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Action Packed Week for AMAC in Washington

by Andrew Mangione

Coming off an action-packed week in Washington, D.C., AMAC has a number of positive items to report to our 1.2 million members across the country.

First, AMAC continues to conduct face-to-face meetings with members of Congress and their staffs.  Over the course of four days last week, AMAC met with 15 different congressional offices.  Several of these meetings served as introductions of our organization to Capitol Hill staffers, while others focused on reengaging with offices on behalf of shared goals and mutual concerns.  These meetings continue to prove valuable, with offices soliciting AMAC for support of specific pieces of legislation and requesting AMAC members-only Town Hall meetings back home in their districts.

In one meeting last week, Representative Kevin Cramer’s (R-ND) office was able to hear firsthand from an AMAC member who resides in his district.  While in D.C. for a business conference, AMAC Delegate Jerry Youngberg accompanied AMAC leadership to the Hill for an introductory meeting.  Jerry proudly communicated his reasons for joining AMAC – a true member-driven organization – and underscored the fundamental need for a conservative senior advocacy group.  Having Jerry present at our meeting enabled Rep. Cramer’s staff to learn about AMAC from a unique constituent perspective and helped give a voice to the 3,000+ AMAC members in North Dakota.  As an AMAC Delegate, Jerry will continue to meet with Rep. Cramer’s District office on a regular basis.

In many of our meetings, AMAC leadership was encouraged to hear from congressional staffers who remain concerned about the issues of importance to AMAC members – particularly the solvency of Social Security and Medicare and ObamaCare.  Members of Congress are keenly aware of the significant impacts these programs have on older Americans, and many are eager to act to protect Federal legacy programs and to minimize the harm that ObamaCare is inflicting on individuals and other programs, such as Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicare Home Health Care.  These pressing issues continue to dominate policy discussions at the Federal level because of the widespread impact they have on individuals at the local level.  Members of Congress are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative solutions to the problems facing society today, and AMAC is proud to be able to expose elected leaders to our member-derived solutions, like the Social Security Guarantee.

As the preeminent conservative senior advocacy organization, AMAC provides a much-needed alternative voice for so many across the country.  AMAC’s steady membership growth continues to empower our advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill and to demonstrate the ways in which we can mobilize our members to effect change in Washington.  Recently, AMAC members took part in a call-to-action campaign to prevent the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) from over-regulating Medicare Part D and reducing choice for seniors.  Thanks to the calls of thousands of AMAC members to their congressional leaders, CMS decided to table the regulations.  AMAC – along with several other prominent stakeholder groups – was able to claim victory for Part D and our members and to exhibit the force behind the AMAC membership.  We look forward to engaging our members in future campaigns.

This week, you can expect AMAC to be fully engaged in the events taking place on Capitol Hill – with both the House of Representatives and the Senate in session.  AMAC will be attending a number of pertinent hearings taking place that pertain to mature Americans and seniors and offer additional insight into how Congress plans to address these issues.  Additionally, AMAC will be closely monitoring the six primary elections on Tuesday, May 20, that promise to energize the midterm election races.  As AMAC continues to look for new ways to communicate our mission of faith, family, and freedom to those in Washington, we rely on our membership base to inspire and strengthen all that we do as we strive to navigate the political process.  We urge you to participate in the good things AMAC is doing!

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8 years ago

“Recently AMAC members took part in a call-to-action campaign to prevent the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) from over-regulating Medicare Part D & reducing choice for seniors. Thanks to the calls of thousands of AMAC members to their congressional leaders, CMS decided to table the regulations.” I think this is WONDERFUL. But I have to question the “tabling or putting off ’til later’. Is it because of the many calls received or is it because of the approaching elections? “Oh, yes we can” (in other words, we’ll do as we please) might be a repeated statement if the Dems keep their control. Sorry folks, my question is just my ‘inquiring mind’ working overtime.

8 years ago
Reply to  Sarah

Hi Sarah,

I actually think it’s a little bit of both. Right now, Democrats don’t want to be seen as publicly ramming down another onerous change, in this case impacting seniors, ahead of the elections. It’s as they say “bad optics” (no good way to spin taking needed medications away or changing the out of pocket costs to granny or grandpa as “good thing”). Especially with the new, higher health care insurance premiums for 2015 slated to start being announced this July or August. I’m sure thousands of phone calls flooding the congressional switchboard also served to drive that point home as well. After all, this is the best job, from the perspective of pay for actual hours worked, lavish benefits for life and zero accountability, that these folks will ever have.

Now of course if the Democrats, by some miracle, succeed in maintaining control of the Senate and not loosing too much more ground in the House, then ” the tabling” of these proposed changes to Part D could suddenly be reversed. Along with all the other items that Obama and the Democrats have backed-off on ahead of the elections. The rational would be a simple one from their perspective. The Democrats could rightly assume, that if they were able to maintain the status quo, that the American public, even with reality of Obamacare staring them in the face and all the scandals associated with this administration piling up, is either finally too apathetic to give a damn or simply too stupid to put two and two together. Either way would be a green light to them to push ahead full steam.

That is why, no matter what, EVERYONE has to get out and vote this November.

8 years ago

The state of affairs and service for medical help from the VA is as bad, or worse than described in the report. I am a decorated Viet Nam War Air Force Fighter Pilot. I an also 60% disabled as a results of my service in that war. My responce for medical service has been so inconsistant, that I have stopped using the VA. I have medicare supplement from my wife. I feel the VA needs to help the veterans that don’t have any other insurance, so I don’t ask for help, eventhough I qualify for benefits.

8 years ago
Reply to  EARL CRICK

Thanks for your service in the military.

Joseph P. Freeh
8 years ago

Please give me the name and email address of someone in OK City who is active in AMAC doings. Or, better yet, ask
some one to contact me. Email address is above. Joe Freeh

PS What are “fields” that are required?

Ivan Berry
8 years ago

Joseph, the required fields were what you have already entered: your name and E-mail address. The E-mail address will not appear on this comments page; your name does.
You can get a response from AMAC by visiting them at through your web brouser search. They also have a toll free number of 1-888=262-2006. Try that and good luck.

Joseph P. Freeh
8 years ago


Patricia Collins
8 years ago

Dear AMAC:

We are excited to have a Conservative voice in Washington. Please do not loose heart or cave. Justin Amash is a prime example of doing the right thing all of the time. Please lead us with that resolve. America can not continue on this path much longer. Stand with courage and conviction and do what is right according to our Lord and our Constitution. They do not contradict each other. Thank you for all you are doing.

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