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AMAC Joins Coalition Requesting Extraordinary Session of the Wisconsin Legislature


The Gabelman Report identified recommendations to improve the security of Wisconsin elections. As the report was delivered toward the end of the legislative session, we believe it prudent to reconvene the Legislature to allow a vote on voter protection policies that are supported by vast majority of Wisconsin voters


April 1, 2022

Speaker Robin Vos President Chris Kapenga

Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu 2 East Main Street

Madison, WI 53703

Dear Wisconsin Assembly and Senate Leadership:

The undersigned organizations respectfully request your support and prioritization in reconvening the Wisconsin Legislature into an extraordinary session for the sole purpose of using the constitutional amendment joint resolution mechanism on two specific recommendations outlined in Special Counsel Gabelman’s second interim investigative report delivered to the Wisconsin Assembly on March 1, 2022, and passing this session’s Assembly Joint Resolution 133 photo identification proposal, which did not pass both chambers of the Legislature in March. These recommendations are much-needed, pragmatic solutions that will ultimately create conditions in Wisconsin that help make it easy to vote but hard to cheat.

The first Gabelman recommendation we propose putting forth is “Maintain a Single Statewide Voter Registration Database and Make it Publicly Available and Secure.” The maintenance and ongoing use of several databases and access systems unnecessarily place an undue burden on county clerks and associated personnel in their painstaking mission to be responsible stewards of their data. Moreover, data quality and accessibility are of paramount importance in restoring voter confidence in Wisconsin elections systems, as future analysis of past data sets over time is likely to yield a more full and accurate accounting.

The second is to “Set Up an Office to Engage in Auditing and Oversight of Elections.” As laid out in the Gabelman report presented to the Assembly in March, there is currently “no office in the state of Wisconsin with an ongoing charge to audit elections, or to systematically intake and respond to citizen complaints.” For purposes of long-term improvement in the administration of elections, this step is both necessary and proper to instill transparency and accountability in the facilitation of future statewide elections and perhaps, most importantly, would make a meaningful contribution toward the restoration of voter confidence in the state of Wisconsin.

Finally, we strongly recommend reconsideration of the language embedded in Assembly Joint Resolution 133 for a photo identification requirement to be added to the Wisconsin Constitution (which did not pass both Chambers in this last session). A substantial majority of Americans nationwide (85%) support a photo identification requirement. We fundamentally believe that it is the most common-sense proposal to help ensure safe and secure elections.

Under your leadership, the Wisconsin Legislature took the unique and courageous step of establishing an audit of the 2020 election and, furthermore, funding that effort to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars of Wisconsin taxpayer money. The Gabelman Report, although delivered toward the latter end of the legislative session, identified and carefully articulated 26 recommendations to improve the security of elections in Wisconsin going forward. While we are aware of the challenges and extraordinary situation bringing the Legislature back into session this year, we believe that the unique set of circumstances that exist to ensure reform takes place before 2024 creates an immediate opportunity to act.

Reconvening would allow a vote on voter protection policies that are supported by resounding numbers of Wisconsin voters.

We stand ready and willing to commit educational and informational resources to help ensure Wisconsinites understand taking this courageous step shows leadership, commitment, and respect for taxpayer dollars.

Your consideration of these suggestions is deeply appreciated, and we are aware of the many challenges this situation presents. With this in mind, we do believe that the work you have already done could be bolstered by these further actions to help restore secure, transparent, and fair elections. America First Policy Institute is committed to assisting in any way needed in your continued efforts to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat.


Ken Blackwell

The Honorable J. Kenneth Blackwell

Chairman, Center for Election Integrity

America First Policy Institute

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8 months ago

… tech insiders here in California, always with the jibber-japper, gossip, talking to each other, sharing code. We well know exactly why Zuckerberg rigged the 2020 election. And, in a million years would you never guess his reason why he did that. If you thought the reason Zuckerberg played America for a bunch of chumps, swinging the election was related to a clandestine, communist a political agenda? Bzzzt! No! Wrong! The reason Zuckerberg rigged the 2020 election was: vanity! Bravado! He was showing off, for his wife, and for his level-5 Facebook programmers, who were egging him on. Morning after the election, they were laughing it up, at Google, Apple, Twitter and Facebook –

8 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

We heard something similar, but simmering beneath the 2020 Zuckerberg ego trip was, an overwhelming undertow of massive hubris. So the story goes, it’s all about Tom Steyer, who’d become embittered over his failed primaries. Payback, an outraged, apoplectic Zuckerberg sought to punish America, for not liking his boy, Tom Steyer. Notching his holster, Zuckerberg rigged the election. On the back-end at Facebook, he’s got his psych people slicing and dicing the entire member data-base, blacklisting anybody remotely resentful over the outcome of the 2020 election.

8 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

The official 2020 presidential election metric:

Independent Vote = 0
Green Party Vote = 0
Republican Vote: 0.5
Democrat Vote = 1.5
Mark Zuckerberg’s Vote = 30 million

7 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

Technically, in the fairy silicon valley realm of Zuckerberg, nothing’s rigged. There’s no such thing as, “rigging.” To them, everything’s a hack. To them, the 2020 election wasn’t rigged. It was a hack. A third-rate coder, Zuckerberg coasted along on third-rate coding skill, amassing a fabulous fortune off the vision, the ideas, the programming prowess of top level talent. Desperate to shirk his reputation as a “script kiddy” (e.g., a lackey who takes credit for others’ code), and one-up his top level programmers, Zuckerberg hacked and rigged the 2020 election. Now, he’s scurried off like a bashful 14 year old, hiding from the real world, in his “metaverse.”

Don't Ask Jeeves
7 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

I’m someone in Mark Zuckerberg’s remote periphery. I know those who directly know the guy, deal with him on a periodic basis. They all say roughly the same thing: no conscience, utterly ruthless, compulsive liar, he’ll swipe your wallet, not just for the money.

7 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

Mark Zuckerberg knows his way around the courts better than he does, the Santa Clara Valley. An intellectual fraud, this is a fellow who’s been neck deep, constantly in-and-out of the courts on intellectual theft allegations, since age 20. Not one single line of script or code at the can Mark Zuckerberg call his own –

I shrink peoples' heads!
7 months ago
Reply to  Ruby

Desperate for your approval, Zuckerberg longs for one thing: your applause. He longs for your applause. He’ll do anything, for your applause. Average college dropout, archetypic credit-taking, blame-shifting CEO mentality, he’s fundamentally an uninteresting, unexceptional fellow. Shallow, predictable nothing particularly complex about him, everything he does is for one reason: to arouse your applause. Whensoever he’s pulled a stunt which arouses your criticism, he’s quick to retreat, deep into the realm of his safe space (aka: his “metaverse”).

7 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

Rigging an election because he thought he’s doing the country some good, would say something about the guy. Rigging the election, to repay political favors, would say something else entirely, about the guy. Rigging the election, to prove himself a stud-muffing coder-hacker, tells us everything we’ll ever need to know about the guy; that social responsibility doesn’t rate particularly high on Mark Zuckerberg’s list.

7 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

You would not believe these selfish, petty, miserable people coding the internet. I worked a stats gig with a Los Angeles dot-com, back in 2004. Caught pulling office politics, antagonizing co-workers. They call the liberal college soy boy top gun coder into the boss’s office, to set him straight? The overpaid lillylivered twerp plays the victim, starts crying it up, claiming PTSD — files for paid stress leave, gets a three month paid vacation.

I love COBOL
7 months ago
Reply to  Samuel

The crime of the century, the hack of his life no one else could ever top, Zuckerberg did it. He pulled it off. Here in the Silicon Valley tech world, the day after having rigged the United States of America’s 2020 election, Mark Zuckerberg went from Facebook CEO wallflower, to mister stud muffin hacker galore. When he walks down the sidewalk, everyone steps aside.

8 months ago

I agree.

8 months ago

Looks like a majority of Wisconsin citizens are wise to rigging of voting in the last POTUS election (and others probably as well) and realize it is extremely important to fix that. And, of couse the DemocRat patrons publicly try to pooh-pooh the notion that there was election rigging (i.e. they say ignore the facts and just believe what we DeomocRats tell you). I hope the good citizens of other States are awakening to reality as well. Except, or course, Delunaware (some messes are extremely so messy they are extremely difficult to fix to the disappointment of many good citizens of that State, known as Biden non-supporters).

The Major
7 months ago
Reply to  Hal

Sorry, Hal. Two things you can’t solve. You can’t solve stupid; you can’t solve bribery. Wisconsin’s election rigging dilemma is the symptom, not the disease. Your elections were rigged because, you sat on your hands allowing your election people to get greased, by a Silicon Valley soy-boy.

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