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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Scott Hamilton Overcoming Impossible Odds

By: Robert B. Charles


Scott Hamilton’s life, character, faith, and strength—his ability to dare, risk, believe, and persist—are almost Shakespearian in nature, overcoming impossible odds, filled with immeasurable gratitude. Olympic gold medalist, cancer survivor, husband, father, friend, American patriot, he is humble, cheerful, and resilient. Two hours with this epic American, and my heart was light, because light is his gift.

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1 year ago

I am a Scott Hamilton fan and loved watching him skate. I am watching the Olympic skaters and think of him. You are a true inspiration Scott, and I know the Lord isn’t finished with you! Thank you for your witness, perseverance and your belief in knowing who is in control. I will see you one day, if not here on earth, then in Heaven.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Thanks once again RBC… My memories of Scott Hamilton are just as fresh today as they were back in the ’70’s watching this athlete perform the impossible on the ice…Winning the Olympic Gold was an incredible achievement back in the early part of the 80’s for Hamilton for sure…
The USOC was in a different place back then too, as today it is barely recognizable from it’s former self… That said, this story is about one person overcoming extremely difficult odds & I very much enjoyed hearing Mr. Hamilton’s story once again…It truly is a story of courage & inspiration…
Bill on the Hill,
Vermont, USA… :~)

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