AMAC Delegates: Leading the Charge

From AMAC Delegates, Rita Fullerton and Steve Capella, OH-08:

We met with Speaker John Boehner’s field representative, Erin Clemons, on September 8, 2014. The primary purpose of the meeting was to introduce Steve as a co-delegate to the OH-08 district, but we also discussed several other topics with Erin. We mentioned AMAC’s sponsorship of H.R. 5110 and urged passage of this in the House. Steve advised Erin that this bill has bipartisan support.

Erin said that in the next few weeks there were several important things on the House agenda – among them, passing a bill to fund federal spending. She said that would take priority.

Steve brought up the subject of immigration. Unfortunately, Erin did not see a resolution of that issue before 2016. She said both Democrats and Republicans agree that this issue must be addressed, but they are far apart as to how it should be resolved. Republicans have proposed a 15 year plan, but it is not likely to get approved.

I told Erin that AMAC membership in our district was now 3,973. In March, our membership was about 3,800, so Erin was impressed with the new figure. During the August 28 teleconference, Andy Mangione told me that when he and Caroline called upon the Speaker’s office in Washington, D. C., the staff knew all about AMAC. I passed this information on to Erin and said I believed it was due to our meetings and her passing on information about AMAC.

Delegates Steve Capella (L) and Rita Fullerton (R) meet with Speaker Boehner's District Staffer, Erin Clemons.

Delegates Steve Capella (L) and Rita Fullerton (R) meet with Speaker Boehner’s District Staffer, Erin Clemons.

Rita and Steve also met with staff in Senator Rob Portman’s Cincinnati office on Wednesday, Septebmer 17th.

We met with Connie Laug and Robert Braggs (Community Outreach Representative) at the Cincinnati office of Senator Rob Portman.  Following the introductions, we gave a brief overview of AMAC, including history, membership, and the Delegate program. Both Connie and Robert had numerous questions about AMAC, which helped fuel the discussion. Several questions pertained to the Delegate program. We explained the program started in 2013 and has grown to more than 260 delegates across the country. Next, we shared how we became co-Delegates in the OH-08 district and indicated that our purpose was to call on our local representatives to present AMAC’S position on topics that affect citizens over the age of 50. A brief discussion comparing AMAC and AARP followed. The topic of health care was addressed as we compared and contrasted the two organizations.

Additionally, we presented AMAC’S  concerns and H.R. 5110. Connie and Robert were both aware of the bill and commented that Senator Portman is in favor of full repeal of the Affordable Care Act. When asked if Senator Portman would support the bill, Connie said it depended on what the bill looked like after it left the House. However, Senator Portman has already signed onto a letter sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requesting funding for home health services for seniors be restored as part of the Medicare program.

Following the discussion on health care, we presented the AMAC Social Security Guarantee and explained how this plan could make Social Security viable for the next 75 years without raising taxes. I mentioned there were specific changes (i.e. later retirement age) that needed to be made for the plan to work. I compared this to the changes made in the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) in Ohio for it to remain viable. Connie and Robert were impressed with the proposal. Robert said he would forward all the information to the D.C. office.

While Connie would not commit to any AMAC member only town hall meetings,  Robert said he could send a representative to any AMAC scheduled function.

Overall, we thought it was a positive and productive meeting. Robert told us to keep in touch, and he would do likewise.

From AMAC Delegate Michael Baskins, TN-07:

Having been recently appointed as AMAC’s Delegate in TN-07, I want to update you with the things that have occurred in the past few days my district.  I have made contact with Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s District staff in Clarksville, TN. I met with her staff member, Bo Patten, and introduced him to AMAC. Also, I left with him some of the literature with our stance on the different issues facing our nation. I also conveyed my hopes to hold a town hall meeting with Rep. Blackburn and the community, including AMAC members.

Also, I have had a discussion with the Marketing Coordinator here at my retirement home, Uffelman Estates. We are in the process of organizing a meeting with approximately 75 residents living here. This meeting will be designed to introduce the residents to AMAC, as many have never heard of our organization. The goal will be to inform, compare and contrast with AARP, and convey AMAC’s conservative beliefs.

AMAC Delegate, Michael Baskin (L), with Bo Patten - a staffer for Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-07).

AMAC Delegate, Michael Baskin (L), with Bo Patten – a staffer for Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-07).

From AMAC Delegate Mary Cooper, MO-08:

I recently visited two of Rep. Jason Smith’s District offices – the Farmington and Cape offices.  I met with Donna Hickman in Farmington and Judy Thrower in Cape to discuss

AMAC and the home health care issue before reviewing the materials in the folder in more detail.

Additionally, I gave each staffer my card and told both ladies we’d like to set up town hall meetings with the Congressman and AMAC members in the future. I also asked for suggestions of locations where a meeting like this might be possible.

I did my homework before I visited and found that 42% of nearly all 3,000 AMAC members in MO-08 are in 24% of zip codes for these two locations, so I outlined those areas and shared that information with them. I let both staffers know that we need about three weeks

to set up a meeting with AMAC members because we are conducting them all over the country. The Congressman has been traveling across the District on a Farm Tour and should be wrapping up soon.

From AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt,TX-10:

I visited with Holli Strong, the Eastern Field Director for Congressman Michael McCaul in TX-10, at the Waller County Economic Development Partnership meeting at the Houston Oaks Country Club on September 11th.  I told her that AMAC and the Congressman share many of the same synergies and values, and I reminded her that we would like to set up a town hall meeting for AMAC members in the District. The Congressman has been all over television lately and is very busy as the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, but she said that they appreciate our support and will keep me informed about any meeting opportunities.


At the Houston Oaks Country Club, AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt (R) caught up with Rep. McCaul's staffer, Holli Strong (L).

At the Houston Oaks Country Club, AMAC Delegate Wallace Everitt (R) caught up with Rep. McCaul’s staffer, Holli Strong (L).

From AMAC Delegate Logan McFadden, CA-26:

I visited with Jason E. Barnes on August 22nd. Jason is the Field Representative for Congresswoman Julia Brownley (CA-26). We discussed the importance of repealing the Medicare Home Health Care benefit cuts (H.R. 5110).  I also briefly covered AMAC’s Social Security plan and told Jason that I would discuss it in more detail at our next meeting.

I told him that I would be requesting to meet with him on a quarterly basis and highlighted the town hall meeting opportunity.

It was very encouraging to see Jason take extensive notes about AMAC and the issues of concern to AMAC.  He had not heard of AMAC before our meeting.

I will continue to request a meeting with Julia Brownley if she wins re-election in November.

From AMAC Delegate Gary Jefferson, AR-02:

I attended the Tea Party Rally for Veterans on Saturday, September 27, 2014, in Heber Springs, Arkansas. At the event, I represented AMAC and delivered several remarks to those in attendance.

Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-02)(far left) with AMAC Delegate Gary Jefferson (center left), Tea Party Chairwoman Jackie Martin (center right), and Rev. Tom Bradshaw (far right).

Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-02)(far left) with AMAC Delegate Gary Jefferson (center left), Tea Party Chairwoman Jackie Martin (center right), and Rev. Tom Bradshaw (far right).

The event opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer from

Reverend Bradshaw, followed by an Honor Guard Ceremony. Speakers included
Congressman Rick Crawford (AR-02), several State Representatives and Senators,
opposition leaders to a Constitutional Amendment which would triple the
length of term limits, and myself as an AMAC Delegate.

As AMAC’s representative, I spoke about the harmful impact ObamaCare is having on America’s seniors. ObamaCare’s impact is far-reaching and it is devastating the Medicare program in order to fund the exchanges and expand Medicaid. It is no secret that AARP helped to pass ObamaCare during the 2009 debate on health care reform, despite vehement opposition from AARP members.  I also expressed AMAC’s opposition to the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) – a non-elected body of 15 government officials, who are charged, under ObamaCare, to find “savings” in the Medicare program.

The chairwoman of the Republican Party asked if she could have the leftover materials to
hand out at her meeting, so I provided her with some of AMAC’s literature. It was a good meeting on a beautiful day, and I was very encouraged by the number of folks attending who said they had left or were going to leave AARP due to its support of ObamaCare.

The Honor Guard ceremony at the Tea Party Rally for Veterans in Heber Springs, AR.

The Honor Guard ceremony at the Tea Party Rally for Veterans in Heber Springs, AR.

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