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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Newt Gingrich on the Future of the Republican Party

AMAC interview conducted by Andrew Shirley


Over the past 50 years, few conservatives have been as influential as Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and an icon within the Republican Party. He recently sat down with AMAC Newsline in an exclusive interview to discuss his vision for the future of the conservative movement and how his new initiative, The American Majority Project, can play a defining role in 2022, 2024, and beyond.

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9 months ago

Until Republican politicians call today’s so-called Democratic leaders what they REALLY ARE . . . COMMUNISTS! . . . Nothing is going to change!

Jeff Lynn
9 months ago

As a 67 year old Patriot I call this article responses by Newt “Rehashed Trash”.
There is not one response that has not been presented over the years and clearly no answers or even suggestions on how to defeat the left. Certainly, this nation’s majority of the people follow MLK’s desire of equality, not of outcome but of opportunity!

Lefty Loser
9 months ago

Totally agree with term limits and the situation in the state of Washington. How low they have gone in such a short time is only mirrored by Biden and his administration. Criminal acts….. BTW, the Republicans need to get together and get some balls…so to speak.

Cliff M.
9 months ago

Until we have term limits we will be ruled by greed and power. Until all Americans are knowledgeable of the founding of the USA, and the good of capitalism we will suffer. All other “isms” have negative results.

9 months ago
Reply to  Cliff M.

So true. The only reason that we now have POTUS term limits is that, in the Depression ERA, lower level politicians (more specifically Democraps) got very politically frustrated that FDR was blocking their ambitious path to getting elected POTUS. In other words, the power greed of a majority of the Democrap Party politicos was so intense that even they went along with term limits for POTUS. But you notice how reticent and reluctant the politicos are at coming up with a term limit amendment that limits terms for Senators and Representatives (they are politicos and will not curtail their own greed asperations for any reason).

Stephen Russell
9 months ago

The Future for the GOP:

o No RINOs
o New Blood
o Inner City offices
o Diversity by race etc.
o United
o Vision
o Take Charge
Dump DC RNC types alone
Or No Change

Warren W.
9 months ago

Disillusioned here in WA state with All Politicians! Donkeys, bcause they live like asses

Jeff Lynn
9 months ago
Reply to  Warren W.

I am 100% in agreement with you on that but tell me what have the republicans done to combat it? I live in Pierce county and have attended GOP monthly meeting that all seems to be just talk and an effort to collect campaign donations. I have NEVER received a phone call, as a registered republican, or a knock on my door from a canvasser.
Now I recently volunteered but have not heard back.
The only progress I see is that Joe Kent may take Jamie Herrera out in 2022. At least that will give us a little MAGA in the fight.

Bill on the Hill
9 months ago

Newt Gingrich on the Future of the Republican Party…Tremendous read here. Gingrich is a personal favorite of mine, he magically puts the correct words forward conveying the message to perfection…
We need more Newt Gingrich’s’ in the world today…
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Jeff Lynn
9 months ago

Messages we have heard over and over. Only Trump took action.

B Dyer
9 months ago

A more patriotic party ought to emerge as neither party is serving the American citizen. The Dems. Are controlled by Soros and the communist. The repubs.are sold out to the progressives.

9 months ago
Reply to  B Dyer

Too many RINOs are in contemporary politico groups within the GOP. As a Political Party, however, they do not have nearly as high a percentage of liars, cheats, and Hitler-egoists as the other Party.

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