants to throw off the bridge i worked for 20 something years and paid medicare that obama thinks belogs to him he is givig himself a pay raise let his wife use our money to go shopping over seas I hope some one will stop him from taking our ss that we now live off until we die .

Writing to ANY Democrat in Congress is a total waste of time. All you’ll ever receive is the same type of form letter you already got. The Democrat Party today is not the same party of say JFK. As a matter of fact, JFK wouldn’t even be able to be a Democrat today. His views would be considered “radically conservative” or even “racist”. Today’s Democrats have more in common with far left socialist / communist groups, than they have with the middle class Americans they say they represent.

We can only rely on our elected officials who, unfortunately, are almost all corrupt to change things around. Actually though, one cannot help but admire the effectiveness of the covert deviousness with which a Nation of 300 million are being subdued and controlled by means of the government. Not too much admiration because anyone who has read the rise and fall of the third reich can see where much of the deviousness is copied from. Hitler had one of the governments main buildings burned down then blames it on others. There are many other examples. Lets face it, the bottom line is about the poiiticos staying in power, no matter what the have to do. I am used to totally providing for myself – I only want the money they took from me which they call “social security” . WHen I was younger and naive, I just thought they were… Read more »
History is filled with many examples of socialism and how it takes hold and then destroys the countries where it is adopted. That’s why they don’t teach history any more in most public schools or even colleges. They teach social studies and a myriad of social advocacy programs dressed up to be “the new history”. All revised to paint the United States as the oppressor and evil, while an array of socialist are portrayed as “champions of the people”. If more people were knowledgeable about world history over the last 100 years, they would never vote for people like Obama and most Democrats in the first place. The references to social justice, economic equality, economic fairness, etc. are all straight out of the standard socialist playbook. Look at any speech from the likes of Chavez, Castro, Kirchner, Hitler, Peron or Hollande and you’ll see identical phrasing to what Obama has… Read more »

We have wet blankets for senators and congressmen and I would like to know why they give into the Antichrist running this country all the time instead backing him down and work for the people that put them in office to do what they know is right.

Everybody knows that the reason they don’t buck the system is because they themselves are not in the same programs that we, the ordinary citizens of the United States of America, are in. They don’t care about us other than knowing that they don’t want to be like us. There are way too many high paid politicians. Many more than are needed to run this country. They ALL need to be in the same boat we are in……..only then will things change for the good the people. But sadly that will never happen. Why should they cut off their noses to spite their own faces. We are simply doomed….and thats all there is to it. I can only imagine how sad it makes our Heavenly Father to look down and see what this magnificent creation of His has turned into.

Elections matter! No better example of consequences than this write up. People don’t believe there are elected officials around who will do bad things because that’s their core objective. Boo hoo! Crying about it isn’t the answer. Electing candidates that believe in the American, not European,way is the answer. Too bad, but it means using your brain instead of your emotions, and paying attention all year, not just shortly before election day.

We may have one more chance to right the wrong that is this administration,and I’m not talking 2016 . The 2014 Congressional elections represent our last Custer -like stand. Time to heed the voices of sanity.

I agree with everything you said except for the last short paragraph. Last year’s election sealed the deal that Obamacare and all of Obama’s first term laws, executive orders, regulations, etc. will be permanent. You are absolutely right that elections have consequences. The one thing history teaches us, over the last 100 years, is that once a large scale federal program gets up and running, no matter what it is, it becomes nearly impossible to scale it back, much less shut it down as in the cases of Obamacare or Dodd-Frank. Both create massive federal bureaucracies, with tentacles reaching deep into the economic sectors they are designed to control. You are correct on one aspect of the 2014 elections. They will represent a referendum on whether any small part of a conservative message of fiscal sanity survives in Washington or the country openly adopts socialism and we swiftly become like… Read more »

I fear that America has moved so far from reality and so deeply into apathy that the only thing capable of waking us up is a major depression. That would reestablish the bedrock on which fundamental thinking is established. Greece is a good example of a people who will not make the hard choices when faced with a collapsing economy. Clearly, Washington won’t either, nor will a majority of the actual voters.

Everyone needs to face it. The govenment makes NO cuts and particularly with this socialist at the helm. Taking money from one place and then spending it on something NOT a cut. We currently have very few politicians ACTUALLY representing the American citizen in Washington at this time. The democrats spend to buy votes and fantten up their contributors and the republicans run scared that doing the correct thing will cost them their jobs. The losers in the long run (which is about to crash and burn) will be all of us American citizens . I sincerely don’t think that this country will survive four more years of this out of control spending and printing worthless money. These elected clowns are way to busy playing the blame game and trying to stay in office so they can continue to destroy this country. Americans need to quit buying into this… Read more »
Absolutely. We are rapidly coming to a financial abyss, following other EU countries. They by the way are excellent examples of where we may wind up in terms of unemployment and corruption; the Germans will not be “bailing” us out. We are not doomed though. One of the best methods is to get people educated and to get our politicians on the straight and narrow.. For education, a MUST read book (a short one) is called “The Dictators Handbook: Why bad behavior is almost always good politics”. This book is relatively short, and does not delve into Republicans or Dems ( a farce really, just misdirection). The book is written about how leaders stay in power. One of the several distinct points is “Make sure anything of value comes from the government.” This is a means of control of the population – example: Obamacare. I’ve seen National Health Care when… Read more »

Very well said.

You have it right!

i pray that the new gop,(rubio,ryan,griffin and company),fight with us and lead this GOD given country back to greatness,obama and company are totally destroying what millons fought and died for,our FREEDOM,thank you david finton

Why did Obama get away with stealing $716 BILLION from Medicare in the first place? Medicare and Social Security are special taxes for special purposes, and they should not be raided, given away, borrowed, or borrowed against. Return all money ever taken from these programs, with interest and penalties, and the programs will repair themselves. At the same time, make these federal employees do their jobs by eliminating fraud. Furthermore, there should be no talk of reform. That is just a soft and deceiptful politicians word for “Breech of Contract” by our own government.

Just a point of clarification. There is nothing special about Medicare or Social Security taxes as currently written in the tax code. These are not contracts with the federal government or debts of obligation. They are merely taxes. The funds are completely fungible, as any other federal government revenue stream. The only thing “special” about these two tax programs is that most politicians, at least in the past anyway, would not have dreamed of raiding these piles of money for purposes other than their intended purposes out of fear of voter backlash. With Obama, it seems blind adoration has superseded any such fear on the Democrat side. Second point, the government is already broke. It borrowers 42 cents of every dollar it spends every day, seven days a week. So it doesn’t have the capacity to as you say “Return all money ever taken from these programs, with interest and… Read more »

This article does not specify exactly what the cuts are. Any details?

There is plenty of money going into the pot to cover all expenses. Ways to cut:
1] Cut all payments for “illegals” and cut paperwork for all
2] Severly punish all cheats
3] Charge no more for prescription drugs than in other countries [this will be tough as the graft to politicians is out of control and they get theirs for free; but will keep Americans from paying as much as 10 times more
4] Make lawyers pay all costs for false claims
5] Make ever effort, as the no. 1 priority, to have Obama produce “LEGAL”” papers for proof of his citizenship and when he can’t, thrown him out of office

Right on..He cant produce the birth certificate, etc because he has spent millions hiding it – it was on the internet several years ago but quickly got removed..The issue should be in the U.S. Supreme Court if it isnt already there. God is in control and his timing is perfect…

MY_MY_MY. What did all you fools expect when you voted for this fraud ? Did you think just big business was the only ones screwed ? Obama now , as if he didn’t before , has his evil eye s on senior citizens . Your s/s/ check is now an entittlement ;NOT an insurance policy you paid for all these years.
I’m old and will be in the grave but you saps that voted for him are screwed and it will continue more and more. GOOD LUCK.

The first time I looked into Medicare Advantage for my father I could clearly see that it provided the only way our government could manage medicare claims. Medicare administrators must have been buried in claims so they needed to outsource that process and do it without embarrassing themselves. I believe the insurance industry stepped in offering an “Advantage” to people so they would move off of Medicare and back onto private insurance companies plans. Government pays a management fee and funds claims that are processed for them.

When everyone that is on Advantage moves back to Medicare they will be swamped again. Doctors will love processing all Medicare claims with the government processing them.

I have just joined AMAC and am totally enraged that there seems to be no control by anyone on the ruthless attacks on the well being of this nation and its older citizens by our self appointed Emperor has no one in any branch of government the ability or desire to control this farce of a leader? the AARP is in step with all of the wasteful schemes of the day,

I am in great health for a 72 years of age almost 73 by April 9 th. I am a farm girl and tuffer than an old rubber boot. i do have some minor medical that has been controled by med’s. I am scared to death of what that Antichrist is doing to AMERICA. All of my ancesters have life to be in their late 90’s. I am on medicare AND my husband was retired military, so therefore I have Tricare for life. Which has been paying 100% of my medical needs. What is in the furture for me. Since my husband was Military and fought 3 wars and we were paid min. wages. My husband is now deceased and I am scared that Antichrist is going to cost me all of my life savings iff I happen to get sick. Please write to me or call @ 9792495460. Thank… Read more »