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AMAC: New Regulation Would Hike Premium And Drug Costs for Medicare Part D Users

by John Grimaldi –

WASHINGTON, DC, Mar 31 – An effort by the Obama Administration to impose new, unnecessary regulations on the Medicare prescription drug benefit, Part D, is nearing the final stage and would increase costs for seniors.

The Administration’s effort to destabilize Medicare Part D has been has been ongoing over the past several months.  At this time, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is finalizing a regulation, along with sub-regulatory guidance, that could lead to less choice, higher premiums and drug costs for Medicare Part D enrollees.

“It was good news that CMS withdrew its Proposed Rule changes a couple of weeks ago, but now they’re attempting, through regulation, to remove free market competition from the drug benefit that will limit choice and increase premiums for mature Americans,” said Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) President Dan Weber.  “More than seventy-five percent of beneficiaries who are enrolled in prescription drug plans with preferred pharmacy networks will experience an increase in Part D premiums starting in 2015,” Weber added.

CMS issued a proposed regulation for the Part D program in February that spans 700 pages and includes new mandates on how Part D prescription drug plans operate.  Under the Administration’s proposal, popular drug plans that offer low premiums and low copays could be forced to raise costs or simply stop offering a drug plan entirely.

AMAC has made its position clear: “Leave this benefit alone.  Medicare Part D is working as it was intended and should not be subject to burdensome and unnecessary government mandates.”

As a “champion of free markets,” Weber reiterated that AMAC does not want to see the role of government unnecessarily expanded, especially when it could lead to higher costs for seniors.  “AMAC will continue to oppose any changes to this market based program and strongly urges CMS to stop interfering in seniors’ prescription drug benefit.  The government should keep their hands off  Medicare drug plans and it should rescind this regulation once and for all,” he said.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors and reporters may contact John Grimaldi by phone at 917-846-8485 or via email at to set up a call.


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Is Medicare Part D revenue-neutral? I oppose the feds spending money on it. It’s not part of Medicare Part A we paid into. It’s a perfect example of conservatives objecting to government subsidies of the private market, but this one’s okay because they benefit. If seniors want pharmaceutical insurance, it should be through the private sector, and they can pay what it costs to cover the benefits they want. Same thing with “Part B”. It never should’ve been a federal program.

Robert S.

First time I had heard anything about this schemn, but not suprised the main stream or AARP would not carry it. Obama has already gutted Medicare for seniors and he needs more to give to the insurance companys to support his ACA. But what I just read about Sen. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal to gut even more from Medicare is an out rage, how can the GOP support this proposal on the backs of the retired people of this country. Both Democrats and Republicians seem to have targeted the retired to pay for they spending sprees. I know AARP won’t help the old people but what about AMAC?


Is this really a surprise to anyone? Obama has clearly stated a number of times this year alone, that he will use regulations to enact whatever changes he personally wants implemented that cannot get enacted either via the legislative route or by other traditional means. In this regard, he is very transparent. He is determined to continue the transformation of this country and he is very open about it. That neither the Congress nor the Supreme Court have chosen to stand up to this executive branch over-reach simply shows how broken the federal government’s checks and balances has become. Proposed changes to Medicare Part D are but one small twig on a singular branch, that is part of a much larger tree of transformational change spreading across the nation. This type of “rule by executive fiat” is not limited to simply the healthcare sector. Nor is it aimed only at… Read more »