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AMAC Hosts 2015 Delegate Conference

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On January 18-20, 2015, AMAC is hosting its inaugural Delegate Conference at the majestic Waterfront Inn, the Villages, Florida. The event will include a series of educational seminars, training sessions, and networking forums to better equip our Delegates to serve in their Congressional districts. In addition to these events, Delegates will have opportunities to interact with fellow Delegates from across the country and enjoy a visit to Grand Oaks Resort & Museum. This elite destination is nestled amid the stately oaks and rolling hills of horse country and will feature a Bar-B-Que luncheon, carriage museum tour and authentic horse-drawn carriage ride.

Conference Topics

  • “Issues of Interest”: A thorough overview of the political issues that will likely be addressed in the 114th Congress.
  • “Saving Social Security”: An in-depth review of AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee and how to present it to lawmakers.
  • “Influencing Elected Leaders”: AMAC asks Delegates to discuss what approaches have been most effective in establishing lasting relationships with Members of Congress.
  • “A Look into the Reagan White House”: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and principal speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, Anthony R. Dolan, will share his thoughts on Reagan, conservatism, and AMAC’s grassroots movement.
  • “Meet-and-Greet”: Delegates will have several opportunities to interact with other Delegates from across the country.

For more information regarding the 2015 AMAC Delegate Conference, please contact Caroline Rayburn at

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Bill McPharlin

There is no need to “Save Social Security”. SS is sound and will continue to be sound for several decades. Mr. Dan Webber just wrote an article on SS saying “Congress must Act …in 2015” and says that DI benefits must get immediate attention. I’ll tell you all, including Mr. Webber, that the solution to all of this SS, SSI and DI is to stop the government from taking “Phony Loans” from the Payroll Trust Funds and leave the fund for those citizens, (underline citizens), and stop giving these funds to people who NEVER PAID A DIME IN PAYROLL TAXES. The trust fund should be used to give benefits to ONLY those who paid into the fund and their beneficiaries and not to those who just got off the boat or crossed over the border, north and south borders. AARP had an article in their magazine by I believe Ms.… Read more »


As I approach my later years and start the downsizing of “extra” things I have to come to a choise between AARP and AMAC. I feel AMAC is louder and more aggressive in politics but not necessarily focused on the 65+ crowd. AARP is solfter and more gentler and seems to be easier to associate with at my age. Where as I’m not ready to lay down the sword, I’m more apt to choise my battles and not take on everything that’s not right in someone elses eyes. I’m still married after 30 yrs, still attend church weekly, still a member of NRA, retired military and still drive an American made Corvette but I can only afford one of you…….


It amazes me how our elected officials vote on selected proposals that do not affect them yet cause great financial damage to there constituentes . How can they be so influenced in so many rullings just because it wont affect them but any non conected individual is so forced to do what they themselves would not accept untill a provision was put in place that would either defer or reduce there cost by half as much as the general public . There,s constant talk about entitlements and how something needs to be done , let me give you my opinion on this matter . First start with the elected officials that get a pension the rest of there lives , if that had been put up for vote I,m sure the citizens of this great country would not have approved it . You can argue that in order to get… Read more »

Lincoln Sorensen

We have a list as long as my arm of the same ‘ol stale republican presidential candidates sitting out there waiting to announce their intent to run. We need to all go to you tube and enter the names of Dr. Ben Carson. Condoleeza Rice and Trey Gowdy. There you will be treated to fresh ideas, common sense, intelligence and 3 unbending backbones. We need to encourage friends and voting age family mambers to view these individuals as well. We need them as President, VP and attorney General, respectively. Personally, I figure we can’t start promoting these individuals too soon. They need to become everyday, household names by the time the campaigns and primaries take place. 2 years will come and go in a flash, so we need to get busy.

Esther Reinart

Government windfall has made it impossible for me to retrieve more than the $255 for death in my husband’s retirement through Social Security. With an IRA I would have ownership of benefits for the work he did from age 15 to 59+ and now, I have no benefit from SS. What is fair about that? Amazing how many people can’t believe this is real when I tell them it is the law. He earned that money and his wife can’t get any of it. Hope it has helped some needy folks and not a senator or rep that is not under such restraints.

janet cantor

I hope that if the Republican leaders of congress in December do anything to help the dems continue to destroy this country by cooperating with them on legislation, the new more conservative congress in January will elect new leadership. We didn’t win this election that moves congress to the right so that Boehner and McConnell can make life easier for Obama and company and more difficult for conservatives to change things for the better.
I hope AMAC will push policies that will try to overturn Obamacare, ose the border and end amnesty for illegals, privatize health care, try to pass the Fair Tax and erase the IRS, encourage choice toward eliminating social security and replacing it with more IRA type preparation for retirement savings.