AMAC Delegates: Continuing the Good Fight!

From AMAC Delegates Dick & Melodee Scott, MT-01:

AMAC Delegates Dick & Melodee Scott & Congressman Daines (C)

AMAC Delegates Dick & Melodee Scott & Congressman Daines (C)

“Our first AMAC meeting, we felt, went very well with Congressman Daines.  We met …Liz Dellwo, Western Regional Director, of Rep. Steve Daines’ office.  As Mr. Daines arrived in Missoula, he joined us as well as did Dan Stusek, another Western Regional Director, also of Daines’ office…

Congressman Daines commented that it was very nice to have the representation of this organization to the state.  I presented a complete AMAC informational package to Rep. Daines and the next hour was spent discussing as many issues as we could regarding the organization’s stand.

We additionally had further conversations regarding Social Security, Medicare, and the various house and senate bills before Congress in their relationship to AMAC.  Mr. Daines commented, in going through the bills, that good men were responsible for the introduction and sponsoring of these bills.  They are all men he knows personally as well as professionally.”

From AMAC Delegate Judy Smith, NV-03 & 04:

Judy was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on why she joined AMAC for an article on AARP’s competition – AMAC:

“Judy Smith, age 72, is a member of AMAC. Her initial reaction to the Affordable Care Act: “This isn’t going to protect seniors; this is going to push us by the wayside.” A retired health-care administrator from Las Vegas, she says she quit AARP about three years ago after becoming disillusioned with the group’s support of the health-care overhaul and a general feeling that the group was “swinging farther to the left.”

WSJ 3/31/14

From AMAC Delegate Chan Bailey, WA-05:

“I dropped in at the offices of Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, Senator Patty Murray, and Senator Maria Cantwell this afternoon.  I left a packet with a staff member at each office.  The packets included:

1)  My personal introduction and contact information

2)  AMAC fast facts sheet

3)  AMAC flyer (America Rising)

4)  AMAC Pamphlet

5)  AMAC information Re:

Impact of ObamaCare on Medicare, Home health services, and the economy

6)  Copy of article from winter 2014 AMAC Advantage magazine:

“ObamaCare’s Latest Victim: the Medicare Program”

7)  AMAC proposal for Social Security

Each staff member was polite, but none had time to talk much.  I gave them a brief description of what was in the packets and offered to talk further with them or the Representative/Senator…

The staff member at McMorrisRodgers office was happy to know I was also going to contact the senator’s offices.  She was aware of AMAC.  She promised to review the information…The staffers at the senators’ offices had not heard of AMAC.  I was told that I could expect a response from someone at Senator Murray’s office.  I do not know if I will receive a response from Senator Cantwell’s office. In addition to these contacts I have joined the Washington Policy Center and attended a forum they held.  WPC is a non-profit, non-partisan political think tank that focuses on state issues. They will be addressing health care later this year.  I will try to introduce them to AMAC. I am also attending a dinner this weekend with the Spokane GOP and will introduce some of them to AMAC…”

From AMAC Delegate Rita Fullerton, OH-08:


AMAC Delegate Rita Fullerton (R) & Field Rep. Erin Clemons, OH-08

“I met with Congressman John Boehner’s field representative Erin Clemons. The purpose of the meeting was to advise Erin of AMAC’s concerns regarding the ObamaCare cuts to Home HealthCare. I began with the handout highlighting the five top reasons for correcting this action by the Obama administration. I gave her…the full page advertisement AMAC had placed in “The Hill”…I discussed the impact sheet showing what affect these cuts would have on health care providers and the jobs they create. I placed special emphasis on the impact to Ohio providers and their employees…Erin was unaware of the number of jobs (almost 500,000) that could be lost by this cut to home health care. I also gave her a copy of the Jim Angle report on Fox news during which Dan Weber pointed out that 40% of health care providers would be in the red and would have to cut jobs. Plus I provided her with a copy of the AMAC report by Mr. Weber stating that the “Elderly Are Under Siege Because of ObamaCare.”…I also discussed the proposed changes to Medicare Advantage plans…I gave her a copy of article “ACA Impact on Medicare Advantage” that was in the current issue of the AMAC magazine…At the end of the meeting I advised Erin that AMAC now has 1.1 million members and 3,800 members in our district. Erin is always very receptive to hearing what I present. She told me she would reread the items I gave her. She has assured me in the past that she passes on the information to Congressman Boehner.”

From AMAC Delegate Ken Barber, AL-03:

“I met with Sherri Rollins, Chief of Staff for Congressman Mike Rogers, Alabama 3rd District. 4/1/2014. We discussed the cut to medicare home health services. She said the Congressman was aware of the cut and is of the opinion that it needs to be corrected. She will let the Congressman know that I was there representing AMAC and let him know AMAC’s position on correcting the cut…”

From AMAC Delegate Joe Scrima, MI-06:

“I wrote letter to my Senator John Proos, in MI=06…” Dear John I know you are busy, and on top of things in Lansing…but would like to see some way of stopping the President …from eroding the Constitution as he is attempting do do so.”

From AMAC Delegate Bob Kranz, MS-04:

Congressman Steve Palazzo (C)

Congressman Steve Palazzo (C)

” I had the opportunity to attend the Harrison County Republican Club meeting…below is a photo of Congressman Steve Palazzo. The event was quite interesting as we have quite a race shaping up in MS-04.

From AMAC Delegate Gary Jeffereson AR-02:

“After several futile attempts to arrange a meeting with Congressman Griffin, who has announced his “retirement”, I’ve come to the conclusion that he has simply decided to focus on his campaign bid for Lt. Governor of Arkansas. His seat will most likely be won by French Hill… I have contacted him to set up a meeting…French is a true conservative (he is openly campaigning on the repeal of ObamaCare) and I think he will be highly receptive to the AMAC message. I will also try to meet with Conrad Reynolds who is the Tea Party candidate for the 2nd District. And, to be totally fair, I’ll also sit down with my old law school classmate, Patrick Henry Hayes, who served as North Little Rocks’ mayor for over 20 years, and who is running on the Democratic ticket. I told him he should have run as an  Independent, but he’s been a life-long Democrat and would not have it otherwise. I’ll try and get an updated report for you as soon as I have met with any of the candidates.”

From AMAC Delegate Dan Carro, NC-13:

“I was able to meet with Congressman Holding, NC-13 on April 23rd.  He knew a little about AMAC but wanted to hear more.  With this opening I was able to cover AMAC’s vision, goals and conservative legislative agenda.  Congressman Holding seemed willing to embrace and support all of them.  He was pleased to hear about the number of AMAC members (over 3,000) in his district and the potential of AMAC participation in a future town hall meeting.  When asked about his biggest surprise in Congress…he said it was the pervasive non-collegiality of most Congressional members on both sides of the aisle. He agreed that much more teamwork is needed. Congressman Holding wanted all NC-13 AMAC members to know that he could assist on any Federal issues and emphasized social security and Veterans Affairs…”

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