AMAC Calls Carson a Model for Conservatives

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Dan Weber, Founder of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens

‘He’s a role model for all of us who want to put the nation back on the right track’ –

BOHEMIA, NY, Mar 1 – “A new player has emerged on the national political scene—Dr. Ben Carson—and although he is not yet a full-fledged contender for the top job, there is no doubt that his influence is growing exponentially,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“In case you missed it, Dr. Carson is the guy who had the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what he believes in and eloquently deliver a face to face rebuttal of the wrong-headed policies that President Obama has foisted on us.  He did it respectfully, but forcefully at last month’s National Prayer Breakfast in D.C. while standing just a few feet away from the president, himself.  He’s a role model for all of us who want to put the nation back on the right track.” Weber explained.

Since then, he has been applauded in some quarters and vilified in other quarters but his message got through loud and clear, namely that we must not abandon the values and grit that made America great in the first place, the AMAC chief noted.

Carson was tapped to address the Conservative Political Action Conference, March 14 through the 16th.  Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union that sponsors CPAC, had this to say in announcing the pick: “Dr. Ben Carson represents the optimism and hope of the future of the conservative movement, while at the same time he articulates the deep fiscal and social challenges that our nation faces.”

There will be a number of potential 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls at the CPAC event, but Weber said he believes that Carson will not necessarily be there to promote a personal political agenda.  “The man is sincere in his beliefs and he has an important message to convey not only to those who will vie for the Republican nomination, but to everyone in earshot, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Independent.”

His speech at the Prayer Breakfast included concrete alternatives to the administration’s socialist agenda.  He espoused a flat tax, for example.

Perhaps more important, he called for the replacement of Obamacare with individual health accounts.  Those who could afford it would contribute to these health savings plans and those who could not would be provided with government assistance.  In either case, the individual would be making the choices, not the government, Weber explained.

As the Washington Times put it in an editorial, “Dr. Carson’s remarks inspired the millions yearning for someone to articulate conservative solutions to national problems.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call. 


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.


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Wonderful clean fresh air.amen

You are RIGHT ON Ben Carson, your message could not have been said better. We must promote the TRUTH and ignore the lies, and pray for more men like Ben Carson

I hope Dr. Ben Carson has no skeletons in his closet, like poor Herman Cain. Anyway the unscruplous media and the lying libs, will sure enough put some there!

Whether he has skeletons in his closet or not, the socialist political propagandists will say he has. They will vilify and slander him with their best shots if he does run. But we should all remember that the more the propagandists screech and scream at him, or any other conservative, the better that conservative candidate is doing. Socialists and their agitprop are very effective in smearing even God, so we should strive to ignore it and move forward with our facts and conservative goals. We must sell them to a rather dense and undereducated group, and that is a real challenge! Since he has no experience with, nor training from, the “Good Ole Boys” group in government (who need to be replaced), they will consider him “unqualified to be President,” but look at the qualifications of what we have had over the past two decades and you will see that… Read more »

I hope Dr. Ben Carson has no skeletons in his closet, like poor Herman Cain. Anyway the unscrupulous media and the lying libs, will sure enough put some false ones there!

Carson is definitely NOT a model for most Conservatives: he is a good man with some good ideas, but he does not understand the U.S. Constitution and is a traitor to the Second Amendment which makes him not a model for a vast majority of us who do understand the Constitution and hold the Second Amendment to be the reason we are not serfs of the liberal left.

Don’t use such loaded words when describing Dr. Carson! !!!! By calling him a traitor on the 2nd amendment,is beyond correcting in the minds of those who don’t understand your intentions.He is some one we need not question who side he is on!!! My three children was required to read his book 15 years ago called Gifted Hands!

I love Dr.Ben Carson, but if he is smart, he won’t run for Pres. He is better off being a doctor. I think he wants to open the eyes of the black community to wake them up.
Members read your Bible. The Republicans that are caving in are representative of what happens during the end times. Obama pushes his agenda on everyone and could care less about what Congress thinks. He loves to spend and is afraid to let go of any of any of those useless govt. programs.
The needs to clean house and get someone they can count on that can bring new leadership. Otherwise we will be dead in the water.

I think since the Bob Woodward “awakening” the media may begin to pay closer attention to who they’ve been glorifying these past few years. At least, I hope so!!! Obama is nothing more than a narcissistic “celebrity”, and all he cares about is being in the limelight and folks slobbering over his every word and move. It’s a sad testament to his childhood, and socialistic education. WHY DID NO ONE FURTHER INVESTIGATE THIS MAN???? Too many were caught up in the politically correctness of not saying one word “against” a black man for fear of reprisal. It’s clear now that Obama pushes his race card agenda every chance he gets. Even the Black Chamber of Commerce has seen through him, and is calling him out. Get the word out!!!

KarenFaye, Touché

Carson is terrific–except on the second amendment. There he needs a little help!


The “lamestream” media is in Obama’s hip pocket for unknown reasons. Why they continue to fawn over his every move is beyond me. One thought I have is the “fear” of being called Racist. Mr. Obama uses the race card so much it must be very dog eared by now. He’s a master at playing the “poor downtrodden black man” – when in fact, he’s the opposite; and only half black to boot. Any opposing statement toward Mr. Obama is touted to be racist or racially motivated, therefore, most hold back their true opinion for fear of being labeled with the Big “R” …… how sad that our country has been so reduced to this! I applaud Dr. Carson and any like him that have the courage to stand up and disagree with the way this country is being “un” run by Mr. Obama and his band of thieves. It’s… Read more »

Its much more than just being called racist. They have completely taken over the dialog in this country so that anny speeh, not in line with their’s, fits into some form of bias. Control the dialog and control the country. To which I say to h-ll with that and will use any language I choose, not their’s.

I have heard Dr. Carson speak, he is so refreshing. Unfortunately people like him are better off not being a politican. Another individual I have seen speak and am impressed with is Alan West, a former Representative from Florida. I believe he is a very strong minded individual in support of the American ideal. It is to bad people like this don’t have more direct input into what is good for this great country.
Thank you for the opportunity to express some thoughts.

Its time to expose Obama on the lies he’s been telling the American people now that the sequester is signed. Whatever comes before congress he wants ito increase tax’s – That is an issue AMAC should be addressing constantly. The retired people are loosing their savings at an real pace becasue of what this adminstration has done to the senior’s most of whom have no idea what’s going on – They are called “NIV”S THE NON-INFORMED VOTER- THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP!!!!!

Hay folks, in your recent article titled “AMAC Calls Carson a Model for Conservatives” , you have lead the article with a picture of someone other than Doc. Ben Carson himself? All other articles seem to have a picture of whom or what they are addressing? Keystone Pipeline you have a picture of pipeline, Bob Woodward, a picture of old Bob.
In Boca Raton and cornfuzed ?

I haven’t heard the conservative message delivered like that since Ronald Reagan. The conservative movement has been in search of another Reagan for a long time. God delivered Dr Carson at the right time too, because he’s an off the plantation Black man with a true rags to riches story. No doubt the left character assassination squads, (Remember Herman Cain) will be out in force as soon as he’s elevated to a “Threat to the power” of the left, but, who better to face that down. Mt prayer is that there are still enough self reliant folks left in our country to deliver a win for him, if he so chooses, in 2016.

Dr. Carson was criticized for his audacity in disagreeing with the president. His actual audacity was in speaking the truth in front of a flagrant liar.

Barack Obama is “The Emperor Jones.” Read the play by Eugene O’Neill.

Whether or not Dr. Carson chooses to run for office is immaterial. We need his wisdom and his goodness. “The truth will set you free.”

Dave T.

With a person the quality of Dr. Carson, how have we allowed someone like Obama to get such a foot hold on “OUR COUNTRY”

dale, The first presidential election he won by a simple majority and I thus thought stupidly abounds in this country! The next presidential election he won again because of mass-ignorance and by the selfish indifference of some evangelicals and Catholics!!!

Finally, a dedicated intelligent person, levels above any BS politician the Democrap Party puts up. A true LEADER.

Carson is real! He has nothing to hide so he has no reason to lie.

We can only hope Dr. Carson’s words and ideals won’t be stifled by the Obama Mafia. Mr. Obama seems to call out his thugs to handle those who ‘oppose’ his viewpoints. We’ll see how it goes in the next couple of months for Dr. Carson and those like him. If the Lamestream Media (NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, ABC) continues its love affair with Obama the majority of Americans won’t hear or see the truth about this Administration – and sadly, as long as their EBT cards are re-loaded each month, they don’t care.

I have seen Dr. Carson on Hannity and other shows and soooooooooooo love to hear him talk. He is such a breath of fresh air. I dont feel Im getting the double talk. I hope he will lead the charge, in whatever capacity that may be, to get this country back on track. God bless you Dr. Carson.

I saw the speech at the Prayer Breakfast and was simply overjoyed at hearing this honest, intelligent, God-fearing Man speak. I loved watching the expression on ODumbo’s face. For one time in his life he didn’t have someone making a speech, praising him for his “leadership” and his plans for the nation. ODumbo thinks everyone is stupid and lacking in intelligence, except for HIM. This great man said exactly what so many of us feel is true and what it will take to bring this country back to what it was intended to be. God Bless this man and may be be someone who can help this country get back on track. He has my vote.


Couldn’t agree more with many of these comments. Even the EPA couldn’t produce the clean air exuded here. How about Dr. Carson for Pres. — Herman Cain for VP — and then Col Allen West, Sec DoD. The left wing radical race baiters would go ballistic. That would put a look on King Hussein’s face that would make him look almost angelic at the prayer breakfast.

And how about Thomas Sowell for Secretary of the Treasury? I could go for that.

I agree, if we are to make inroads during the elections we must stop the criticism and start offerring solutions to our economic problems. Whether Dr Carson, Marco Rubion or some other individual becomes the defacto leader of conservatives, we need to stay focused on solutions which will support the individual instead of attacks criticizing Obama that alienate others from our cause.

When our side criticizes Obama we only generate support from those that already dislike his policies. We must convince others to support our positions and that takes articulating how our positions help the average person. This was the magic that Reagan had, he could explain how conservative ideas would solve the problems the country had under Carter.

Concerned Compassionate

Gee, when I was in elementary school they taught me to respect the President, even if I did not agree with him. Your lack of respect or civility is a major disservice to the conservative cause. And, I would think that you might actually be a mature person since you belong to an organization with the work “Mature” in its name even.

How in the world do you disrespect an a..hole?????? There was NO! disrespect to Odumber!! If telling the truth is wrong then what would it be like living in a place that only lies were told????????? NOW YOU HAVE DISRESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally agree with you. When we call anyone names, especially the President, we are not doing ourselves any favors. If you have a point to make it, try by not using disparaging remarks. It doesn’t do any good. The extreme left does the same thing. As soon as they use their code words, I will not read what they’re saying nor am I going to listen. If this is going to be a forum to discuss our concerns, then let’s do it without disparaging anyone.

Go back to the MSNBC site – they’re very kind to “the President” there.

KarenFaye, And you will get tinkling going up & down your legs!

I respect the Office he holds, but not the man in that office. In my lifetime I cannot remember a more disrespectful President to the people and the people he works with. He treats them like dirt.

My father taught me that respect is reserved for those who earn it. Obama hasn’t earned it.

Obama has not run so much as a lemonade stand, and got elected on a platform of promises.

He got a really lucky shot, but predictably, he didn’t deliver. He is driving America straight into the ground.

Worse, he is the most divisive president I can recall, his ego is larger than life, and the word “audacity” doesn’t begin to cover it! He refuses to enforce laws that Americans themselves put on the books.

His “presidency” was a huge experiment, and it failed miserably. Carter on steroids. Sad.

Dr. Carson’s speech was truly amazing and inspirational. Mr. Obama should have had the decency to applaud his conviction to his beliefs.

There is much i can add to this discussion if people are willing to argue as the good Doctor did in the gentleness of wisdom!!11Are you praying for our president?? This is where good journalism begins and name calling ends!!!! Out of respect for this socialist we will win!!!!! I am not speaking about respecting his views but i am talking first to God and then with boldness speak to his ignorance!!!