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AMAC Members Go “All-In” for Medicare Home Healthcare



AMAC’s members have resoundingly responded to the call to action in support of the SAVE Medicare Home Healthcare bill.  This legislation would restore ObamaCare-compulsory cuts to home healthcare, which is vitally important treatment for older, homebound and chronically ill mature Americans.

The call to action campaign has just completed its first week, and as of this writing AMAC members have sent over 10,000 e-mails to their Congressional representatives asking them to support this key piece of legislation.  That is a very strong start!

We need to continue to express our support for Medicare home healthcare and ensure that Congress does the right thing for America’s seniors. Please take a moment and join your fellow AMAC members in contacting your representative today.  The process is simple—just a few clicks and key strokes—and your voice will be heard.


Click Here to Contact Your Representative

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Priscilla Karras
8 years ago

My Husband and I have contacted our Congressman in reference to the SAVE Medicare Home Healthcare bill. Can we do this more than once? Thank You — KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

Richard Hamilton
8 years ago

Thank you for this information. I was not aware and have signed the document requesting Congressman Doug Lamborn support this plan.

Richard Hamilton

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