AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

AMAC’s Growing Influence on Capitol Hill

By: Andrew Mangione –

I first met Dan Weber while working for one of the largest insurance carriers in the country over four years ago. Dan was looking for a strategic partner with a portfolio of insurance products that he wanted to offer members of a fledgling organization called the Association of Mature American Citizens. Dan barely had 5,000 AMAC members on board when we struck an agreement to work together in 2008. Since then, I have watched AMAC’s membership grow organically to nearly 500,000 today.

Dan approached me earlier this year to come to work for AMAC and I was gratified to officially join this wonderful team in October. As a husband, father and passionate Conservative, working for AMAC was the easiest of decisions. AMAC and I share the same values of faith, family and freedom. I consider myself to be blessed to professionally promote the same values which serve as the guiding force for my life’s direction. I seek to model these values for my family and pass them onto my sons. I serve as Director of Business Development which means that I wear many hats, including acting as spokesperson, working on special projects such as the recently concluded Health Care Workshops, managing vendor relationships and other outreach ventures.

When Dan Weber asked me to accompany him on a recent trip to Washington, DC for several meetings scheduled with legislative offices, I leapt at the opportunity. I had been to our nation’s capital before, but only as a tourist and for a very brief period of time. After I met Dan at the airport, we were picked up by a gentleman named Tony Dolan. If you recall President Ronald Reagan labeling the Soviet Union an “evil empire” or his famous Berlin Wall speech where he implored then Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall”, then you’ll also know Mr. Dolan. He served as President Reagan’s chief speech writer for both presidential terms and assisted the President with such famous speeches. He likes to note it was President Reagan who first came up with the “tear down this wall” line. He is also an AMAC consultant and we spent a productive dinner strategizing and preparing for our meetings the following day.

The next day it was time to head to Capitol Hill. With Congress on recess we met with the senior staff of three legislative offices, including Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-4), Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-1) and Senator Marco Rubio (FL). Our reception in these offices was very encouraging. The legislative directors and leadership staff were very happy to know that an alternative to the AARP exists. We were told that for far too long there had been only one voice for older Americans in Washington and these staffers now intend on using AMAC as a resource for their respective representatives. They recognize AMAC and its members as a vibrant, growing organization of active, informed, engaged Americans and are eager to tap into our energy to gain a deeper perspective of the concerns of today’s mature citizens. Dan Weber also presented Amac’s plan to save Social Security and it too was well received.

Our second day in Washington found us in the offices of the Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank that performs extensive research on vital issues and then shares the data with members of Congress. We met with Dr. Robert Moffit, a Senior Fellow from Heritage’s Center for Policy Innovation.  Dr. Moffitt is regarded as a leading expert on Medicare and his studies are highly respected. We spent the better part of the morning learning more about Dr. Moffit’s research and we left with a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

We are also currently crafting plans to participate in orientation and leadership meetings as the new Congress convenes in 2013 to increase both the visibility and influence of AMAC.

I felt a great deal of pride as I walked through the halls of the Congressional and Senatorial offices buildings. I was proud to promote the conservative values and ideas that I share with hundreds of thousands of AMAC members. It is gratifying to be a part of this robust new senior group known as the Association of Mature American Citizens. As 2012 rolls into 2013, AMAC is well positioned to play a major role in safeguarding the rights and benefits of citizens 50 and older.

Look for AMAC to be heavily involved in the new mandate to repair the American economy using free market principles and effect sensible improvements to our health care system. It is exciting to be a part of this effort, and with the support of our members- we will succeed!

Andrew Mangione is the Director of Business Development for  The Association of Mature American Citizens. Mr. Mangione is married and he and his wife reside in Louisville, Kentucky with their two sons. Andy is active in his church as a lector and also in the Parish Religious Education Program as an instructor. He is also the host of a weekly radio program that focuses on fathers raising their sons to be men of God. The program, “His Father’s Apprentice”, is broadcast on Louisville’s Catholic radio station, WLCR – AM 1040.

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Carolyn D. Heatherly
8 years ago

I would like to join Amac, however, I don’t know exactly what you offer. I am in the process of getting a life insurance policy from AARP only because they offer the best price. I would like to know more about Amac. I don’t like AARP because of their involvement with ObamaCare which I really don’t like.

Cynthia bryson
8 years ago

I appreciate your article, but I would like the names of the people you met wih. More transparency, please.

Cynthia bryson
8 years ago

I appreciate your article, but I would like tl know who you met with. Names please.

O. M Costa
8 years ago

It feels so good to be a member of an organization that represents my values and my ideas. Keep the good work.

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