AMAC Delegates: Together, Shaping the Future

From AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt, TX-10:

AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt, TX-10, (l) and Congressman Michael McCaul (r)

AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt, TX-10, (l) and Congressman Michael McCaul (r)

Here are some pictures taken on Monday, October 21, at Congressman McCaul’s office in Katy, Texas.  He had a working lunch where we had a chance to discuss the issues we face.  I told him of AMAC’s support and that we had more than 2,000 members in his district.  I offered to set up a townhall meeting if he ever needed our help.  He was aware of AMAC and really appreciates our support. He is one of the point men in our battle.

From AMAC Delegate Bill Damaska, MD-06:

On Monday, November 4, 2013 I met with Ms. Erin Helling, Legislative Assistant to Congressman John Delaney (MD District-06). We met in the congressional office in Washngton, D.C.

I discussed the Fast Facts as well as all the material provided relative to AMAC’s ability to provide support, guidance, and the Social Security Worksheet. Several copies of the documents were left, as well as the Brochures and the membership applications.

Ms. Helling was very receptive, acknowledging that she had no knowledge about AMAC. She seemed to be particularly interested in the Social Security Plan. I believe the Congressman has expressed interest in the issues surrounding the ongoing discussions about Social Security. I noted in his background information his current committee assignments involve Financial Services and the Joint Economic Committee. Ms. Helling described the congressman as a “moderate” Democrat.

I offered to meet again to discuss any assistance AMAC could provide either at the Washington, D.C. or the Gaithersburg or Hagerstown offices.

From AMAC Delegate Michael Robertson, WA-05:

AMAC Delegates Brian Lewis and Michael Robertson, Andy Mangione, VP Government Relations and AMAC members with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers

AMAC Delegates Brian Lewis and Michael Robertson, Andy Mangione, VP Government Relations and AMAC members with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers

Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, WA-05 requested a meeting with AMAC members and VP of Government Relations, Andy Mangione in her Spokane office.  Rep. McMorris-Rodgers was interested in learning about AMAC’s growth, particularly in her district, as well as the organization’s stance on issues such as Social Security.

Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers was able to provide some insight into recent congressional actions and obstacles facing the more conservative members of Congress. The discussion was lively and interesting – so much so that the meeting extended for one hour and 20 minutes, beyond the original one hour scheduling.

Subsequent to leaving Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers’ office,it was generally agreed that the local AMAC membership needed an organizational meeting in the Spokane, and it would become incumbent upon the three district delegates (Brian Lewis, Chan Bailey, and Michael Robertson) to organize and lead in developing the 5th District AMAC organization.

From AMAC Delegate Mike Pulizzi, SD-01:

I met with Senator Thune this morning (10/25/13) and he shocked me be remembering my wife’s name and that her birthday is in a few days.   My family and his goes back to his first run at Congress.  He did not know of AMAC and thought it is great that there is a conservative alternative to AARP.  I gave him a single page on who we are and that I would send him additional info and be available for anything he might need.  I’ll also try to get him to be a member now that he is 50.

From AMAC Delegate Mark Terry, HI-02:

After I had emailed all the people I could think of, I put out a blast on Facebook to tell people that I am now a Delegate.  I pointed out that AMAC has 1 million dues-paying members after only 6 years.  I concluded with “Look out AARP:  here we come!”

From AMAC Delegate Randell Phalp, KS-03:

Molly Haase, Congressman Yoder’s District Director, sent me a press release to forward to you. I have a flyer for an informational event taking place in KS-03 that I will scan and send to you tomorrow evening… you will want to forward information about AMAC’s benefits as well. Also, please feel free to give out my contact information to district members.  I would like to start having meet-and-greet/coffees locally. I am determined to double AMAC membership in the 3rd district before the November 6, 2014 election.

From AMAC Delegate James R. Hoy Jr, NE-02:    

AMAC Delegate James Hoy, NE-02 with Congressman Lee Terry

AMAC Delegate James Hoy, NE-02 with Congressman Lee Terry

Earlier this evening (11/6/2013) we held our first AMAC Town Hall in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District. Our guest speaker was Congressman Lee Terry a Republican who has represented Nebraska’s Second Congressional District since he was first elected in 1998…and we had the additional honor of hosting the Congressman’s father Lee Terry, Sr.  Our Town Hall attracted 39 AMAC members from throughout the greater Omaha area. I began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and then congratulated our members on their support. AMAC membership in NE-2 is up nearly 60% over the past six months and now exceeds 2300.

Congressman Terry serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and chairs the Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing & Trade. He began this Town Hall by addressing the problems with Social Security and the need for action in order to guarantee the future viability of the program…He lauded the actions of AMAC in engaging in the national dialogue for system reform.

As he opened up the floor to questions, the discussion immediately turned to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Congressman Terry was an early opponent of the ACA and he reiterated that the Republicans in the House are united in their opposition…The most contentious discussion questions were audience concerns that the mainstream Republican Party is deliberately attempting to marginalize conservatives, as reflected in the lack of mainstream support in the recent Virginia governor’s race…Further questions from an engaged audience continued for the remainder of the hour. Immigration was a concern (the Congressman does not support an amnesty that results in citizenship), as was the failure to enact a budget…Finally, he discussed a question regarding the sequestration cuts.

Overall the tone was professional, even though both guest and audience addressed a number of contentious issues. Congressman Terry graciously stayed beyond his scheduled time to field more questions and to greet constituents after the meeting concluded. He thanked us for arranging this Town Hall and inquired about following up with another next year. He also wished our organization well in our continued growth and encouraged us to stay engaged through next year’s critical election cycle. The single most important thing we can do to counter the deleterious policies of this administration is to stay engaged politically and gain the Senate and retain the House in 2014.

Congressman Lee Terry addressing AMAC members in NE-02

Congressman Lee Terry addressing AMAC members in NE-02


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