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AMAC Leadership Invited to White House Deregulatory Event

AMAC Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Weber and Chief Technology Officer David Kane along with AMAC Action’s President Bob Carlstrom, Senior Vice President Andy Mangione and Executive Director Jennifer Bengtson were invited to attend an event on the South Lawn of the White House highlighting the Trump Administration’s historic regulatory reform on Thursday, July 16.

President Trump outlined how American families and businesses have benefitted from the deregulation actions his Administration has initiated thus far in his presidency, including:

  • Federal agencies have taken more than 7 deregulatory actions for every significant regulatory action.
  • President Trump’s deregulation efforts have already reduced regulatory costs by $50 billion and are on track to reduce regulatory costs by at least that much in fiscal year 2020 alone.
  • Deregulation is lowering costs for all Americans, particularly benefitting low-income individuals who are disproportionately burdened by overregulation.
  • The Administration cut red tape in the healthcare industry, providing Americans with more affordable healthcare and saving Americans nearly 10 percent on prescription drugs.
  • Deregulation of both prescription drugs and internet access helped the poorest fifth of households eight times more than the wealthiest fifth of Americans.
  • The President is rolling back regulations that harm American workers, including providing relief to farmers by repealing the burdensome Obama-era Waters of the United States Rule.
  • The Administration replaced costly Obama-era fuel standards with the Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles rule, making cars more affordable for low-income Americans, this rule is expected to lower the price of new vehicles by $2,200, according to the Council of Economic Advisers.
  • The President’s deregulatory actions will increase household income annually by at least $3,100 in the coming years.

The President emphasized the he’s just getting started and promised that more deregulatory efforts would be coming soon. He made the connection between less regulation and increased job creation throughout his speech and pledged to remove the government regulatory roadblocks that hamper the prosperity of all Americans.

You can read President Trump’s remarks here.

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