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AMAC in Attendance at White House as President Trump Unveils Plan to Lower RX Prices

AMAC White House Trump Plan RX prices lower

(L-R) Parker Erickson, Rex Jamieson, Charles Abbey, Andy Mangione

On a sunny afternoon on Friday, May 11th, AMAC Delegates Charles Abbey (VA-05) and Rex Jamieson (VA-11) attended a Rose Garden announcement with President Trump as he unveiled his blueprint to lower drug prices and reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Aptly named “American Patients First,” AMAC listened to both President Trump and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar as they outlined their plans to share rebates, streamline production of generics, and target the middlemen who artificially inflate drug costs.

“One of my greatest priorities is to reduce the price of prescription drugs,” President Trump said. “In many other countries, these drugs cost far less than what we pay in the United States. That is why I have directed my Administration to make fixing the injustice of high drug prices one of our top priorities. Prices will come down.”

Secretary Azar, a former executive at a large pharmaceutical company, also emphasized the need for a full-scale, comprehensive plan to drive AMAC White House Trump Plan RX prices lowerdown drug costs—particularly for senior citizens.  Highlighting his work with the Administration, Secretary Azar committed HHS to finding innovative solutions to bring down the over-inflated cost of drugs.

For several years, AMAC has been advocating that healthcare, and particularly drugs, are far too expensive.  It was an honor to have AMAC representatives attend the Rose Garden announcement, and hear how President Trump is fighting for seniors to make their drugs more affordable.

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Lincoln Sorensen

This is as revolutionary as the relocation of the Israel embassy. Big Pharma is the biggest percentage of the American GDP so they have intimidated all previous administrations and their lobbyists run roughshod over our elected employees. Example; neither medicare (for seniors who require more dental care) and VA hospitals (despite the fact that they do have dental clinics) provide dental care.Dental care in both cases would be preventive medicine and would be cost effective in the long run. Why and who would eliminate from or neglect to include dental care in any medical program for seniors? Why would any medical facility for veterans provide (for veterans ) any medical procedure known to man to any veteran who required any procedure or treatment, EXCEPT DENTAL??? Lobbyists for big pharma paid our elected employees to eliminate dental care because they knew that poor dental hygiene results, when it is ignored (as… Read more »

Doug Henderson

I would like to know why the President did not include allowing Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs for Medicare recipients. That was one of the things he promised in his campaign and having worked in purchasing at hospitals, including pharmacy departments, there is no doubt in my mind that would lower drug costs more than any other idea he proposed last week. I am a Conservative, but I also know that Republican lawmakers don’t want to touch that issue because the drug companies don’t want them to. That is why the drug companies stock prices went up on Friday as they know the other proposals are negligible to their profits.

Gloria Hensley

We have known for years that big Pharma cares only about getting more money — not about the health costs and conditions of the people, especially seniors. So, American people, we need to get the swamp drained, vote the millionaires out of Congress – the ones who have been there for years and years (Pelosi over 40 years living in a multimillion dollar “mansion”) , and get new conservative people in. People who will work with President Trump for us, not be run by big Pharma, people who will care about and work for a healthy America, not filling their own pockets with dirty money. It’s disgraceful how we have let that happen because of apathy and ignorance.We need to inform ourselves about the people we vote for and stop putting the same people into congress expecting them to be any different. They are very wealthy, why would they want… Read more »

Dan W.

A good start but the proposed changes are mostly nibbling around the edges.

Time for our do-nothing Congress to debate (and vote) on allowing the CMS (a/k/a) Medicare to negotiate drug prices with the drug companies. That’s where the real savings is. Even if the debate (and vote) doesn’t result in a change to the current prohibition on negotiations by CMS with the drug companies, at least the layabouts in Congress would be on the record before the next election.

Robert Curry

It has amazed me why AMERICANS seem to pay the highest prices for drugs, when I can order from Canada and pay may 2/3 less cost for the exact same drug! Just WHY is that a fact!?

Lea Darnell

It’s not really about big Pharma, nor about Medicare negotiating drug prices. It’s all about pharmacy benefit managers PBMs and direct and indirect reimbursement fees DIRs. The following link will take you to an Investigative White Paper, dated January 2017, which will give you a background an a whole lot more, about the real cause of escalating drug costs. //

Avery Brinkley Jr. MD

The devil is in the details and the pharma lobby is the devil.

T. Ivey

I just hope they don’t lower prices by making deals with specific pharmacies & insurance co. Then take away my choices as to who i can do business with. That’s what they’ve been pushing toward lately.

Dr. Scott

My Part D plans for the last two years have found loop holes and ways to stop paying for the important drugs altogether. My pain management doctor said what is going on is criminal.
Our elected officials are now tackling the opioid epidemic. This is another great way for the Part D provider’s to create a reason to not pay for prescription drugs. What a country we’ve become. I’m not sure what will happen in the next few months, but
Between crazy nonsense like this, cover up and corruption, attacks on everyday people like us from all kinds of government parts and not even indictment of the Clinton gang, I am not sure how much more government crime we the people can handle before this all pops.
Is it time to rise up and stop the madness? Many are thinking it is

Carol J

Thank goodness this President takes things seriously and acts on them. I am behind him 100% and appreciate all that he’s already done for America and all that he’s planning! Thank you, President Trump and thank you AMAC for keeping your readers informed!

steven jacobs

the President refuses to do the ONE thing that would actually result in lower drug prices-let MEDICARE(the largest buyer of drugs) negotiate for lower prices. All else is window dressing that the drug companies will work around.

janet Cantor

The federal government should not be telling drug companies what to charge. If you want prices to come down,. stop the ability for patients to sue pharmaceutical companies for high amounts. We need businesses to be able to run themselves without government meddling. And drug prices come down for most people on their own after the companies earn back the costs of their research and allow generics. If the government interferes and tells companies what they should charge, we will lose new drugs because research will be too expensive and companies will not create miracle drugs. President Trump with h is good intentions will do more harm than good if he starts judging drug companies and ordering them around. The president has done many good things, but when he starts meddling in companies, telling them to give employees paid leave, or telling drug company does what to charge, it is… Read more »

Linda sharber

Make marijuana legal and you won’t need a lot of prescription drugs