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AMAC Magazine Exclusive – A Tidal Wave of Crime Floods America

By: Robert B. Charles


National security, like charity and self-awareness, begins at home. While the world is in tumult, crime across America is rising. Understanding how, why, and the ways to reduce it elevates our personal security, reinforces our national security, and frees us to confront other major crises.

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Eddie Van Halen
6 months ago

When in doubt, buy more ammo . . . . . .
Shoulder holsters are getting hard to come by.

6 months ago

We must realize this is the plan. Only after the Socialists have bankrupted us can they take over.

Michael Ryan
7 months ago

Hi Mr. Charles,

Your article reiterates common sense principles. It behooves the radical left to look in the mirror to see how their ugly politics and policies are destroying our democracy.

It’s comforting to know that there are more good conservatives and independents then the nasty, un-Christian leftists in our great country.

The good will prevail – let’s hope sooner than later.

God bless you, Mr. Charles, for your leadership, intelligence, and patriotism.

Thank you.

Eddie Van Halen
6 months ago
Reply to  Michael Ryan

It’ll take a lot more than you are ‘saying’ here, Mr. Ryan.
A “line has been drawn in the sand.”

Jim Jolly
7 months ago

Prosicuters and leagal systems not stepping up. Certain groups out there have been allowed to run free creating damage and chaios without retribute. Pelosi and Schumer would rather continue with Kangaroo Investigation of Dec. 6th

Eddie Van Halen
6 months ago
Reply to  Jim Jolly

Vigilante groups need to be formed all over this nation. This alleged govt will no longer protect American citizens.

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