AMAC is The Most Talked About Senior Organization on Facebook

AMAC has surpassed 100,000 fans on Facebook!  Thank you for all of your comments and sharing of posts.  An interesting phenomenon occurred on the way to 100K fans.  MORE people are talking about AMAC on Facebook than they are about AARP.  And get this: AARP has over one million Facebook fans!  That’s right; there are more discussions about AMAC on Facebook with one-tenth the fan base versus AARP.

As our fan base continues to grow, this demonstrates what we’ve known all along about the AMAC community.  AMAC members are motivated, engaged, informed, active and passionate about being part of the solutions to correct the problems facing America.  People are paying attention to AMAC and the conservative values for which we stand and fight.  Keep spreading the word!

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Cathy Barker
9 years ago

Just filled out and mailed the application to join AMAC for my husband and myself. I am so glad that there is an alternative to AARP. I had decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t be joining AARP, because they are a liberal insurance conglomerate, that I wanted nothing to do with. Can’t wait to get our membership cards and then check on insurance for my husband. I am on Medicare, but they don’t provide insurance where my husband works.
Cathy Barker

9 years ago

Would welcome more conservative organization.

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