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AMAC Member Voices Heard in Battleground States

AMACState legislators in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona are working to delay the January 6th counting of Electoral College votes while they continue investigating the improprieties in their state’s voting processes. These legislators sent letters to Vice President Mike Pence, who presides over the Electoral College vote counting, to ask for the delay.

AMAC Action has coordinated campaigns within these and other battleground states to give our members the amplification of voice they need to direct their state representatives to ensure that every legal vote counts in their respective state. AMAC members also compelled these state legislatures to use the power granted to them by the U.S. Constitution to pass a Reclamation Resolution that would allow them to appoint Trump-pledged electors to the Electoral College to reclaim the true election outcome for their states.

So far, AMAC members delivered these messages 5,899 times in Pennsylvania, 7,116 times in Georgia, 4,262 times in Wisconsin, and 12,653 times in Arizona. The resulting activity in these states confirms that the AMAC membership voice is being heard – loud and clear!

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L Godfrey
3 months ago

Truly appreciate your efforts in the battleground states. We/You are not done. Keep the pressure on to fixing the problems. We’ll do this the right way in 2 years when we elect replacement legislators at every level.

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