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AMAC Chief Issues Statement on ‘The Madness in Las Vegas’

America unity Las VegasDan Weber calls for prayers and unity

WASHINGTON, DC – Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], has issued the following statement in the aftermath of what he described as “the madness in Las Vegas.”

Take a pew in your house of worship this weekend and say a prayer for those who died and those who suffered injuries on Sunday in the madness in Las Vegas.  Pray for the brave first responders who put themselves in harm’s way to protect lives, those in uniform and those civilians who risked their own lives to help others.

This is no time for political rhetoric.  It is a time to mourn and reach out for consolation, consolation for the loved ones of the 59 who were murdered in cold blood like the wife whose husband was shot and killed when he took a bullet for her and consolation for the nearly 500 who were wounded and their families.

Say a prayer, too, for ourselves so that we may come together as a nation.  It was an horrific event, too gruesome to comprehend.  Police found the killer, who in the end committed suicide, in his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel.  They also found his cache of weapons and ammunition.  But, they have found no motive, as yet, for his appalling deed.

Thousands of ordinary citizens throughout the U.S. gave blood for the survivors of the senseless attack.  And, tens of thousands of others in America and around the world have been posting kind words on social media to express their sorrow and sadness.  The world’s political and religious leaders, too, were moved to express their hopes that such madness as occurred in Las Vegas will wake us up.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops put it this way: “At this time, we need to pray and to take care of those who are suffering.  In the end, the only response is to do good, for no matter what the darkness, it will never overcome the light.”

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, founder and president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, said: “We pray for those most closely impacted by the horrific attack in Las Vegas, and we ask God to speak words of comfort and resolve in the mind of every child so that instead of fearing the world, they will be inspired to bring peace to the world. ”

Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas noted that the violent event in Las Vegas marked “a day where there are no Democrats or Republicans, there are no conservatives or liberals — we are all united as Americans.”

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Terrorist acts that should bring the populace together just don’t anymore! … As long as we have the Globalist, One World Movement, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the idiots calling for the end of the 2nd Admendment, WE WILL NEVER COME TOGETHER AS A NATION!! … When our public educational system is teaching our children that Socialism/Communism is how the government is responsible to make us all equal and individuality, hard work, better education and the desire to succeed are stymied to promote “We’re All Alike, We’re All Equal Crap”, we’ll all become robots!!! … It’s the BETTER athletes that become professional sports players but not all pro athletes become stars! Why admire Russell Westbrook for his hard work in developing his talents to get himself a $220 million 5 year contract and then protest for higher wages when you never pushed yourself to succeed, to the utmost of your… Read more »

Rik, this is the best comment you have posted in a long time. Anyone with that uncommon common sense that rarely gets used will recognise so much truth in what you have expressed. Well stated, sir.

Big thumbs up Rik.

Rik, I also have to say that this is the best comment you every posted since I had been reading for a long time, too. Good job.

Rik: I also join in with my gratitude and thanks.

Comment of a statesman. Not many around these days.

Rik, that was excellent and excellent “common sense” writing I have seen in a long time!!! You should have that printed in a newspaper so more Americans can read it and think about the things you’ve pointed out…all true!!! You would make an excellent journalist…..this seems to be your true calling. Thank you!

You’ve put all my frustration into this very succinct comment. Thank you. It helps to know there are still people who can think clearly. God bless.

Yep, you’re right…the only “equality” that has EVER been specified in our country, and political, economic, etc. systems, is equality of “opportunity”. NO-ONE is “equal” to anyone else, physically, mentally, economically, or by any other means of measurement. But we ALL have the “opportunity” to overcome any impediments and succeed. It just takes the will.

Isn’t it funny how whenever a terrible situation such as this rears it’s ugly head it’s predominantly the left that immediately jumps on the bandwagon screaming for “more gun control”. No facts as yet as to why this maniac did what he did or if there will ever be any. Seems that for all intents and purposes he was a regular guy with absolutely nothing in his background that would have ever pointed to him planning and committing this horrific act. At last count there are over 300 MILLION guns in the US but let just ONE be used to commit a terrible act such as this and the left blames ALL guns. NOT the person who used the gun but the GUN ITSELF. Odd thing, I keep a loaded gun in my nightstand right next to my bed and in all these years that gun has never once just… Read more »
WE NEED A LAW – That law should require that a qualified/certified police or military marksman/sniper be on duty at all events where 1,000 or more people are expected to assemble. One marksman should be assigned for every additional 10,000 after that. Had such a law been in effect in Las Vegas, there would have been three police marksmen lined up on that Devils’ sniper and many lives would have been saved and at very little expense. No one wants to talk about it but the only way to stop a madman with a gun is to have a gun in the hands of the good men and women. Look at it this way, if the good nations of the world had no nukes, crazed dictator’s like Kim would own the world and kill and rape at will. Good citizens must have a means to protect themselves because government cannot… Read more »


What did not make any sense at all, is how did that nut manage to get all those weapons into his room from his car and how come no one noticed he was bringing in so many suitcases for a 3 day stay at the hotel? Were there any other guests on the same floor and close to the suite (was it?) he was in? I wonder why hotel security was not more on the ball if he was bringing in so many bags, or was it it just a couple at a time? If he had specifically asked for a room in a “particular” part of the hotel and not wanting others around him, that to me, would have been suspicious enough to have a “check.” If he checked in alone and had so many suitcases, that should raise a flag also. With so many bags, did a bell… Read more »

Bring stuff in, at different times, different days, when different staff members were working. If a guy gets on the elevator with a couple of suitcases and a golf bag, even if you’ve seen him before at the hotel, unless he’s really doing something to call attention to himself,…who’s to notice?

Unfortunately, he was on the 30th floor, and broke out a window (or two)….snipers would still have missed him because he was purched in room, and not a roof.

From the looks of his sniper’s “nest”…he would have been hard to find for police “snipers”. Since he had prepared platforms INSIDE the room, not sitting at the window with the rifle barrel sticking OUT of the window, snipers would have had a hard time determining his location. A downtown area with many high rise buildings around is absolutely a counter-sniper’s nightmare. Especially with NO knowledge of the suspect and his abilities. I’m not saying that might not have helped…but that’s not the sole answer. There is technology to mount sound sensors in an area like that, that will triangulate where the shots are coming from. There needs to be more than one type of response to counter a sniper. JFK famously said that if someone wanted to kill a president, it wouldn’t be very difficult, just a rifle, scope and a high spot; or words to that effect. This… Read more »
Guess what; no one is talking about psychiatric drugs–just those terrible guns. Paddock had been prescribed Diazepam (formerly Valium). The New American website reports that the side effects of this drug includes side effects of aggression, psychotic behavior, hostility, decreased inhibitions….. This may or may not have factored heavily into Paddock’s actions but the overall statistics on mass shootings certainly bears much more heavy scrutiny. As reported in the article, psy drugs were involved in 36 school shootings killing 80 people (not including Sandy Hook in which the shooter’s drug history won’t be released). In nearly every mass school shooting the past 15 years, the shooter has been on or in withdrawal from psy drugs. Indeed PsychDrugShooters.com reports that over 100 mass shooting events have been perpetrated by individuals taking psy medications. The New American concludes “So while the Left ponders the benefits of repealing the Second Amendment, more people… Read more »
Chuck G, you’ve got an excellent point there! I recently saw an article with a long, laundry list of meds that seniors should not be taking at all, and since Paddock was a senior (at 64), that would raise a question or two. Some potent drugs and guns just don’t go hand-in-hand and whatever that guy was thinking could have been escalated to anger and wanting to take people down. He might have had a lot of anger in him possibly brought on by the drug or other problems, and that could have brought on what he ended up doing…killing and injuring hundreds of innocent people. They need some high-tech drs to evaluate this “scenario.” Diazepam was one of the meds on that long list although it did not mention what kind of reaction a person would have after taking it. I wonder if that would show up in an… Read more »

And in every mass shooting since 1950, with the possible exception of one (Texas U clock tower shooter in Austin, who had a brain tumor) they’ve all been a left winger of some sort. (look at who have assassinated all our presidents!) Not to bring “politics” into the discussion…just facts. Perhaps it’s not the NRA that’s the problem.

We all should address the ROOT CAUSE of this situation: Before the Democrat morons start opening their mouths regarding more gun control, the sane and rational minds of intelligent people should be heard and considered. How about indisputable FACTS, all the shooters in the mass shooting since 1984 have ALL BEEN REGISTERED VOTING DEMOCRATS. Therefore, since this is the recorded facts the obvious solution to these shootings and future shootings is to BAN ALL FIREARM OWNERSHIP BY ANY DEMOCRAT. Further all Democrats should be registered as potential criminals and given mandatory mental evaluation, and at last resort have all Democrats barred from holding any political office, from being anywhere within 100 yards of any school, children, social events, or from living in any community where rational intelligent people reside. If the above does not work than all females of democrat families must be neutered and and those pregnant children must… Read more »

Would to God that these comments were true. However, as we all know, “no good crisis should be wasted.” So, the pundits and anti-gunners will stretch this out as long as they possibly can. MY questions are “Where were the ‘security’ people in the hotel when this bozo was bringing all this firepower into the hotel?” “How could he walk past, probably, hundreds of people in that process and no one noticed anything unusual?” And, one final thought: this world IS evil, and will remain so until the Good Lord returns to “judge the quick and the dead,” until He says “Sheep on the right, and goats on the left.”

The easy answer is that the guns were likely brouught in at a slow rate to avoid arousing suspicion or detection

Mr. Altman, I too just brought up the same thing about how was he able to bring in all of his bags and not get the attention from the desk and/or security personnel. For a huge, plush hotel, they were lacking in good security, weren’t they? For one person checking in and bringing in a lot of suitcases, would have raised a flag. I can see if a female celeb checks in” with her whole house except the kitchen sink,” but for a lone man? And I’m sure the bell hop must have brought them up on his luggage carrier and I wonder too, how heavy would each bag have been? A whole lot of things just didn’t seem to add up or look right from the start. I haven;t heard anything where the hotel was being partially to blame for their blunders. All the reports on the news (on… Read more »

Dan , Dan the time for praying , singing , lighting candles has long been over . Thank God for that brave American security guard who I hope had a weapon to protect himself and not just a flashlight . His courage stopped the carnage and was turned on him . No thanks to the hotel who could have cut power to the floor causing confusion for the shooter shutting down his cameras and making him blind and then maybe several security guards could have returned the favor of 200 bullet casings into his room .Who cares what his motives were?? He is evil Kim Ju is evil only one way to deal with evil .

It is NEVER, repeat NEVER too late for prayer.

Prayer is ALWAYS needed, no matter what. It isn’t that prayer, in itself, changes things, but G-d who listens to everyone.

The latest I heard this man was radicalized 6 months ago by Isis

No proof found the he turned to islam. None.
No idea regarding the second shooter.

With all the fake news out there, how do we know if that is actually true or someone just trying to make the people believe that he had been radicalized? I just read a post here a few minutes ago where the person mentioned that he read where Padddock was also taking Diazepam ( formerly Valium), and I had recently read an article and saw a long list of meds that seniors (Paddock was a senior at 64) should not be taking at all, and perhaps that might have had something to do with his thinking if he was under the influence of Diazepam. I think it’s something for the high tech drs to look into, to see if long term consumption of that med could lead a person to commit murder. So, my bottom line is this…..if we don’t know for sure that he was “radicalized”, could his med… Read more »
I would disregard all these “the drugs made him do it” or “simply being able to buy guns made him do it”. All unsubstantiated conjecture at this point designed to push certain agendas. From what we really do know, this took a lot of advance planning to find an optimal vantage point, scout the logistics of the country music event targeted, assemble his arsenal and ammo, and finally get it all in place without arousing the attention of either hotel security or local police. This is NOT the result of some drugged induced haze or him “snapping”. This had to have taken him months of careful planning to pull off the way he did and had to require a clear mind. Typically people “doped up” have problems focusing on tasks long-term or doing complex thinking. Both of which would have been required for this madman to pull this off. At… Read more »
All the geniuses in the world cannot except the fact, EVIL was in Paddock’s life since his father serving time in prison. No father figure to steer him in life. It affected him so much over the years, this EVIL spilled out in Vegas in that hotel room killing nearly 60. Plus, Paddock’s lone wolf life, didn’t fit the professional profilers (FBI) who have tried putting in him in a box to understand his method. We all want to hear “this will never happen again ” till the next time. All the gun control measures (over 25,000 laws on the book) will/did not stop an insane man. Keep in mind, He purchased legally over a period of 40 years and planning something, somewhere only his brain knew where and when. Thanks to Bill Clinton in the 90’s when he emptied the insane asylum’s and dumped them on society…he created an… Read more »

I have owned around 40-50 guns in my 70 years. Not one of them ever harmed a living soul. I’d gladly beat my weapons into plowshares, when God’s Kingdom is restored on earth. Until then, Satan is the ruler on this earth, and weapons are necessary to protect ourselves from the evil that he inspires some men to do.

RLB I totally agree with Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas in his statement….”there are no Democrats or Republicans, there are no conservatives or liberals — we are all united as Americans.” But would like to add:: This is again a mark of really admirable men, women,and children: Who are not only united but Stand as one in unity, Steadfast in the very face of Horrific Troubles and Times.To not only face in mourning but face each and all of our oppressors, those who desire us to not be united, desire us to run, flee and fall. Again only see us remain as one Nation under God and we shall not be moved, rather gain unmeasurable strengths to overcome and continue to be as one.

Unfortunately, if the crazies did take control of the country or if the progressives also did they wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it.

It would be complete bedlam and everyone running around killing and plundering, to take what they want from others without a second thought and nothing or nobody would be able to stop it. This country would be completely trashed and so lawless, it wouldn’t be funny at all! One would think it only happens in the movies, but if things continue the way they are now, it could soon become a reality.

Your description is quite accurate of how it would play out. All one has to do is look at the early days after Lenin, Mao and other such leaders took power. Mass looting and murdering anyone who tried to stand up to the roving mobs of their followers, as they consolidated power under their rule.

For more recent examples, just look at how things played out when Mugabee, Castro, Chavez gained power. The roving gangs of “true believers” were given a free hand to “reward themselves” by sweeping through their respective countries and seizing land, farms, houses and then looting everything in sight and butchering any remaining opposition.

Would you believe there were real bad guys in Vegas when this happened? War zone type…I agree, everyone is looking for a simple answer and it ain’t there. It will happen again and probably worse with the number count. We are at war and the enemy comes in all shapes and colors and religions and will do whatever it takes. Even if the news is fake in the reporting! Think about that…