AMAC Foundation Working to Enrich Seniors’ Lives

older Americans grandchildren children seniors valuesAMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, is the country’s fastest-growing conservative senior organization. Known for it’s mission to fight for traditional American values and restore our country’s former greatness, AMAC prides itself on strong political advocacy.

But apart from its lobbying agenda, the organization has also dedicated itself to the information needs of older Americans.

The AMAC Foundation was launched in 2013, created with the goal of providing American seniors with guidance through their retirement years. There was certainly high demand for such a group: AMAC members had expressed strong interest in the formation of a nonprofit organization that focused completely on the needs and concerns of America’s older citizens. This meant setting out to help protect the financial security, health, safety, social lives, and overall well-being of mature Americans in need of guidance.

The Florida-based nonprofit organization has already covered substantial ground in only a few short years of operation: it currently runs two websites focused on providing information on Social Security and Medicare, and it conducts a series of educational seminars dedicated to critical topics for American seniors. The Foundation has also undertaken several major initiatives since its creation, including the 2014 Health Care symposium in Washington, D.C., and the 2015 publication of Who’s Who in Social Security – one of the most comprehensive reference directories on the American Social Security System ever compiled.

In 2016, the Foundation established its own Social Security Advisory Service. This service has been gaining considerable traction over the past two years, with thousands of American seniors being helped by the service’s professionally-certified Social Security Advisors. Along with providing this much-needed guidance, the team of trusted advisors also hold a series of public seminars on Social Security basics, in which they dispel common misunderstandings surrounding the earned benefits program.

The Foundation holds seminars on other topics of importance to American seniors as well, such as technology, health, veteran’s issues, and avoiding scams and fraud. All of the AMAC Foundation’s services are provided free to the public, aiming to enrich the day-to-day lives of American seniors in an easy and accessible way.

With such a broad mission, the AMAC Foundation stands out as a unique and necessary organization advocating for Americans as they navigate the complicated decisions brought on by senior life. It is encouraging for mature Americans to know that in our fast-paced, ever-evolving world, someone is on their side.

The AMAC Foundation has dynamic plans for future programs and will continue working to bring more value to a constituency that benefits most from these services. By ensuring that our senior citizens are informed, healthy, safe, and strong, we keep America strong.

Your support will help us further develop the Foundation. Please consider donating at . Your contribution will go directly towards enriching the lives of American seniors.

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2 years ago

The US Congress needs to surrender their “Golden Parachute Pension & Medical Plans” & SUBJECT THEMSELVES to the same social security & marketplace-healthcare
they heaped upon most of us taxpayers. They’d darn sure try to get it fixed then! I’m Not in favor of “term limits”; they need “Benefit limits”: if the congress-members
‘term-out’ faster, we go BANKRUPT faster paying for their Golden Parachute & Medical Plans. I would like to keep voting conservatives back into office for as long as
they’re willing to represent U.S. Also Stop giving away our social security to Illegals! Look up “Marita Nelson” on Youtube; it’s about 61 seconds & you’ll get the idea~

2 years ago

A lot of seniors who long for the traditional values of marriage as 1 man -1 woman, or the sanctity of life, or family, not government, as the center of our culture, may not even know about AMAC. I didn’t, and I knew there was no way I was going to join AARP. Why doesn’t AMAC advertise like AARP does?

Thomas R Cram
2 years ago

American voters rule!

Lincoln Sorensen
2 years ago

I will begin this by stating that in my opinion this advocacy foundation for seniors is long overdue. Many of us need a source to consult regarding our interaction with Social security, medicare, health issues and veterans’ benefits. The comments I am about to record herein pertain to all of those issues.
Have you ever wondered why Medicare, a federally designed and run health program for seniors, does not include dental coverage?
Surely no one can dispute that poor dental hygiene results in poor health. Poor health results in poor quality of life and increased medical intervention for other more costly health issues.
Seniors who qualify for Medicare paid into it all their working lives, and as a matter of fact make monthly payments into it out of their SS checks. How could our elected employees fail to include dental care in a health program designed for the elderly? Would our elected employees of that time admit that they were that ill informed about health issues that they failed to include dental? Would subsequent elected employees who have control over the Medicare program also admit that they, too are so ignorant of health issues that they have failed during all these ensuing years not added dental coverage?
Coincidentally, veterans are provided full health coverage within the VA hospitals…..with the exception of dental care. The VA hospitals do have dental clinics, but unless the veteran is near 100% disabled, he/she does not qualify for dental care.
How many seniors and veterans do you know who live on a fixed income cannot afford proper or any dental care out of their own pockets? A large percentage of both seniors and veterans are in that group. Think of their low quality of life. Think of the many health issues they are treated for that are covered that they wouldn’t have it they had proper dental care.
Now….lets examine this situation. Who would most benefit from this lack of proper dental care and increased medical intervention for those resulting additional health issues? We all know that one never leaves a doctors office without clutching a prescription. BIG PHARMA WINS!!!
Both Medicare and the VA are government run entities. Government run entities are political. Our elected employees are constantly coerced (bribed) by lobbyists to vote and manipulate new bills and programs to their benefit.
So, The AMAC Foundation should make dental coverage at the VA and as part of Medicare a highly visible subject and priority to our present elected employees. Point out how dental care is cost effective as well as a way to improve the quality of life of our seniors and veterans.