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AMAC Creates a New Fitness Protection Program For Seniors

Announces contest to develop lifestyle games focused on brain teasers and light workouts

by John Grimaldi – WASHINGTON, DC, May 16 – The Association of Mature American Citizens has created the AMAC Fitness Protection Program as a “palatable way” of improving the health of its members and all older Americans, Dan Weber, AMAC president and advocate for the elderly, announced today.

Weber said that in addition to making older folks feel better, the advantages of keeping fit include the ability to prevent some of the more serious diseases associated with aging, including Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even Alzheimer’s.

“We want to make this an inclusive endeavor and so we’ve come up with a trio of rewards for members and their friends and families who pitch in with ideas for making it easier to live healthier and longer.  AMAC is offering a $1,500 first prize, a $1,000 second prize and a $500 third prize for those who can create lifestyle games people can play that incorporate mental and physical exercise.  The focus of entries must be on brain teasers and light workouts for seniors involving repetitive activities.”

The association will introduce a new website in the near future that will offer news and research on the value of diet and exercise in controlling chronic disease in the elderly.

Weber noted that “as we get older we tend to seek ways to avoid activities that involve exertion.  To quote one anonymous wag: the only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and pushing their luck.  We need to overcome inertia and find ways of improving our heart rates and blood sugar levels by developing good exercise habits.  Of course, it is important to check with your doctor before beginning any regimen that involves strenuous activities.”

Weber said that exercise is particular good for fending off Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic conditions.  He cited a report by The World Health Organization, which says that a healthy diet, increased physical activity and avoiding tobacco use can prevent 80% of premature heart disease, 80% of type 2 diabetes cases and 40% of cancers.

“Our own AMAC Foundation recently produced a report discussing the potential of fruits and/or fruit juice to reduce [Alzheimer’s] disease progression and other recent studies focus on ways using exercise to stimulate brain activity as a means of checking the disease,” he added.  “One report suggests that adopting healthy brain life habits might delay or prevent the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease in some individuals.”

Weber said that a special panel will discuss the promotion of preventative care for the elderly at the 2014 AMAC Foundation National Health Care Symposium to be held at the Washington Court Hotel, June 9-10.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors and reporters may contact John Grimaldi by phone at 917-846-8485 or via email at [email protected] to set up a call.



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2 years ago

I wish we had a discount program for fitness memberships like AARP. Many of our acquaintances are AARP members and keep telling us how they get free gym passes (Silver Sneakers) and alike from AARP. Are we not big enough to negotiate at least discounts?

0 REPLY right now

2 years ago

I wish we had a discount program for fitness memberships like AARP. Many of our acquaintances are AARP members and keep telling us how they get free gym passes (Silver Sneakers) and alike from AARP. Are we not big enough to negotiate at least discounts?

Barbara Ford
6 years ago

Try pickle ball. This is an easy game to play and learn. It is played on 20 X 44 ft court with paddles,
wiffle ball and 34 inch high net in the middle. Former tennis players love this game and it can be
played on any hard surface. A game can be played in about 15 min. Check out pickleball website
to find courts in your area. We have several who have not played sports involved, moving, following
rules and meeting new people.

6 years ago

Let’s come up with a reasonable American plan better than ACA (Obamacare) at this health conference AMAC is planning.

6 years ago

Why not plant a vegetable garden, take care of it, and harvest the greatness it gives you!!

6 years ago

Luminosity offers a course for brain challenges. Although they charge a fee for individual signups, they might offer some sort of special plan with no cost to individuals. I know they offered it at one time to Humana and I believe it was without cost to participants?

Jim Stallcup
6 years ago

My wife and I attend senior citizens dances five nights a week at the various Senior Citizens Centers/Community Centers in the different towns in our area. It gets us our at night, forces us to socialize, and gives us exercise. Dancing is the only exercise that I have found to be enjoyable.

6 years ago

I started riding horses again after a 30 year break. My instructor said I retained a lot of stuff in my memory bank. Not as quick and haven’t jumped any 5 ft fences like I used to, but a lot of fun to get back up there.

6 years ago

Let’s see. A contest with no end date???? Seems like a memory issue to me. ;-)

Gen Bruhl 10/13/13 2:32 p.m.
6 years ago




dennis barrack
6 years ago

I am a member of an early bird tennis group that meets 3 times a week, from 6:30 AM to 8 AM 52 weeks a year. Our group of 14, run from the age of 65 to 91. I am 88 and have now joined a summer outdoor tennis association, which includes a senior group 55+. I believe I can help to organize additional senior groups.

Sue Stephenson
6 years ago

I made an error “to Jog one’s brain as well as body” OK, my error. Sue in Ga

Sue Stephenson
6 years ago

Hi, I’d like to suggest some games/brain teasers for the computer, as I suspect most members of AMAC are computer literate. The content could be geared toward more age appropriate interests rather than car crashes and fireballs, as contemporary films seem to focus on. As far as exercise, I suggest simple walking in ones neighborhood with a friend, neighbor or one’s dog, while using printed brain teasers that one could carry on the walk and share with the friend or neighbor to jobs ones brain as well as body. How about that idea? Inexpensive and just might help! Sue in… Read more »

6 years ago

I have tried to purchase the dental insurance from AMAC, but I can’t get it in the state I live in which is Vermont. I don’t why and calling the eapt help line for my congressman, etc has been no help at all. First, I saw where a couple of dentist in my state accepted the dental insurance then when I called back to buy it I was told by an AMAC person that my state prevents the purchase of dental insurance. Any help on getting this turned around with Vermont?


Paul M. Albert, Jr.
6 years ago

As some one in 70s who is still extremely fit both mentally( ( still working as manager of large stock, bond, and options portfolios and still tournament level chess player ) and physically ( still same weight as when I wrestled varsity [ run, swim, ski, basketball, weight training part of my current regime ] ), I read this with interest. My wife , also in her 70s and a couple years older, is still very fit tennis player and helps me in portfolio management, so if anything is in better shape than I am. I intend to suggest a… Read more »

6 years ago

I wish AMAC would have something comparable to Silver Sneakers that AARP has through United Healthcare. I won’t ever belong to AARP but I had to eliminate my water aerobics because I couldn’t afford it. With a Medicare supplement through Mutual of Omaha, I was disappointed that any preventative or fitness programs aren’t offered. I would buy a policy through AMAC just for a fitness plan.

6 years ago

This is great! I read an article about a study that demonstrated that seniors who did new activities which they had never done before, such as quilting, working on photoshop, etc. improved their memory. It would be nice to have a comprehensive list of activities.
In addition, I hope AMAC does provide access to brain teasers/games.

6 years ago

I depend first on a daily commitment to walk. A quiet road with nature’s views is best as it contributes to mental as well as physical benefit. Unfortunately a hike in the woods runs the risk of ticks etc. Also guard against mosquitoes on the road, and carry a cell phone in case you have any problem.
Also it is important to have quality social interaction. It might be a low stress work environment, or church involvement.
Then try to keep a healthy diet with regularity, and sufficient rest also with regularity.

6 years ago

I have a friend who is 75 who runs 5K races for beneficial causes. Since I started running, I have noticed huge numbers of old people out running. I also have noticed that I don’t feel as old as I did before I started running. Being active produces pretty amazing results!

6 years ago

Membership to a local gym would be great! AARP does this through their supplement Insurance but, not in all States. This program is very well received.

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