AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

AMAC On Capitol Hill – Update

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – During the first month of the New Year, the AMAC action in Washington, DC was full speed ahead!  AMAC leadership spent 12 business days in the nation’s capital city in January, ramping up advocacy efforts for the year and meeting with of key individuals, organizations, and Congressional offices to bring them up-to-speed on the issues and concerns of mature Americans across the country.

Following on the heels of AMAC’s high-profile press conference – during which AMAC President and Founder Dan Weber announced that NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton had joined the fight to guarantee Social Security – AMAC returned to Washington to set that vision in motion.  Last week, AMAC met with elected Congressional leaders and staff from 12 different offices, introducing them to the fastest-growing conservative seniors organization in the country.

For the most part, the issues of importance to mature Americans and seniors remain primarily the same in 2014.  AMAC members tell us that the solvency of Social Security and ObamaCare’s impact on health care are significant concerns that need to be addressed by Congress immediately.  To convey this sense of urgency to elected leaders, AMAC has tightened its advocacy focus and has generated commonsense solutions to these problems that continue to afflict our nation.

While many aspects of ObamaCare remain problematic to say the least, AMAC is leading the charge on one particularly egregious ObamaCare revelation.  Just before Thanksgiving, the White House announced that ObamaCare would be cutting $22 billion from Medicare home healthcare over the next four years.  Understanding that those likely to be impacted by this cut are typically sicker and poorer than most Medicare beneficiaries, AMAC has been integral to exposing this cut and has been actively fighting to see these cuts rescinded.

Additionally, AMAC continues to present the Social Security Guarantee to those on Capitol Hill and to professionals in the business community.  AMAC fulfills a critical need in Washington and is committed to being the face of Social Security reform for as long as proves necessary.  AMAC members recognize the unsustainable fiscal path down which this program is headed and wants Congress to take up this issue.  Social Security is just one part of the mandatory spending problem in Washington, and as one staffer confessed in a meeting, other seniors groups are holding it hostage – unwilling to come to the table with solutions that could restore the integrity of the program for future beneficiaries.

As a true members-driven organization, AMAC thrives off of the energy of our members.  Our steady growth has given us a more significant platform on which we can amplify our mission, our message, and our values.  Members of Congress are taking notice and listening to what AMAC has to say – because what we’re saying reflects the views of over 1.1 million people.  My guess is that AMAC’s conservatism resonates with millions more.  Thank you for giving us strength to fight the good fight in Washington.  AMAC will continue to rely on our members as we press forward in our advocacy in 2014!

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Mary Cole
8 years ago

I would love to know who you are talking with also. I am so tired of voting in candidates that dont listen to the people. I am looking forward to making the right choices with your help. Please keep us informed.

8 years ago

Again it would be beneficial for AMAC members to know which specific members of Congress you met with and what was the feedback from each Congressional member to the points you discussed. I’m not asking for minutes of the meeting or anything like that. What I and other members would appreciate knowing is who on Capitol Hill is receptive to the message AMAC is delivering and who is not. This is an election year and one of the things we each need to do, ahead of the primaries, is understand who in Congress really is supportive and who just talks a good game, but that’s it.

Andrew Mangione
8 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul and Mary–

Thank you for taking the time to read our updates and respond. As you know, AMAC is a non-partisan, conservative alternative to organizations like aarp. Regarding our visits to DC: we target those legislators who sit on key committees that affect the issues that are of importance to our members. Beyond that, we strive to meet with all legislators to inform them of AMAC and the issues given to us by our membership. We held 140 meetings with legislators last year and have conducted 24 so far this year. Our goal is to make every Member of Congress and Senator aware of AMAC and work with them to solve the problems that are of concern to our members.

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