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AMAC in Action Update – April 19, 2021

actionAdvocates in Action:

On Saturday, April 10th, AMAC members in Arlington, Texas, had the opportunity to meet and interact with nine of the candidates running for the TX-06 Congressional seat. The special election will be held on May 1st to fill the seat that was left vacant by the passing Congressman Ron Wright.

The event was a huge success thanks to Chapter Leader/Delegate Rosalee Ratterree and Chapter Leader Troy Ratterree, along with our Texas Regional Representatives Bill Carson and Harlon Bounds.

Prior to the main event, AMAC members were able to chat with and ask questions of each of the candidates. Each candidate then spoke about issues important to AMAC members from the main stage. Topics were randomly chosen from a jar, and other candidates were offered the opportunity for rebuttal.

April 9 – Our Texas team is making final plans for the TX-06 Candidate Forum prior to the event. L to R: Texas Regional Reps Bill Carson and Harlon bounds with wife Linda, Advocates Troy and Rosa Ratterree, and VP of AMAC Action Operations & Advocacy Jennifer Bengtson

Participating Candidates for the TX-06 Forum.
L-R Michael Ballantine, Michael Wood, Adrian Mizher, Jake Ellzey, Sery Kim, Brian Harrison, Daniel Rodimer, Michael Egan and Travis Rodermund

April 10 – WI-01 Chapter Leader Scott Kosteretz met with American Majority at their event focused on recruiting conservative candidates to run for office.  It was held at a restaurant in a Milwaukee suburb.

Bob Dohnal, founder of WI Conservative Digest
L to R: Brian Schwimming, conservative radio host with WI-01 Delegate/Chapter Leader Scott Kosteretz
L to R: Scott Ellis of American Majority, WI-01 Delegate/Chapter Leader Scott Kosteretz, and Matt Batzel of American Majority

April 13& 14– Wisconsin District 1 Delegate/Chapter Leader Scott Kosteretz met with the leadership team of the SE WI Conservative Action Group at the Waukesha Republican Party Office. They attended a breakfast meeting where Scott was invited to speak about AMAC Action. Director of Grassroots Outreach Keith Best is an AMAC member and regular attendee at AMAC Action chapter meetings. Eleven attendees asked for additional information about getting involved with AMAC Action. The group offered to continue to promote AMAC at future meetings. All of the attendees reside in WI-01 & 05 districts.

L to R: Ken Dragotta with SE WI Conservative Action Group and WI-01 Delegate/Chapter Leader Scott Kosteretz
L to R: Grassroots Director Keith Best, WI-01 Delegate/Chapter Leader Scott Kosteretz, and Terry Dittrich, Chairman of the Waukesha County Republican Party
The Arizona “Pam Team” attended a MAGA event on April 10th and met State Rep. Mark Finchem, who has been instrumental in conducting a forensic voting audit. Rep Finchem will be running for Secretary of State! L to R: AZ-01 Delegate Pam Knox, State Rep Mark Finchem, and AZ-01 Delegate Pam Furrie
TX-22 Chapter Leader Pete Cole met Congressman Troy Nehls at a Chamber meeting in his district. They are working to schedule a formal meeting in the coming months. L to R: Congressman Troy Nehls with TX-22 Chapter Leader Pete Cole
April 15 –AMAC Action was invited by the Florida Attorney General’s office to speak at a press conference presented by the Collier County Sheriff’s office in Naples, Florida. AMAC Action was there to support the very important Seniors vs. Crime Project. We look forward to working with the Sherriff’s office to help reduce the victimization of Florida’s seniors. L-R: Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, VP of Operations & Advocacy Jennifer Bengtson To learn more, visit:

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