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AMAC members, please tune into FOX News Special Report at 6:00 PM EST tonight, September 23. AMAC Vice President of Government Relations Andy Mangione and his family will be interviewed by chief national correspondent Jim Angle regarding the brutal impact of Obamacare on his family’s health insurance expenses. The time for speculation and conjecture is over. This story relates the true experience an AMAC member and his family have when dealing with the harsh realties of Obamacare.

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Tanya Portillo
4 years ago
Billy Wertz
8 years ago

Sorry, but was unable to see this t.v. report. Any chance of sending it by e-mail to me?


David Peters
8 years ago

Please post the recorded Fox News Interview of Andy Mangione for those who did not see the 6 p.m. TV show. Thanks.

Dick S
8 years ago

Please print interview of Sept 23 on impact of Obamacare for those unable to see Fox news that evening.

8 years ago

Another real AZ example, is a 29 year old male is now paying $79 per month and will be paying $269 per month come January 1, 2014!

Get rid of it and go for Graves plan in the house with real reform! All the Dems did was create a new government bureaucracy on our tax dime and left all the other market distortions that are creating high costs in place!

8 years ago

The story is correct. I have a high deductible plan and at 61 I am paying enough already $352.50 for a $6k deductible policy I don’t use. The new law is going to raise it astronomically come January 1st. Additionally, it will not be the plan I want. I never go to the doctor and don’t need the extra benefits… only need coverage if something major happens.
Additionally, you would think the government would let a $10k deductible plan be a qualified HSA plan. But no! Anything over a $6k deductible is not Health Savings Account qualified! How unfair especially for us boomers with high premiums!

This whole thing is so unfair…. while Congress and crony businesses are waived from complying with the bill that we have to pay for!

Harry Krabbe
8 years ago

Well, that was disappointing – while exposing the experience of a typical family with Obamacare, it was not much of an interview…

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