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AMAC Members Favor Reducing Dependence on Drugs from China

ChinaAMAC Action recently polled the membership to determine their support for legislation sponsored by Senator Tom Cotton (AR) that would reduce America’s dependence on pharmaceutical products and ingredients made in China. AMAC members were overwhelmingly in favor of this bill, the Protecting Our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act of 2020, that also provides incentives for American manufacturers to produce medications in the United States.  Taking direction from the membership, AMAC Action submitted a letter of support for Senator Cotton’s legislation.

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2 years ago

I say, stop ALL drug imports from China. Who knows what is in some of thier stuff.

2 years ago

Once again proves the point that our elite politicians live in in the present moment and are not futurists for America, that is until President Trump came along. Politicians took their eye of the ball and once again placed America in crisis mode. Did they ever consider China’s 100 year war to be the dominate player economically and militarily? Crisis management day in and day out>

2 years ago

We voters need to grow up and get it. We need a government that can think as strategically as the Chi-Coms.
While our government dimwits were determined to impeach our president for 2+ years, the Chi-Coms were
designing a killer virus designed for export to the US. Who was asleep ? We were.

John E Sanders
2 years ago

Globalization has resulted in the current Pandemic and China Hoarding PPE medical supplies. How many more must die before we stop this

2 years ago

Ken: I love it !! Shut down the Chi-Com economy. We can do it. Without the US consumer all China has is
millions of filled warehouses. The swamp wants to sell this country out to China. Why don’t they move there?
Or do they get weekly checks from the Chi-Coms ? I’m curious. Can we say “wake up” USA ( not “america”) ?

2 years ago
Reply to  steve

Think about it, what better way to take down a country than to flood it with a virus, which at this time has no cure or good treatment?

2 years ago

This is horrific! Our medications all made in China? A window air conditioner? Made in China. A webcam? Made in China. A hammer? Made in China. Our military uniforms and boots? Made in China. Our flags? Made in China. Components for our military? Made in China. Copiers? China. TV sets? China. Dishes, plates, pans, silver ware? China. Step ladders? China. Any and all things that you touch today? CHINA!!!! It’s absolutely disgusting! I made a commitment today that I will do my best to never buy Chinese products ever again for as long as I live – even if a USA product costs twice as much. BRING EVERY AMERICAN FACTORY BACK HOME TO THE USA WHERE THEY BELONG. Let China starve.

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