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AMAC Action Weekly Advocacy Update

Posted on Friday, May 12, 2023
AMAC Action

AMAC Action, AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, provides a vehicle for conservatives to volunteer and actively engage in the national grassroots advocacy programs supported by the AMAC Action staff. Your AMAC Action team is working hard to support and defend our Constitution, freedom, liberty, and the free market, and with this update, and many other resources, we enable you to become politically engaged and active.


AMAC Action Staff are constantly monitoring state and federal legislation with an eye towards mobilizing the AMAC Army – YOU – to action. For instance, in April a call-to-action went out to AMAC members in Illinois to tell State Senators to say NO to Ranked Choice Voting. Approximately 5,300+ Illinoisans helped to stop ranked-choice voting!

Recent calls-to-action went out at the state and local level for the City of El Paso, Texas; the State of Illinois; the Texas State Senate; the Iowa State Senate, and the Missouri Senate. Nationally, there are two calls-to-action – one to tell JP Morgan Chase to stop its assault on protected civil rights and the other to ask your Congressman to cosponsor the HEALTH Act.

Keep an eye on your email inbox and when you receive a call-to-action, take action!

Click here to opt-in for communication from AMAC Action on urgent alerts, invitations to special events, and calls-to-action on important issues.

Chapter Meetings

AMAC Action Chapter meetings are organized for AMAC members in a congressional district to gather and hear news and information and learn about special topics from guest speakers. The meetings are typically once a month and like-minded friends are always welcome!

Over the last week, meetings were held in the congressional districts of AZ-08 with AZ-6, CO-07, and WI-05 with WI-01 & -04, and Representative John James (MI-10) made a surprise visit to his district’s chapter meeting! Rep. James spent more than an hour at the meeting and took the time to give his constituents a legislative update!

All State Chapter Meetings

In October 2022, AMAC Action kicked off its All-State Chapter Meeting Program with the states of Alaska and Virginia. The program is aimed at providing AMAC members within a state, the opportunity to gather virtually to experience the fellowship of chapter membership and learn of advocacy opportunities within their state regardless of where they live. While local and regional chapters continue to meet, the All-State meetings augment local efforts and are an opportunity for members to meet at the state level.

To date, there have been ten All-State Chapter Meetings, three more are on the calendar (Arizona, Florida, and Kansas), and additional meetings are being planned for 2023.

This week, both Michigan and California held their second All-State Chapter Meeting. Attendance was 143 and 220 respectively. A noticeable trend is that attendance is increasing for each subsequent meeting!

Quote of the Week

“The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” – George Washington

April 2023 by the Numbers

AMAC Army: 352,553

6 Calls to Action

11 Chapter Meetings

2 Meet & Greets: (A formal meeting with an elected official that includes AMAC members)


      • Representative Zach Nunn (IA-03)

      • Representative Keith Self (TX-03)

    1 All-State Chapter Meeting: Oregon on 04/26/2023

    17 Meetings on Capitol Hill

    32 political inquiries answered by AMAC Action Staff

    If you’d like to become a volunteer AMAC Action advocate, please contact us at (855) 809-6976 or [email protected]

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    Conservative Not Republican
    Conservative Not Republican
    3 months ago

    I’ve posted this on a lot of threads over the last year or so….just my small way of offering gratitude to all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the rest of us. On this Memorial Day, I think it’s worth posting again.

    On the afternoon of September 11th, of 2021, I was seated in the bleachers of the high school football stadium, located just down the road from where I have lived for 28 years now. Here in east Tennessee, the weather that day, was warm and sunny, with a slight breeze blowing…much the same as it had been on another fateful September 11th, some 20 years prior.

    I was there with about a thousand others from my area, to attend the memorial service for Army Staff Sgt., Ryan Knauss (pronounced as Ka-nouse (nouse rhymes with house). Sgt Knauss was from my community, and was one of the 13 killed in the Afghan attack. He is now listed as the last service casualty of the war.

    A few short years before, Sgt. Knauss was playing for his team on that very field, never knowing that one day, not too far down the road, that same field would become the site of a memorial to his ultimate sacrifice.

    After the service, most in attendance, quietly filed into the gymnasium, to view the flag-draped casket of Sgt. Knauss. It was flanked by two Army soldiers in full dress uniform, standing at attention. Behind them, the flags of America and the Army, hung in mute testimony to the somber occasion.

    Sgt. Knauss’ wife stood beside his casket…a casket which likely only contained pieces of the man she was once married to. I looked into the eyes of a young, widowed bride, and could only offer her my meager and wholly inadequate condolences. A few minutes later, I would do the same for his parents, brother, and other extended members of his family.
    Sgt. Knauss was 23 years old. He is now laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia. Never forget.

    I hope everyone will enjoy their Memorial Day weekend. I only ask that perhaps…if you feel so led …that you might also take a moment to remember those who paid the price, so that we could do so. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but it’s the least I can do. Happy Memorial Day to all.

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