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“The Association of Mature American Citizens is proud to report that its recent visit to Washington DC to attend the 2012 Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference was very productive and successful.  Not only representing your organization at CPAC, AMAC also made significant use of time on Capitol Hill, visiting with several key Congressional offices – in both the Senate and the House of Representatives – to address a number of concerns important to you.  One of our top priorities is to add positively to the discussion of Social Security reform, to anticipate the challenges that lie ahead and to offer concrete ideas for lawmakers to consider as they move forth on this crucial issue.  AMAC will keep you updated on developments as they progress throughout the current legislative season, and especially heading into the 2012 election year.  As the issues most important to you continue to gain attention and momentum in our Nation’s capitol, you can count on AMAC to advocate tirelessly on your behalf.”

NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on issues and topics important to older Americans.  Please contact John Grimaldi at to set up a chat.


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has the membership really gone from 100,000 to 250,000 in the past year or so ? That’s GREAT ! I hear a lot of ads on conservative talk radio. Is that the primary means for getting the message out ? Does AMAC do any direct mail, like AARP does ? There must be a way to buy a TARGETED list of Republicans over age 50. I hear AARP mails out something like 20 million pc’s every month. Plenty of room for growth !

An ad on Fox network, cable, and local Fox stations is a GREAT idea! We can pay a few extra bucks to cover this because we’re looking for viability, large encompassing and representative population, many affordable options in our retirement years — insurances, Rx, travel, discounts, etc. We need to compete successfully with AARP. What we’re worried about is AARP and the fed govt somehow punishing us for not belonging to AARP — you know, like lower Pepco rates for AARP members, lower AAA fees for AARP members, actual local, state and fed tax deductions if you belong to AARP, no sales tax for AARP members, etc. You get the picture.

I do the same as Dan with my aarp mail that I get almost on a daily basis. I do not tear it up first but instead let them know how I feel about their Liberal agenda by writing a note with a red marker pen. I am sure my notes are tossed in the garbage,but I still get get it off my chest using their postage.

Suggest AMAC consider placing an ad on Fox News [especially on The Factor] for new members. I would be willing to

pay a few extra bucks. If every member would kick in a few bucks, it would be affordable.

My thought exactly!
A small investment for/in advertisement is needed to let the many conservatives know that AMAC exists.
I just became aware of AMAC six months ago. I’m a life long conservative who worked for an election baord and I had no idea that AMAC existed.
I personally know many conservatives who still belong AARP because AARP is a familiar face.
They are upset with AARP But they need to feel that AMAC is a reputable group.
AMAC must start advertising if they truly wish to make a differance and compete with AARP!

I switched to Mutual of Omaha from AARP (Hartford) and reduced the cost of my healthcare suplement by $1700.00 a year. AARP is not reliable and is not concerned with the plight of American seniors.

All the more reason to act delcntey for once and be fair and develop a Palestinian state on ’67 lines you trade and exchange with in good faith. Who’s kidding who? No one with eyes to see thinks Bibi does not want, does not nurture, enemies with which to scare the people. Why do you think it is that hardly a single Western leader outside the Christian Right nutters trusts Bibi as far as he/she can throw him? In fact can not stand him? Who dies trust him? Only those who trust that he and Sarah are telling the truth and nothing but the truth about Nepalese caregivers.

What does that have to do with the issue? The issue is whether AMAC or AARP is better for Conservatives.

I dropped AARP for the same reasons…however, when they send me stuff in the mail, I send it back in their pre-paid envelope! My is of getting even for the representation I paid for in dues and didn’t get!

Who do the American People Trust today.? AMAC is veery new. It is true we need an organization to represent the Americam People. So far you have not convinced me that you are doing anything. I want everyone to vote against all of Congress and the Senate this coming election. None of them have my confidence. Both parties appear the same. They do not set down togataher and work our problems out like they used to. Both parties think they are so wright they will not budge. Lets throw all the bums out this November. Keep me posted I would like to know who you are talking to with some concreat evedince. Vernon Prutt

It’s been almost 2 years now that I found out that AARP was not fair and balanced and not looking out for seniors. When I would read the AARP magazine, it was clear what side they were on by backing Obama Care. Then what did it for me was when I found out that they were taking monies and other benefits for backing Obama Care. I cut my AARP card up and sent it back to them and joined AMAC.

Marcus,Don’t worry, pot will be legal by the end of the decade in most pleacs. But it will still be regulated. The potential revenue is just too great for thirsty politicians to turn down.It’s all pretty sad to me. While medical marijuana does show some benefit for specific patient populations, for the most part this is just people that want to get high or make money off of others who want to get high.I need a drink.

I dropped AARP because they wanted Obamacare, they are responsible for us paying income tax on our Social Security and their insurance thru Hartford is a joke. I had auto and homeowners insurance. Backing up in a dark area, my husband hit a small post which you could not see. It damaged the the left front fender. Supposedly the accident was supposed to be forgiven as it was our first one in over 30 years. This was in Nov of 2006 I think. They charged us for the accident and our insurance for auto went from 450.00 to over 1000.00. They said the accident forgiveness did not go into effect until Dec. of that year. Then, in 2011 they increased my house insurance from 996 to over 2000.00 saying our rating on the fire department had changed. I called the fire dept. and they said it had been the same… Read more »

I switched over to AMAC once I got wind of AARP’s over involvement with the liberal cause. The biggest dissatisfaction was when they put all of the organization in support of ObamaCare. That was the last straw. The other significant reason was when their association was flaunting United Health Care as the only answer to being in compliance with ObamaCare; air time was clogged with advertisements about AARP = United Health Care. Very misleading advertising.
As a reminder, be sure to get your friends and relatives to the 2012 November voting locations.

I never joined AARP because I learned early on that their PAC lobbied for anti-gun/gun control legislation and I am a life member of NRA. Their support of Obamacare was icing on the cake for me and that’s when my wife dropped her membership. Don’t throw their mailings in the trash. Tear them up and return them to them in the postage paid envelope. They have to pay for it.

I was upset with aarp because they only represent themselves and not SENIORS! So I joined AMAC and switched my MED. SUPP to UNITED OF OMAHA. Social Security would be fine if they would quiet borrowing money from the fund (or pay back with interest what they have borrowed). Also consider TURNING the administration of the fund over to Major Insurance Companies at a FIXED ADMINISTRATION COST and quit paying the HIGH SALARIES, MEDICAL INS. including medical after retirement, VACATION ( ONE MONTHS VACATION per YEAR), SICK LEAVE and RETIREMENTS under the current GOVERNMENT RUN system.

It is interesting that you sourppt someone who doesn’t have self control, self respect, incompetent in stating his thought, disrespectful, who doesn’t represent the people who have elected him. I think this says a lot about you.If you don’t agree with our President just state it in a very mature and respectful way not in a manner you are doing.Also you should do some research in how many people in this country are suffering because they can’t afford health care. I know it is a bit difficult for your ego to accept the truth but open your eyes.Thank you President for representing the people who have elected you and for voicing our needs. Thank you!!!!

I became disillusioned with AARP years ago, especially when I found out that I got the same or better discounts through the Auto Club. But most of all, it was their endorsement of Obamacare. I now urge all people I know who are AARP members to switch to AMAC. Here is something else. My mother (who is 93) received a mailing from AARP for donations to a congressman’s bid for re-election in California. My mother lives in Texas. But the document didn’t read like it was a donation. It read like it was some sort of AARP dues that was to be sent to a CA address!!! Many older people don’t read things thoroughly and would think they were paying dues when it was actually a contribution to someone’s re-election campaign. Since then I don’t even open anything from AARP that I get in the mail. It just goes in… Read more »

I agree wholeheartedly. The mail I get from aarp goes in the TRASH also.

Bill April 20, 2011 Brandon;Like many animals each day, this rbiabt died a quick, painless death to be eaten by humans, as opposed to the terrifying and sometimes slow deaths that millions of animals experience in the wild when eaten by animals other than humans. Even in the wild, of course, none of this is done with cruelty. It is the means of survival that predators have used for millennia. The only cruelty on this page is from you you use your gift of language to attempt to hurt others, even though you gain nothing from it. Oh, possibly it makes you feel better. Maybe you are trying to soothe some low and pathetic hurt or rawness in your life that you never bother to really think about. Instead you are this tiny person that lashes out at strangers in anonymous blogs. Its actually sort of cute.

I dropped AARP when I learned they supported Obamacare. I switched from New York Life, which AARP is afilliated with, and went with Met Life. I was in New York state several months year before last and the beginning of 2011. While there, I had to change medical insurance companies from Humana to United Healthcare, not realizing UH is affiliated with AARP. When I moved back to my home state, I switched back to Humana. How can anyone choose AARP when Obamacare will keep seniors from getting needed health care as surely they will do?

From what I have heard recently concerning AARP (sounds like they are in bed with the current administration, not good), I am strongly considering leaving them, but I, too, would like more information about AMAC. Being in business for approximately 2 years and only having 250,000 members does not sound like a “vibrant” organization.

The biggest problem for AMAC is exposure. Unlike AARP, that has been around since I can remember, and I’m 66 years old, AMAC does not have a large “war chest” to advertise nation wide and pretty much relies on members joining and then telling friends or e-mailing friends about AMAC. I can tell you that when I joined AMAC less than a year ago, they had about 100,000 members, so adding some 150,000 members in less than a year is pretty darn good in my book. I too got tired of AARP continually getting in bed with the Liberal agenda, so I decided to join AMAC-haven’t been disappointed yet.

We need to have more vocal and outspoken jonrlauist like Larry taking up the progressive liberal cause of equal rights for all citizens in Israel and the formation of a Palestinian state. The US Christian Right and the Jewish Lobby support of Bibby has emboldened Bibi to insult President Obama and VP Biden and ignore their requests for a fair and just policy, civil rights and actions due Israeli Palestinian citizens. Since the US finances the existence if Israel, I expect President Obama to strong arm Bibi into negotiating an agreement/treaty between the united PLA and Israel prior to the UN convening this month. I agree with B, we cannot trust Bibi who has become full of himself and not the statesman he is capable of being.

My reasons for joining over 2 years ago are the same as yours.

I for one take the chance. AARP hasn’t represented me for at least ten years. I stopped paying dues at least 5 years ago. Am not going to explain in detail how/why I know this, but take my word for it, they won’t drop you from their rolls for non-payment of dues, especially if you hold an AARP credit card. I’m willing to try anything for the time being (16 dollars?) to stop the assault against the constitution and the destruction of my grandkids’ future.

Valori Wilson April 20, 2011 How sad to be so vulgar Brandon. First of all, these aiamnls have lived with more luxury than 2/3 of the worlds population. They have been loved and respected, warmed on cold nights and given clean healthy food and water. The sad truth is how many children are not given such amazing lives. We give reverence to our aiamnls, cry when they are hurt and grateful to them for what they provide us: FOOD!!! The irony to living a vegan life was so cruelty evident to me this morning. My son failed to give water to our chicks. They did what was natural to them, they cannibalized the weakling, drinking its blood and eating it’s flesh this is how nature works. Unlike this rabbit, my chick died a slow, painful death, do you think that is better? Nature is cruel humans have the capacity to… Read more »

I joined AMAC hoping it would be a conservative voice for Seniors. Where do we see your budget? How many member are signed up? What areas of concern are you discussing in Washington? Who are you meeting with and who are we paying to represent “our interests”? Is AMAC a for profit corporation?

Tom; If you posted on this site, then you must be looking at the AMAC weekly newsletter. At the top of this page are a variety of “buttons” that give you ample opportunity to pretty much answer all the questions that you asked, e.g. Benefits, News and Views, AMAC in action, Resources, About Us. All you need to do is click the button and view the drop down list and Voila, may questions answered.