AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

AMAC Capitol Hill Update

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – This week – amid the uncertainty and drama surrounding the shutdown of the federal government – AMAC carried on with business as usual in Washington.  Meeting with a number of members of Congress and individuals on their staffs, AMAC led and facilitated discussions on the issues of importance to mature Americans and seniors by presenting commonsense, conservative solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our country today.

While many of these meetings serve simply as formal introductions of AMAC to Congress, AMAC leadership is now beginning to revisit many of the offices with which we’ve previously met.  Providing updates on the organization gives AMAC an opportunity to highlight our exponential membership growth and recount the many steps we’ve taken to advance our mission of faith, family, and freedom.  Our expanding presence on Capitol Hill clearly demonstrates our strength as the fastest growing alternative seniors organization, as well as our ability to influence policy decisions pertaining to the issues that matter most to our members.

AMAC’s members-driven approach to these issues continues to act as a factor that differentiates our organization from all others.  AMAC is committed to representing a significant portion of the seniors population in America, who want to see real action taken to make our country stronger for their children and grandchildren.  AMAC members expect their representation to be fighting on the frontlines of the policy debates taking place in the nation’s capital, offering solutions and refusing to yield to a government that has forgotten its principles and lost its way.

That’s why AMAC’s focus in Washington continues to center on both entitlement and health care reform.  As we interact and communicate with our members, we understand the urgent need to address these concerns and to be part of the solution in fixing them.  AMAC doesn’t sit on the sidelines and wait for others to act; AMAC is engaged in what’s happening in Washington.  Meeting with lawmakers face-to-face enables us to talk directly and frankly about the problems facing programs like Social Security and our health care system.  This honest dialogue must persist and pervade the larger debates taking place on Capitol Hill in order to move our ideas forward.

Still, as our growing membership and advocacy continue to penetrate the inner chambers of Congress, offices with mutually-aligned values have reached out to AMAC for support on legislation, town hall meetings, and legislative input.  Many on the Hill recognize AMAC’s ability to impact the discussions taking place at the highest levels of government, and they value AMAC’s positions on these issues.  Steadily, AMAC is becoming a more powerful force for conservativism and a significant voice for older Americans.

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C. Taylor
9 years ago

Why is it we never hear about cuts to the Welfare and Food Stamp Programs? It is always Social Security and Medicare that is threaten with cuts.

Glen D
9 years ago

“Entitlement” can be generally or specifically defined. Too many times Medicare (also generally definded, since the passing of affordable care) and Social Security. One can argue that Medicare and Social Security are a return on investment. However, if one really knows what is now included in these programs as compared to what was included at the time of their inception, we might see what has become entitlements. For the most part I believe that the largest part of Social Security has been paid as a tax by employees and their employers. Any changes to Social Security should only effect those who are not yet eligible to use the benefits. Any changes to SS should be to improve the program for those who are paying into it. SS disability benefits (that were not initially part of the program) should be better monitored, especially for those who have been determined to be permanently disabled.

Ron Tiedje
9 years ago

I suggest AMAC needs to make sure they support all seniors not just conservative seniors, of which I am one. My reason is to not have AMAC be like AARP. I left AARP for a reason, they are obviously too liberal and do not support all seniors. I know you want to differentiate your organization from theirs, but I think you would be better servered to advertise you represent “all seniors”. Keep up the good work in DC. Thanks.

Matthew Monaghan
9 years ago

I am convinced that Nobama won’t be happy until he bankrupts our country completely and sells us out to the highest muslim bidder in the time he has left!!! He will always find someone else to blame for everything except him and his cronies and you can bet they already have somebody lined up to take over when he’s gone. If you have cancer and you know it, don’t you cut it out? Well we have a carciboma right now sooo shouldn’t we put him under the knife right now?? I get at least 3 or 4 letters a week saying lets impeach this clown and donate to my cause yet I don’t see any results. Who is really in charge here? Can this clown and move on already!!

George Cooper
9 years ago

Congress will be again making proposals to constraIn payouts for Social Security and Medicare. Both those programs started out as reasonable programs to provide care for our citizens with illness, disabilities and retirement. None were expected to cover all situations (we still needed to consider various insurance to cover unexpected distress, as well as putting aside funds for retirement). The ultimate crisis for these programs was caused in combining the payroll receipts into the general fund, thus reducing this program to a “pay as you go” program without assurance of funds for the future. The “fix” being considered b y Congress is not on how to keep the fund alive, but to gradually educe it by curbs on increases for inflation.. Social Security should be privatized into a 401 type of program but where a “payroll tax” (Contribution from individual and employer) would serve the base, but allow personal contributions to build the fund. The fund may be invested in bonds o other basically safe assets
. As for Medicare: The contributions should not be a part of the general fund. Contributions (payroll tax) should be adjusted on the basis of medical costs, if it were to remain as it currently is. For pre-retirement health care, I would prefer that individuals have a choice of going to a tax free Health Savings Account where I could make my own choice of investment. Health insurance purchased by the individual or by employer should be tax free.

Leo Desgroseilliers
9 years ago

AMAC .Do you want to increase your subscribers x1000 + ? Offer ways to “exemption” from Obamacare ! How many hits would this bring ? Would the number of exemptions be enough to kill Obamacare ? I am 62 and sorely want “EXEMPTION” from this madness ! My wife and I chose “prevention” for our personal healthcare and it works ! This Obamacare is the only thing that is wrecking our otherwise happy retirement ,how can we get help ? Do people know that 95% of all illness and injury are self inflicted ? Do our children and their children want to pay for our overindulgence’s and personal neglect ? How can the USA have a president that is so stupid ? OFFER EXEMPTIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP !

9 years ago

Thank you AMAC for helping the majority of us older Americans be heard. The best thing we can do to help ourselves is to let as many people know about AMAC as we can. I sent AMAC info out to my contacts list and I received back several comments from people that were already members and many “thank yous” from potential new members. We can all make our voices louder and much more powerful………. please send the AMAC out to all!

Leo Desgroseilliers
9 years ago
Reply to  Larry

Get AMAC to find exemptions from Obamacare or escape from freedom !

9 years ago

Please” I would like more information on AMAC….. My husband and I are among the millions of people that do not want Obamacare or any part of anyone that does … We don’t want to make any decisions that might cause us more problems than we already have with health care or anything else…. We , like a lot of other older Americans are fed up with Obama and his Obamacare and everything that he tries to force on us…

Leo Desgroseilliers
9 years ago
Reply to  Carol

Get AMAC to find us “exemptions” from Obamacare or “how to escape from freedom” !

9 years ago

Nice thought, but only Obama can offer the illegal and unconstitutional exemptions to Obamacare that he has been handing out to his donors and friends. I sincerely doubt a conservative organization such as AMAC would qualify on either ground. So unless you expect AMAC to morph into AARP and act as a shill for the Obama agenda, your request won’t be answered.

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