AMAC Delegates: Shining the Spotlight on Medicare Home Healthcare Cuts

From AMAC Delegate Terry Buckzkowski, FL-10:

AMAC Delegate Terry Buckzkowski (R) and Congressman Daniel Webster

AMAC Delegate Terry Buckzkowski (R) and Congressman Daniel Webster

“On February 18, 2014, I had a “meet & greet” with Congressman Daniel Webster (R), for Florida’s 10th District.  Happily, Congressman Webster is very familiar with AMAC and has previously visited with Dan Weber in the AMAC Florida office.   He is sympathetic to our concerns for limited government, lower taxes and respect for personal freedoms and responsibilities.

Congressman Webster was pleased with the AMAC membership in his district  (5,000+) and is receptive to participating in a Town Hall meeting.  He is familiar with the AMAC proposal to set Social Security on a sound financial footing and I left him with the AMAC booklet as a reference.  We also spoke about the harm caused by the Obamacare funding reduction to Medicare home healthcare services and the specific impact to Florida.  He shares the concern.

We will meet periodically with the intent to coordinate efforts to promote correction of concerns of AMAC members.”

From AMAC Delegate Roy Lindberg, NY-27:

“I sent copies of the AMAC Advantage to my District office with the following note:

There were two interesting articles in the AMAC Advantage magazine worth noting.

1.   Obamacares Latest Victim: the Medicare Program, page 20. Specifically page 22 notes how New York’s seniors and “Home Health Providers” will be adversely impacted by the law.

2.   ACA Impact on Medicare Advantage, page 11.

Hopefully conservative Republicans can successfully leverage this terrible law, ACA, to their advantage in the mid-term elections.

AMAC members (seniors) in NY 27 look forward to a town hall meeting with Congressman Collins in the near future.”

From AMAC Delegate Donald Crist, LA-05:

“I was able to meet with US Senator David Vitter at his Townhall Meeting on March 14th.  I only had a few minutes, but he is very receptive to the Home Health issue and to AMAC.

AMAC Delegate Donald Crist (L) and Senator David Vitter

AMAC Delegate Donald Crist (L) and Senator David Vitter

PS.  Notice the new AMAC logo shirt I received just a few days before the meeting.

Here is the letter Don Crist sent out as an introduction:

Dear Congressman McAllister, Scalise & Vitter

Congratulations on your election victory.  I am impressed with your business background; conservative philosophy; and your willingness to attack the massive debt we face as a nation.  I would enjoy meeting you and working with you to ensure your success in these areas and in protecting our Constitutional rights.

I have recently been appointed as Delegate to the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) for the 5th Congressional District of Louisiana.   This is a voluntary position I embraced as I share the concerns expressed by AMAC nationally.

It is in this capacity that I contact you today.  I call your attention to the rule adopted by HHS, under the Affordable Care Act, which cuts Medicare Reimbursements for Home Health Care services.  Under the rule, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) projects approximately 40% of all Home Health Care providers will be operating at a net loss on or by 2017.  In Louisiana, 54 agencies are projected to be driven to net loss, impacting 19,399 patients and 5,739 jobs. Home health is one of the lowest Medicare options.  This rule would necessarily force seniors into higher cost settings, increasing Medicare costs (and greater deficits) to the federal treasury.

We can ill afford additional job losses in Louisiana or the loss of taxpaying small businesses.  Our government can’t afford to add expenditures when our debt is surging.  Seniors need and want the ability to retain independence.  That’s why hundreds of lawmakers,…tens of thousands of seniors and caregivers, and the SBA oppose the rule to impose the maximum rebasing cut allowable under Obamacare.   Under section 1871 of the Social Security Act, the Administration has the authority to correct the Obamacare home health cut.

I have attached a flyer, which provides some detail, to help in efforts to reverse this ill-conceived action by the administration.   AMAC is available to furnish additional resources to you should you require them.  I am asking that you join in the effort to reverse this rule.  We can use your help.

If I can be of assistance in this or any other matter of significance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

From AMAC Delegates Mike Kapic, AZ-08 and Pat McAuliffe, AZ-05:

“Pat McAuliffe and I met with Rep Matt Salmon in Arizona’s District 5 on Saturday discussing AMAC’s values and attributes. He was impressed and wants very much to be involved. He was excited about the prospect of having an AMAC meeting. His office will let us know his schedule for a meeting.”

From AMAC Delegate Guy Miller, MD-03:

“I was only able to introduce myself after Congressman Griffith, VA-09, gave his talk and answered questions to the group….I asked him whether or not he was familiar with AMAC being the conservative alternative to AARP and he said that he was. I told him I was a delegate in MD-03 and that I was unaware of anyone representing AMAC in VA-9 but that over 2,000 AMAC members live in his district. He was actually very enthusiastic about AMAC and had been thinking of joining himself. That gave me the opening to reply that I just happen to have a brochure with information for signing up. After giving him my card and brochure he gave me his card.

I think anyone becoming a delegate in VA-9 will be openly welcomed by the Congressman and his staff.”

Our delegates are busy informing their Congressmen about the ObamaCare cuts to Medicare Home Healthcare.  Be sure to schedule your office visit to help our efforts.

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