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In 2007 Daniel C. Weber, founder of AMAC, turned the independent insurance agency that he built (and yes, he built it) over to his family, and went on to found AMAC. Dan and his wife Judy moved to Florida, where they became residents. Shortly after, Dan opened our AMAC Florida office after outgrowing the smaller space they occupied. AMAC Membership Headquarters: 312 Teague Trail, Lady Lake, Florida 32159

AMAC’s Values:

AMAC’s values are based on the same Judeo-Christian Values that our Nation is founded on. AMAC believes in religious freedom and tolerance. We welcome members of all faiths as well as agnostics and atheists. Patriotic Citizens of America must unite!

Q & A

Q: I heard that AMAC is just another company selling insurance. Why is AMAC selling insurance?

A: While we greatly differ from AARP when it comes to most political issues (AMAC is an openly conservative organization), we do not deny that they provide some great benefits. AMAC members continually request that we provide benefits similar to those of AARP, explaining that they would rather support an organization whose core conservative beliefs reflect their own. As a direct result of feedback and requests from our members, AMAC is constantly striving to offer better prices for AMAC members, along with products and services that can’t be found anywhere else.

AMAC members who buy insurance help support the AMAC organization. We use royalties earned from these benefits to fund our efforts in Washington; such as Protecting Religious Freedom and Saving Social Security.  We do not use taxpayer dollars to fund our organization. AMAC also offers a quarterly magazine which is included with your annual membership.

Q: I see you have a New York office and I understand AMAC shares that office with an insurance agency owned by the Weber Family. Could you explain why?

A: AMAC’s insurance benefits were started by Weber family members, who helped the operation get off the ground. AMAC presently rents space in NY, and has its own employees who run and manage the AMAC insurance benefits division.

*AMAC’s designation as the leading alternative for conservative Americans 50+ is based upon  web-site data from 3rd party sources.

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