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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – God Bless All Who Fought In Afghanistan

By: Robert B. Charles


God bless all who fought in Afghanistan and on every front where evil lurks, where the power of courage is at work. As America struggles to make sense of this withdrawal and the senseless scenes of a withered, war-weary, tortured land, some wonder if it was all for naught. It was not for naught. The noble fight is always noble—odds and outcome matter to the mortal, not the immortal. In times like this, we must remember—and remind every
veteran—that their commitment transcends the field of battle.

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Eddie Van Halen
1 month ago

Just like those of us who FOUGHT in Viet Nam, they were duped and used. The killed and wounded were victims of circumstance. They told us we were ‘heroes.’ Too many of my young ‘comrades in arms’ never had the chance to LIVE OUT THEIR DAYS. Same applies for todays fighting men.

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