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AMAC Foundation’s Social Security Advisory Service Remains Open!

Social SecurityRecognizing the critical nature of what we do and its importance to those we serve, we’ve taken steps at the AMAC Foundation to maintain the continuity of our Social Security Advisory Service during the pandemic disruption sweeping the country. By re-deploying our certified Advisers to work at home and providing the necessary communication equipment to receive and respond to requests, we are able to remain seamlessly available to those who need us as they navigate the complexities of Social Security. And, as always, this service is provided to the general public free of charge.

Our Advisory Service, established in 2016, has grown to be a vital source of help to seniors as they deal with this massive benefit program. With five trained and accredited Advisers, we have responded to more than 10,000 requests for assistance since our 2016 launch, and have been instrumental in helping constituents make the decisions so critical to their financial well-being. Providing credible, unbiased information to people in, or aging into, Social Security is fundamental to the Foundation’s mission of supporting and educating America’s Seniors.

To learn more about this service and how to access it, click here…

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William Popp
4 months ago

There are numerous online outfits that promise there are many SSA cash payouts or ways to increase your monthly check. Is that for real and if so, how do I get the extra benefits. New member.

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