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AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber to Introduce President Trump at the Houston American Freedom Tour

TrumpWASHINGTON, DC, Jan 27 — Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], will be introducing President Donald Trump at the gala American Freedom Tour in Houston, Texas on Saturday, January 29, an event intended to “unify an entire nation of silenced voices.”

Ms. Weber is at the helm of an association of more than 2.5 million senior citizens; the folks once called the silent majority– people “determined to see a return to civility, community and communal wellbeing in our nation.”

The American Freedom Tour events occur in arenas and convention centers from coast to coast. The gatherings attract thousands of concerned citizens.

Ms. Weber’s introductory remarks will recall the “economic disarray, a dangerous world crisis, and a political opposition that would stop at nothing to prevent your success [and] how you got right to work for the American people.” She will remind her audience that Black and Hispanic unemployment was at its lowest rate in history during President Trump’s tenure.

Weber says she is honored to have been selected to introduce Mr. Trump at his Houston gala. “I admired him from the get-go and believe that the fractured America of today can be healed and that President Trump is just the person to do the healing.”

In her speech, she says, “Some people want Americans dependent on government and politicians like themselves. But you have always wanted Americans independent and successful — Americans who are proud and free and walking tall.”

And Ms. Weber will tell her audience just “how much all of us are looking forward to your next State of The Union Address.”

AMAC Members can stream the event live for the discounted price of $5.43 (regular price $19.43).

Use Promo Code: AMAC

Click Here To Register to Watch The Event Online

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6 months ago

I sure hope to see him back in the White House! I will sure vote for him again! He was doing a very good job an American for the American people not like what is in office now. Biden is destroying our country! Trump 2024 I pray and pray not to late!

Terry Ballard
7 months ago

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump was bought off by Anyone is a complete fool. DT didn’t take a paycheck for 4 years. He put his life on hold and will do it again in 2024.We were ENERGY INDEPENDENT while DT was in office, unemployment was at an all time low. There was NO SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES.If DT is RACIST why is Martin Luther King’s niece speaking at his Rallies? Anyone have an answer?People need to QUIT WATCHING CNN AND MSNBC. You need to QUIT listening to the Soros owned media and think for yourself.

Dahn Carey
7 months ago

I bought a ticket to view this online but seem to find no way to access it.

7 months ago
Reply to  Dahn Carey

I’ve just been informed by the American Freedom Tour that the link is no longer available/valid. For security reasons, they are not able to have the live stream. If you purchased a ticket for the live stream, you will be refunded in 2 days. They apologize for the inconvenience.

martha doerfel
7 months ago
Reply to  Pam Smith

Thank you for sharing this information.

7 months ago
Reply to  Dahn Carey

I just watched a replay on Newsmax.

7 months ago

this is not so political, but like to say it would be good for the chain hotels and other businesses to be more aware of AMAC. each time i check in at chain hotels like La Quinta , i ask about senior discounts for AMAC members. they are only aware of AARP.

David Borba
7 months ago
Reply to  TOM MCNATT

We are 2.5 million members strong but doesn’t seem like enough to get recognition. I’ve also shown my membership with AMAC at places and got the blank stare. However, the membership is gradually increasing I notice.

7 months ago
Reply to  TOM MCNATT

Well AARP has around 39 million members, if their numbers are credible. They have also been around a lot longer than AMAC and have locked in a lot of the larger hotel chains and other businesses with their discount relationships. That is typically what happens in any sector when one company has had the field all to itself for decades (AARP) and then someone else, like AMAC, comes along. It will likely take quite some time for you to get a response to your question other than “Who?” from top tier businesses. It’s just a process.

7 months ago

I’ve been a Republican ever since I saw the Democrats cover up what happened to JFK. I thought that any party that could lie about their own Presidents death, was NO party for me. Since that I’ve been totally satisfied with my choice.
I really loved President Reagan, but Trump was the greatest President of my lifetime. He won the election, got more votes than any other President ever got, and was cheated out by the vote changing Dominion Machines and countless mail in unverified ballots. Dems are going to try to do it again, we need all hands on Deck to Save America!!!!! Vote, donate, volunteer!!! America needs Saving and so do we….Do not be a sheep…open your eyes..

7 months ago
Reply to  Jane

PS. Thank you AMAC for giving Trump this “Man of the Year Award”…I just joined this year, makes me glad.

meaghan simpson
7 months ago

OY VAY Damm! No!!! DT has totally become owned by NWO GLOBALISTS DEEP State Planned
Covid Demic and he’s sooo proud of his choice to go along with SickoCare Warp Speed Fast Tracked fake vaccines! DT got paid big $millions by sociopath Bill Gates who dumped into his Global Foundation and tons of insider trading in BIG POISON PHARMA patented stocks and is all about totalitarian mandates! Barf DT is never about real healthcare for usa

the best politicians, if there are really such, are the Republicans who are totally against tyranny mandates global profiteers and usa!!! DT is big friends with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein pedophiles global gangsters !

only rigged totally corrupt elections in usa for decades!!! Democracy is assassinated by usa fed government both parties are just owned by BIG PHARMA POISON FRAUDSTERS.

Very sick, very sad, very mad, very bad America when the most corrupt and untrusted demented humans on Earth both D and R idiots .. BOTH the worst of two
evils… are all that Americans USA
get to have obscenely overpriced fake elections all rigged corrupt to the core!

Trump did nothing for seniors NO!
Trump mumbo jumbo dumb words Never got a platform or action for 99% of usa citizens!

There are no fair elections allowed ever in USA… just total waste and destruction of America by very sick corrupt politicians!!!

Philip Hammersley
7 months ago

Trump, an outsider, was dealing with obvious swamp rats plus some “hidden” rats like Falsie. He got rid of them as much as he could. Senile Joe is an NWO goon, NOT Trump!

Terry Ballard
7 months ago

You’re delusional. Trump is owned by nobody.

7 months ago

Never Trumper here

Terry Ballard
7 months ago
Reply to  Jordan

Well thanks for being part of the problem and putting this administration in office and helping them destroy this GREAT COUNTRY

Robert Zuccaro
7 months ago

Done nothing? You mean except for the best economy in 60 years and US oil independence to live comfortably on a fixed retirement income? If only Brandon could do as “little”…

Terry Ballard
7 months ago

I don’t know where you were while President Trump was in office if you think he did nothing.
We were energy independent gas prices were the lowest I’ve seen in 20 years, our southern border was secure and our enemies feared us.

Now our borders are wide open, gas prices are through the roof, we have to depend on foreign oil, inflation rate is highest I’ve seen in my lifetime. Oh and the biggest problem our enemies are laughing at the fool in there now.

7 months ago

I didn’t like all of his tweets especially against women. But had DT or Hilary who was known for murder. When DT was in office my investment s went up 4 yrs my utilities were reasonable gas prices were down And I felt at peace knowing that Trump wasn’t going to let other countries get away with If they so chose to attack. Joe an Hunter were an are involved with Ukrain an China an maybe more with payouts Shutdown pipeline Open boarders High Inflation Unemployment skyrocketed etc. Incompetent We as Americans need a Leader who doesn’t fall into the hands of World Corruption. As a believer Christ The Lord He s still in control an has the final word.

7 months ago

Earth to Meaghan….. Come in Meaghan. How are OJ and Homer doing?

7 months ago

Thank you for the discount code, AMAC!!!

7 months ago

Insuring secure ballots at the next election is THE only way we can save our nation, and see our choices for leadership be counted. Please get out and work for LOCAL organizations, in your state or town, and NEVER work with national groups tied in any way to the federal government, such as USEAC!! This group was involved in the cyber “security” of the 2020 steal, and even has a Chinese translation on their webpages!!!

7 months ago
Reply to  PatKat

Thank you for your info. Nothing that I have seen tells me no one is working on our election security at all. Can’t believe the Republican’s haven’t done any thing to stop this.

Tony Robe
7 months ago
Reply to  Sher

Can you believe that law suits have been filed against anyone even mentioning there was voter fraud? Fox News has not been allowed to even mention voter fraud for a long time because they are tied up in a law suit and prohibits their mentioning voter fraud. OAN is allowed to mention this and along with Newsmax are being taken off some TV carriers. What exactly do you think Republicans should do? Their strength has been weakened in Congress and no longer in the Presidential circle.

7 months ago
Reply to  Tony Robe

You are exactly right. Some American sit around and want others to do things, while they state safe at home, mute, no donations, no actions on their part. Very disappointing…

Terrie Gentry
7 months ago

Looking forward to the live stream tomorrow! Praying for our beautiful country! Praying for all of the speakers at the event tomorrow, and praying God blesses them with the wisdom and message that will touch all Americans and they will come to President Trump’s MAGA movement, in millions! God bless you all! #USA

Patriot Bill
7 months ago

God bless you all at AMAC and God bless America

7 months ago

So happy that Ms. Weber will introducing President Trump at the American Freedom Tour. AMAC!!!! I will be watching.

7 months ago

We need a strong leader who really loves this country. Sad is there is a lot of clean up to do because of the poor performance of the current administration…2024 cannot come too soon!

7 months ago
Reply to  Jeanette

I agree with you. If the current WH stool pigeons have there way, A Republican will never be elected again. The DemonRats are pure EVIL.

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