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AMAC Members Attain Major Victory for Healthcare Price Transparency

americans health care price transparency
Health care price transparency has just become reality thanks to a huge assist from AMAC members!  Throughout this year, tens of thousands of AMAC members contacted their members of Congress and also stated their opinion in support of President Trump’s price transparency Executive Order directly to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency working to fulfill the order.

The final price transparency rule was announced today, and it is strong. According to a CMS press release, “Under this final rule, about 200 million Americans will gain access to real-time price information, enabling them to know how much their healthcare will cost them before going in for treatment.  The rule requires group health plans and health insurance issuers in the individual and group markets to not only provide easy-to-understand personalized information on enrollee cost-sharing for healthcare services, but they must also publicly disclose the rates they actually pay healthcare providers for specific services.  This will allow for unprecedented price transparency that will benefit employers, providers, and patients to help drive down healthcare costs.”

The advocacy on behalf of President Trump’s order by AMAC members was overwhelming and translated into a final rule that will reduce the secrecy behind healthcare pricing and bring welcomed competition to the private healthcare industry.  Healthcare consumers may also expect real-time, personalized access to cost-sharing information, including estimates of their cost-sharing liability, through an internet based self-service tool. Importantly, patients will be empowered to shop and compare costs between specific providers before receiving care. Making this information available to the public will drive innovation and support informed, price-conscious decision-making.

AMAC Action has been lobbying aggressively for healthcare price transparency and this major victory would not have been accomplished without AMAC members getting involved and taking action. We sincerely thank you. Your voices were heard loud and clear!

You can read the entire CMS press release here.

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27 days ago

Over the years I have experienced forced document signing for all services and fees regardless of V.A. referrals for treatment. In addition authorized treatment from the VA is not honored by health care facilities. Unknown bills are demanded payment, Medicare reports they are paying thousands, yet health care centers still demand payment from the victim patient. It is impossible to track treatment payments from the VA or Medicare due to the totally different descriptions for a single treatment by the V.A., Medicare, and health care facilities. It is hopeless, deceitful, and unaccountable. Not only are insurance companies raking in income,… Read more »

Ron Vorse
26 days ago

Does this mean we who do not have health (dental) insurance will now be able to see what the insurance companies pay for the same proceedures?

26 days ago

Listen. Nothing is free. Someone else will have to pay for it one way or another. I would support free medical for all Americans if we stopped paying NATO and all the rest of the countries in the world-seems like we would have enough money to take care of our citizens medical needs first–then we can help out the rest of the world. And yes, America has been for the longest time the most generous country in the world. I never hear of any other country sending the US a check for the fires and hurricanes or other disasters we… Read more »

27 days ago

Do you have any advantage plans to assist the over 65 on Medicare?

27 days ago

INSURANCE COMPANIES NEVER..NEVER, NEVER LOSE. If costs are lowered, so will benefits be lowered…..This is NOT WHAT TRUMP PROMISED IN HIS CAMPAIGN of 2016. He promised to THROW OUTTHE DISASTER, OBAMACARE…PERIOD. leaving us to believe that our healthcare would revert back to the private sector. No mention was made to replace it with another GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE PROGRAM: TRUMPCARE! President Trump thinks he did a swell job by removing the mandate to be fined if not insured under Obamacare…..But the rest remained in place…High Costs for everyone…Can’t keep your doctor…3-4 months for a doctor’s app’t. Then, doctors can no longer afford… Read more »

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