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Join the AMAC Army and Force Congress to Deliver!


By – Parker Erickson

AMAC is taking two steps to make sure Congress keeps their promises.

  1. We are forming local AMAC Chapters in every Congressional district.
  2. We are starting the AMAC Army, an Army of volunteers to take action when needed.

As we’ve listened to our delegates and members from all across the country, one thing has been made clear—our members want to meet and interact with other like-minded seniors in their areas.  AMAC is introducing a new program where members in the same Congressional District can get together to discuss issues and topics that are important to them.  AMAC is formally introducing the AMAC Chapter Program and announcing the formation of our AMAC Army.

AMAC Chapters are meant to serve as a club for conservative seniors to talk politics, current events, and how to reach their local members of Congress.  AMAC will also provide programs and information about current issues to help educate our members tell them the truth about what is really going on in Washington.

The Chapter program will serve two vital functions: 1) facilitate delegates and members meeting with each other in their Congressional districts, and 2) allowing large groups of seniors meet with their Congressman outside of normal town halls.

Ideally, these chapters will comprise between 50 -100 members who are in touch with the political situation in Washington, DC, who meet with their Congressman at least twice a year. Within each chapter we will have volunteers in our Army.

Members of the AMAC Army will be AMAC’s “first responders” when important issues and votes happen in Washington.  Imagine this, a key vote is set to happen on Capitol Hill regarding an issue AMAC members are concerned about (immigration, healthcare, taxes, etc.).  From our offices in Florida, we call every Chapter president to let them know we need members to go to their Congressman’s office and make their voice heard before they vote.  Within hours, dozens of seniors show up at the doorstep of their Congressman making their voice heard!

When asked about the formation of the AMAC Chapters, Dan Weber, the president and founder of AMAC said, “There is a strong need for the voters to have a way to get Members of the Congress to listen to us. What better way than to organize local Chapters where citizens can join together and speak with one united powerful voice?”  Letters and calls can only go so far, but when constituents’ shows up to make their voices heard, their opinions carry a lot more weight.

As our members already know, in nearly every Congressional district, AMAC has a delegate who facilitates town halls with their member of Congress, meets annually with their Congressman, and participates in monthly delegate calls.  While many delegates expressed interest in becoming Chapter presidents, you do not have to be the Delegate to be a chapter president. There are still several chapters that need a president to begin the process of meeting with other seniors, establishing relationships with their Congressman, and taking action to make sure their voice is heard. If you are interested in taking on a leadership role, please click on the button below, Dan Weber would like to speak with you!

Likewise, if you believe that actions speak louder than words, join the AMAC army, home of conservative activists. We’ll put you to work!

We have an opportunity unlike anything we’ve experienced in recent history.  We have a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and a Republican in the White House.  The time to enact real change and save this country for our children and grandchildren rests solely on our shoulders.  Let’s take up the fight and make sure this country is returned to its rightful place as the superpower it is. Join AMAC’s Chapter Program and/or Army to make the country, and your community, great again!

AMAC Chapters

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I think it’s a great idea so those in Congress and in the “swamp” will know that we, the People, will be on their backs to watch their every move and decision-making and see just who is doing his/her job in helping our new president make America great again! Since Trump wants this administration to be “of the people, by the people and for the people,” this gives us a chance to see what is going on with our politicians and a complete transparency in Washington. This way, we will also know which politician will be worthy of reelection or not, when their term is up…a good way to help “drain the swamp.” This, I think, is real change at last and a good way to help Trump make his job easier, since Obama has been busy lately trying to “throw him under the bus.” I look forward to the… Read more »


Right on Maria! Since Obama was apparently successful in throwing Israel “under the bus,” by allowing the UN to pass the worst Resolution in history (declaring Israeli settlements on the West Bank illegal) he probably thought he could do the same with Trump. Let’s all hope he proves unable to do any long-lasting harm to the new in-coming Administration,
and that American-Israeli relations can be constructively restored

Well said, Burton! I agree.


President Obama, in his Farewell speech, encouraged people to organize, although he likely was addressing members of his own party to do so in order to get liberals back into the White House. So much for UNITY. For those who were present in the early years of the tea party movement, and I was among them, it was very clear that rallies were effective in generating attention for certain issues. The Affordable Care Act passed without even one Republican congressman contributing to the discussion. They locked the doors while this awful act was being conjured! We can’t let this happen again. We can’t afford to be complacent and assume that someone else will do something. For now, find out who your local and national representatives (and committee chairmen) are, and get comfortable contacting them. The tea party events that occurred throughout this country forced our representatives to pay attention, and… Read more »

Well, we presently have all the forces in our favor- and may not have this opportunity again- one in which we are afforded the opportunity to offering a voice which we “expect” to be heard and acknowledged by those we’ve placed into office. So it’s time to move ahead and ensure the promises made are fulfilled as much as humanly possible. In other words let’s strike while the iron is hot!

We want the swamp drained completely and return to the exact understanding of the constitution and back to Godly principles!

Great Idea! Political action needs to start at the bottom and work its way up to the top.

Dr. Dwight Scott Miller

how do I see if there is already a chapter or Army group in my CD?
Dwight, Pct. Chairman, #11 – Robertson Co. Republican Party ( and closet libertarian :) )

I am glad to join in helping to do whatever I can to make sure that our new administration can do their job without all the crazy stuff going on in our country now. The Democrats won’t even vote on the President’s cabinet so they can get to work. I am for doing something about all these hateful demonstrations. Do these people know the rest of the world is looking at us? No wonder they all hate us, we have too much hate in this country as it is, and I for one think we have to get our morals, and our better thinking together so we can make a difference. We need to stand behind President Trump. I think he will get our country running again like it should be run. As for Obama, we all know about his agenda. We had 8 years of it stuffed down our… Read more »

I am a member of AMAC , ambassador and I have started a White House petition – please help me support it! –

I would like info on A Mac sent to in the mail I’m always getting something from AARP you don’t here to much about amac and where it is excepted

This is a Great Idea. I was involved with the early formation of the San Antonio Tea Party but am Physically unable to do more than email officials etc. now. DO YOU HAVE A CHAPTER HERE IN SAN ANTONIO?? If so will you email me and let me know who to contact here to at least join.