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DSCF3702AMAC Delegates Visit Local Congressional Offices – 

Here’s AMAC Delegate Joan Johnson representing Alabama’s 4th Congressional district meeting with Joe Morgan, staffer for Congressman Robert Aderholt, in Gadsden.  Joan introduced the office to AMAC, informed them of the number of other AMAC members living in her District, and shared our plan to make Social Security solvent.  Joan commented that the she was well received and was also assured that Representative Aderholt will be viewing AMAC’s materials.  Excellent job, Joan!

The response to the AMAC Delegate Program has been outstanding.  To date, nearly 100 AMAC Delegates have participated in conference calls to prepare them to make their initial visits to their local Congressmen.  Our Delegates are brimming with enthusiasm and confidence as they ready themselves to make contact locally with their Representatives.

AMAC Delegates will fan out across America on May 28-31 and visit Congressional districts from Alaska to Florida.  They will introduce each office to AMAC and also share with them AMAC’s plan to shore up Social Security.  They will also be scheduling AMAC Town Hall meetings for later this year.

It’s not too late to become an AMAC Delegate.  Our goal is to have all 435 Congressional districts in America represented by an AMAC Delegate, so we need your help!  If you are interested in becoming a Delegate, please go to and click on the Delegate button on the right-hand side of the home page.  If you’d like to speak with someone regarding the AMAC Delegate Program, please contact Bill Eads at 888 262 2006, ext. 2016.

Delegate Success Stories

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Don Piehl
9 years ago

I saw the other day that the ones allowed to opt out of Satans Obama Care are Scientology, Muslims, Christian Science, (which I think is Christian background) Budda, Hinduism etc. Any non-Christian religion non Jewish or Catholic religion are the only one’s this Satanic thing (Obama Care) is aimed at! – – – No matter what kind of voter you are! Whatever you filed as in 2010 is what they are going by as I understand. —————- Some way to shove such a stupid thing unto working tax payers!

William Hunsucker
9 years ago

Very encouraging I’m a new member as are most at this time , looking forward to being represented in line to what’s good for us and our future needs , not a unseen agenda of political power to suit a few from the numbers of the majority, keeping topics in the open to encourage our support , and meet our needs , Thank You

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