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AMAC Continues to Seek a 1% Solution to the Current Plight of Seniors

ss-rally-sliderThe organization promotes a minimal one-time, retroactive Social Security Cost of Living payment.

WASHINGTON, DC, May 20 – Just in time for the celebration of Older Americans month, the Social Security Administration’s Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin called Social Security an “anti-poverty program.”  But the National Council on Aging points out that “over 25 million Americans aged 60 and over are economically insecure.”

“These older adults struggle with rising housing and health care bills, inadequate nutrition, lack of access to transportation, diminished savings, and job loss.  For older adults who are above the poverty level, one major adverse life event can change today’s realities into tomorrow’s troubles,” according to the NCOA.

Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, said one of the principal reasons AMAC came to be is to “protect, preserve and enhance” Social Security benefits for older Americans.

“Our rally earlier this week in Florida drew hundreds of seniors who were expressing their dismay at the government’s decision to forego Cost of Living payments for seniors.  The decision was catastrophic for some elderly individuals and their families.  One estimate indicates that current monthly benefits are barely enough to sustain 33% of the senior households in the United States.  The costs of essential expenses, in fact, leave many elderly Social Security recipients deeper in debt at the end of the month.  Opting to forego a COLA is not consistent with an effort to reduce poverty among older Americans.”

Weber noted that while the government ensured pay increases for its employees this year, it “ignored the plight of seniors by denying COLA assistance.  It is only the third time in four decades that this has happened, but it comes at a time when medical costs, food costs and the costs of heating and air conditioning and other necessities have increased sharply, leaving the elderly with hard choices to make.”

He said that AMAC has been pursuing a onetime fix via bi-partisan legislation, The Seniors Act, H.R. 4140.  “We paid our money into Social Security; the government didn’t put in one cent.  Just because they mismanaged our money by only paying us 2% interest- is no excuse for us not to get a Cost of Living increase this year,” Weber declared.

We are not trying to overturn the no-COLA decision, he said, we simply seek a one-time payment equal to a one-percent Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment.  The cost is estimated to be between $9 and $11 billion but will be offset by an equal amount of federal spending cuts.

The bill’s sponsors, Representatives Kyrsten Sinema, (D-AZ) and Frank Guinta (R-NH) and AMAC are “aggressively” seeking passage of the measure and now we need action in Congress and exhortations from America’s senior citizens and veterans who are urged to call on their lawmakers to move the bill along in a timely manner—before winter sets in.”

Weber urged seniors to “let their voices be heard.  Congress is frozen like an ice cube when it comes to taking action on Social Security, and the only way we can get them to act by applying heat.  We’ve made it easy; just go to to send a prepared email to your Congressman.  All you have to do is fill in your name and address and it will automatically be sent to your Representative.”


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital senior advocacy organization that takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.  Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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1%? …. AMAC should be proposing that seniors should receive the SAME % of increase as members of Congress get, no more, no less! … And that’s EVERY YEAR Congress votes themselves a raise/cost of living adjustment. What’s good for the Goose should be good for the Gander. Right folks?


I thought I joined a conservative organization! My mistake, I must have joined AARP by mistake. AMAC’s leading their members to the public trough demanding money that will have to be paid back by our grandkids isn’t the reason I joined! Correcting the COLA to the true cost of living and indexing the taxable amounts are what you should be fighting for. The floor amounts that make SS taxable haven’t been adjusted since they were put in in the 80’s.

Howard Last

If this looks familiar, it is as I posted it several times. Social Security does not need to be fixed; it needs to be repealed outright. The problem is how to make whole all our citizens that had their funds stolen over all these many years. Yes stolen, what else would you call it when something is taken under duress? Don’t pay your FICA and see what happens. There is a simple way to get their money back, just abolish all items in the budget not authorized by the Constitution. This would give better than 90% of the budget available to give their money back with interest. It would have an added benefit of getting Big Brother out of our lives. How many people are aware that Social Security was the idea of Otto Bismarck and that Adolph Hitler refined it? Joe Stalin’s best friend FDR fits right in with… Read more »


If the slime in Washington had any decency or spine, they would revamp all the programs they have which are used to buy votes. When I was in practice, fully half of the people who came into my office wanted disability, but I knew they were not qualified and so denied them. I’m sure they went somewhere else and got what they wanted. Same for the VA, welfare, and other programs. If they eliminated the liars and the waste, then there would be plenty of money for those who truly need some help. HOWEVER, they won’t, because the elected officials all know that the American public is so self-involved, stubborn, and of course, right, that they will not work together on almost anything. The liberals insist that welfare and socialism is the right and moral thing to do, while the conservatives feel the same about abortions and gay rights. It… Read more »

Ivan Berry

Let us all who depend on the government for anything other than collective security from enemies within and without continue to beg, plead, grovel at the collective trough. Just remember that a government big and powerful enough to supply your every need is also capable of taking all you have. Why Americans are failing to push back, organize and forget petty differences in principle in order to rein in our run-away totalitarian and entire general government and why the States as partners in the compact that formed the union in the first place continue to take fed money with fed strings attatched just indicates that today’s people are not of the quality and strengths of the founding generation. Our schools are fed schools; our hospitals have become fed hospitals; our toilets are fed toilets; Hillary wants our children and grand children to be fed kids; our cars have been regulated… Read more »

Paul Richards

If I had wanted to join an organization which was going to keep this Ponzi scheme going, I would have joined AARP. It’s time to fight to privatize SS and phase it out, along with all the other unconstitutional programs this government does. I am seriously considering canceling my membership over this one issue. What a waste of the members’ funds and time. The ONLY solution I will support is a fight to reduce the federal government to its constitutional duties. I thought I had joined an organization that was committed to that!


I had heard of Amac’s action on this matter a few months ago, and then a week or so I got a mailing from Amac decrying the lack of a COLA for 2016 and their action to get a 1% increase, and oh, please send Amac some money for their trouble. Just another fund raising gimmick. This is the kind of stuff AARP pulls, but I joined Amac because I thought they were more responsible. I guess not. I thought it was foolish then and even more so now. The average SS payment is $1,345/mo (from, so a 1% increase is $13.45. Since for most people 85% is taxed, and let’s say at a 10% rate to be conservative. This means a retiree would net about $12.30/mo, or a grand total of 41 cents per day. Really, is this something Amac thinks is worthy of fighting for? SS is… Read more »


Looks like I’ll have to cancel my AMAC membership just like I cancelled my AARP membership. I am not seeing much difference between the two any longer. Social Security needs to be brought back to reality. Reality is what it can actually do, not what it can promise. It is defined based on the whims of politicians instead of a sound actuarial basis. I cannot continue to steal from my children let alone from my yet to be born grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Stop the insanity!

Angela M.

It is a sad situation when those who have worked for their retirement money have to beg for it. The beaurecrats in Washington get their raises even though they have grossly mismanaged ‘OUR’ money. It started with President Johnson and no president, republican or democratic, has had the moral fortitude to repair this abomination. We, the people, have also allowed this to continue by our silence. When you have seniors deciding between food and medicine, something is wrong with this picture and 1% will not repair it. A year should not go by without a ‘true’ cost of living increase, not the fabricated one seniors are receiving now.

David Mowbray

This is an outrageous position taken by AMAC..sounds exactly like AARP. Dan Weber claims he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the postal mailer I got. This is exactly the same sort of crony capitalism we see all the time here in the capital. I just let my AARP membership expire and if this sort of nonsense does not stop I’ll do the same for AMAC. BTW, what is about a contract that Weber and AMAC do not understand?

John Weiss

If I wanted to line up at the public trough for continual special treatment, I would have joined AARP. To fund this one percent “solution,” the government will borrow any funds that it allocates for seniors and then conveniently not cut other programs by an equal amount. These borrowed funds will just increase the already enormous federal deficit and hasten the day when major, across-the-board Social Security cuts will become necessary. You cannot rail against your elected representatives and simultaneously ask them for a handout. That is called hypocrisy and makes you no better than they.

Don Cole

I wouldn’t work to hard for this. One percent is a joke. Is this to make it look like you’re doing something for Seniors?

Harvey B. Rich

Federal workers received a 1.3% increase. As I understand it, after calling AMAC, they are looking for a Senator to sponsor a similar bill but asking for a 2% hike. when the conference committee meets is it hoped that seniors will get a minimum of 1.5% of their annual Social Security payment in a single check. Not a great deal of money, but it could mean a big difference for the elderly poor.


I do believe our government is so corrupt at this point, that they don’t know which end is up. They keep telling us that there is no COLA because of the low gas prices but somehow “find” the money to fund other groups who are coming into our country as “refugees” and now giving all the children of undocumented immigrants (otherwise known as illegals), free MediCal! And who will be paying for all of this?..we the taxpayers!!!! And yet, they cannot seem to find or repay the money they stole from the SS fund that we had paid into during our working years. I started paying into it when I was 16 years old! And 1% is a slap in our faces…shame on them!! We really need a new government who can take the reins and start to steer things in the right direction for its citizens, by cutting out… Read more »

Michael Sanders

As Obama “stole” Social Security and Medicare funds to start the farce called Obamacare, that money, with interest, must be placed back into the “Trust Fund”. It is not the Federal Government’s money to spend. The “habit” that Congress has gotten into of “stealing from Peter to pay Paul” is NOT written into the Constitution. Congress is violating are inaleinable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Since Social Security first began, Congress has “robbed” or “redefined the purpose” of the Trust. Medicare started with Social Security funds during a Democratic controlled Presidency and Congress. Other social programs, such as Medicaid, have used funds paid by employee and employer on behalf of the employee. Again, these appropriations were done during times when the Presidency and Congress were controlled by the Democrats. Democrats have a track record of growing Govenment and socializing our society. Republicans have tried to lessen… Read more »


If the politicians, both sides, had not been stealing from the Social Security fund (MONEY THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM) to pay for those who will not work and illegals edr, health insurance, baby factories – and the list goes on and on, then those who are owed all that they were forced to put in might get a decent amount back. However, the politicians will NOT stop stealing from us – ever! We have spineless representatives who would rather keep stealing and giving to those who will vote for them than to stand up with the courage to do something that is right!

Richard deJongh

One of the factors the powers to be in DC used for the NO COLA increase was the low price of gas.
Gee, don’t remember when I last had some gas with my cereal.

Now Obama as the nerve to request an increase in the Presidential “pension”. Something along the lines of 17%.

Larry Consolver, Ret, DAV, ARM, LS, IILA

1% Solution, you have to be kidding? If SS is not provided a minimum 3.5%; you might as well keep the money in Washington, so they can continue to SHAFT US with stealing our Funds. We want all our Dollars put back into the SS Trust Fund Account & if that mean stopping all the Elected & Appointed Officials in Washington not getting a paycheck until it’s done SO BE IT. LET THEM ALL FEEL THE BURN SENIORS HAVE FELT FOR 50+ YEARS.


Beneficiaries with income of $34,000 for unmarried filers and $44,000 for joint filers—pay taxes on up to 50 percent of their benefits. For beneficiaries with income that is above those higher thresholds, as much as 85 percent of the benefits are taxed. Why bother with 1%?

Beeffer T

“They” (our President, Senators, Representatives) know it’s wrong but continue to do it! Then they vote themselves a huge increase! I worked for 60 years and the Government took a percentage from me each and every paycheck and now won’t give it back like they said they would – with interest. HAH!