AMAC Delegate Success Stories

by Andrew Mangione –

It’s been another busy week for AMAC Delegates.  Meetings have been scheduled, offices have been visited, and one Delegate received a unique kind of access to his Congressman—he met him in Washington, DC!  Keep up the great work!



From Delegate Earliene Shipper, NY-03: 

I met with Kevin DeLury, District Representative in Peter King’s office today.  An overview was presented, as per the fast fact sheet.  Kevin was very receptive to what we represent.  We are in line with Rep. King’s views. The Social Security Worksheet was presented…I requested a town meeting and he will discuss with Rep. King,  and I will follow-up after the congressional recess.  That will give Kevin time to discuss with Rep King since he will be in the office…”

AMAC Delegate Earliene Shipper visits with District Representative Kevin DeLury in Congressman Peter King's district office.

AMAC Delegate Earliene Shipper visits with District Representative Kevin DeLury in Congressman Peter King’s district office.


From Delegate Eugene Baker, IN-07:

“I have my delegate tag and business cards.  Congressman Carson’s staff is working on a meeting date.  If I don’t hear from them soon, they will get a surprise visit…”


From Delegate James Moore, CA-31:

“I called them (Representative Miller) back and they are setting up a meeting.  It will be with a District Representative or possibly the Congressman if he has a cancelation.  I will keep you informed…” 


From Delegate Bill O’Sullivan, TX-08:

“I met yesterday with Todd Stephens and Russell Martinez. Todd is the District Director. Russell is his Deputy. They are agreeable to meeting with our members quarterly but only committing to the Congressman once. We will try to arrange the meeting(s) with the Congressman around a planned Town Hall likely for an hour before. Other meetings will be either with Doug Centilli (if available), Todd or Russell…pictures to follow….”

Bill also managed to visit his Congressman while on a trip to Washington, DC and relates this extraordinary experience:

“I am up on the Hill on other business and stopped into Congressman Brady’s office to say hello. The Congressman popped out of his Office with the two Economist’s from the Joint Economic Committee which he chairs and proceeded to introduce me not only as a constituent but as the District Rep. for AMAC though our name was not on the tip of his tongue. He asked me to join him and Doug Centilli in a ride to the Airport this PM as we all have 3PM flights from Reagan (International Airport)”.

AMAC Delegate Bill O'Sullivan visits with his representative, Congressman Kevin Brady in his Washington, DC office.

AMAC Delegate Bill O’Sullivan visits with his representative, Congressman Kevin Brady in his Washington, DC office.


From Delegate Jerry Galloway, TX-32: 

“…I have a meeting scheduled next week on Thursday, 5/30/13 at 3:30 pm with Pete Sessions staffer Matt Garcia and with Congressman’s Chief of Staff.  The congressman will try to join us.”


From Delegate Vince Romao, GA 11: 

“Gents – I have a meeting set with Deputy District Director John O’keefe in Congressman Gingrey’s main office in Marietta GA for Tuesday. “


From Delegate Prudie Potter, PA-15:

“Ms. Potter,

Good morning (Ms. Potter). Might you be available to meet with Congressman Dent on either Friday May 31st at 3 PM or Friday June 7th at 10 AM in our Allentown district office?”

…and Prudie’s confirmation: 

“Thank you for your prompt response. I would be very pleased to meet with Congressman Dent on Friday, May 31st at 3:00 p.m.  Please let me know if you need any additional information regarding our visit.”


From Delegate Brad Lusk, CA-33

“…I presented AMAC ‘s position paper on Social Security and we discussed the possibility of a Town Hall Meeting with local AMAC members attending , possibly including local Republican clubs, as well…Right now, Mr. Waxman has been meeting with local Democrat organizations in person and via conference call.  Rep. Waxman’s district has been re-calibrated and he has more Republicans than before. His May-June calendar is quite full. I am thinking later in the Fall or even early next year for a meeting….”

AMAC Delegate Brad Lusk meets with Representative Henry Waxman’s District Director, Lisa Pinto.

AMAC Delegate Brad Lusk meets with Representative Henry Waxman’s District Director, Lisa Pinto.


From Delegate Jerry Ling, KY-04:

“I was able to see Mr. Bob Proter, the district field director for (Rep.  Massie)….we spent about 40 minutes together.

Bob was very cordial and listened attentively.  He had not heard of the AMAC, but after I gave him literature and explained our mission and the size of our organization in the 4th, he listened even closer.

He was happy to hear we are a national organization and of our national size and how we are funded.

We discussed most of the talking points and especially the Social Security fact sheet.  I asked about scheduling a Town Hall meeting and was told a few were being scheduled.  The soonest being for Vets  only, at the end of May.  He was interested in including our group in one he intends to set up for senior concerns….”

…and Jerry was also able to visit Senator Rand Paul’s local office:

“Thank you for the visit to my office last week. I am reading all the information and will include it in my field report to Senator Paul this week.  And, when he comes back to our area, I will let you know. Perhaps we can even have a short meeting.”

Bernie Kunkel

Field Representative – U.S. Senator Rand Paul


From Delegate Paul DeSimone, CA-42: 

“Wanted to keep you in the loop. I’ll be meeting with Congressman Calvert’s District Director on May 30th…”


From Delegate Wade Burt, TN-06:

“I have been in contact with Rep. Black and am waiting for a spot in her obviously very busy schedule.  I should have something by the end of the week….”


From Delegate John Loughman, PA-18:
“…a meeting is scheduled with Congressman Murphy on Friday, June 7 at 10:00 am at his Mt. Lebanon office…after this meeting we will have a mini town hall meeting in 3 or 6 months that can handle about 200 guests…

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