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AMAC Delegates Continue to Shine!

From AMAC Delegate Everett Kelly MO-4:

“On 30 May 2013, I met with Mr. Levi Mitchel, Field Representative, for Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler. The meeting took place at her Lebanon, MO, office…we went over the AMAC talking points on Social Security…we also discussed having a Town Hall Meeting at a time and place to be determined based on Congresswoman Hartzler’s schedule. Mr. Mitchel seemed to really like the idea of a Town Hall Meeting and said he would get back to me on this… I’ll follow-up with him in a couple of weeks…Overall; I feel that the meeting went very well. Mr. Mitchel was knowledgeable of AMAC and very open to discussion of our goals and objectives; which he assured me he would pass on to Congresswoman Hartzler. Mr. Mitchel also said that Congresswoman Hartzler is aware of AMAC.”


AMAC Delegate Prudie Potter, PA-15 and Congressman Charles Dent

From AMAC Delegate Prudie Potter (PA-15):

“Yesterday I met with Congressman Dent and his Constituent Services Representative, Melanie Whiteleather. Congressman Dent is somewhat familiar with AMAC and mentioned that he had heard an ad for AMAC recently on the radio. We discussed membership, AMAC as a conservative alternative to AARP, and the fact that the members of AMAC are the driving force for the organization…The Congressman was very receptive to having a Town Hall meeting. …He is willing to go anywhere within his district and suggested I work out the date, time, and location details with Carol Halper, his Senior Adviser…I also gave Congressman Dent the most recent copy of my AMAC magazine with the picture of Paul Ryan on the cover. He said that he “works out with Paul every morning.” I WAS IMPRESSED”

AMAC Delegates Sandra Morey and Al Spagnuolo (TX-26) meet with Congressman Michael Burgess (L).

AMAC Delegates Sandra Morey and Al Spagnuolo (TX-26) meet with Congressman Michael Burgess (L).


From AMAC Delegates Sandra Morey and Al Spagnuolo (TX-26):

“On Friday, May 31 Sandra Morey and I had a meeting with Congressman Michael Burgess of Texas District 26.
We discussed the following topics:

  • • Introduction of AMAC – provided the Congressman with the “leave behinds”.
  • • AMAC values and priorities – conservative, pro-life, supports free markets, etc.
  • • Social Security Factsheet
  • • Future Town Hall meeting

Congressman Burgess was receptive to a future Town Hall meeting whether it was just with AMAC members or would be open to other constituents; his staff member indicated that it probably would be scheduled for some time in August. He has Sandra and my contact information and he will have his scheduling coordinator contact us. Either Sandra or myself will contact you when we have some tentative dates so we can coordinate the communication with other AMAC members in the district.”

From AMAC Delegate Ken Houghtailing (OH-15):

“My wife and I attended the Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Stivers. There were approximately 50 people in attendance. I had already met with his staff at his Wilmington Office a few days prior to the 5/30/2013 event.
His office in Wilmington is primarily staffed by Ms. Sherry Stuckert. She is also his Caseworker on Social Security and Medicare issues, so that is a plus.
When I arrived for the meeting Sherry was in the foray with a few other staff members. She introduced me to Adam Rapien. He is the Field Representative for the Congressman and works in his Hilliard office in Columbus. He gave me his card and also the contact info for Monica Hueckel. She is the scheduler for Rep. Stivers and works in his Washington D.C. office.
The meeting was primarily a meet and greet followed by a question and answer period. The Congressman gave us a background of him…Rep. Stivers seems to be a very concerned, very conservative and extremely engaged individual. He appeared honest, and is a 28 year Army Officer and still serves in the Ohio Army National Guard. His views on ObamaCare, Taxes, IRS, First Amendment, Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights seem completely in line with the views of AMAC and Conservatives.
The question and answer was done by filling out a 5X7 card and having his primary Washington Aide read the question and then the Congressman would answer… On my card I simply wrote “AMAC Delegate.”… I asked the Congressman if we could set up a meeting with the AMAC members in his District and he said “Absolutely, just contact my office and give we will work out a time…”

From AMAC Delegate Alan Winters (TX-07):

“Today I visited with Brittany Seabury of John Culberson’s office. I introduced AMAC. We discussed Social Security and Medicare…I gave her a copy of page 35 from the Paul Ryan issue (of the AMAC Advantage). That is an excellent summary of the difference between this Administration’s Medicare policy and the Ryan plan. I also sent each one a letter today thanking them for their time, reminding them of the items we discussed, urging them to thoroughly read the paper I left, asking them to educate their principals and also to ask them to support AMAC …”

Great Teamwork from AMAC Delegates Earliene Shipper(NY-2) and Joe Gagliano (NY-3):

Today I had an appointment with Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s deputy Toby Nussbaum. She was very congenial and interested in our presentation. Joe Gagliano, Delegate from NY-03, went with me.

The Social Security Worksheet drew the most attention…Another point was ObamaCare and what did we feel about it. I answered that we are not in agreement with the bill as it stands.

Toby is sending the information to their Washington office, so when our Delegates visit they will know we are a valid organization. She appreciated the fact that we are laying our groundwork.

Carolyn does not do Town Hall meetings because of the security factor. She does conference calls where individuals can call into a number and ask the questions. Toby will provide a schedule for me. Also, Carolyn will do community organizational group gatherings. I would have to do some research in the community to see what we might be able to pull together. “

AMAC Delegate Curtis Hartsfield (TN-9) met with US Senator Lamar Alexander’s office:

On Friday June 7th, I met with Lora Jobe, field representative for Sen. Lamar Alexander… We discussed what AMAC was and I gave her a copy of the Fast Facts sheet. I also gave her a copy of the Social Security Worksheet and we discussed it at some length…”

AMAC Delegate Curtis Hartsfield (TN-9) and Lora Jobe of US Senator’s Lamar Alexander’s office.

AMAC Delegate Curtis Hartsfield (TN-9) and Lora Jobe of US Senator’s Lamar Alexander’s office.

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