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AMAC Calls for Peaceful Opposition to Violent Protesters Bent on Anarchy

There is plenty of proof that organized agitators are behind attempts to substitute mob rule for the rule of law

WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 17 – “Anti-government protesters seek to disrupt the work of our nation’s elected officials on a scale never seen before,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.  “And former President Obama says he approves,”

In fact, Weber notes, 10 days after he left office Mr. Obama’s spokesman issued a statement saying, “President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country,”

The AMAC chief points to the fact that the protesters appear to be well organized, earning the moniker, Obama’s Army.  That’s how the New York Times described the phenomenon.

“It is, indeed, a phenomenon because it is a serious breach of the tradition that former presidents do not criticize their successors, at least not to the extent that the current former president is doing.  By his own admission, he is part of an orchestrated movement to turn us into a progressive country.  The group, Organizing For Action, grew out of President Obama’s first campaign for the office.  It has been given new life in the wake of President Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Its Web site clearly states: ‘OFA is committed to mobilizing and training the next generation of progressive organizers’.”

Weber says that there is “no substantial proof yet” that paid protesters are behind the widespread disruption of the Trump Administration and its elected and appointed officials and supporters.  But, there is plenty of proof that organized agitators are behind attempts to substitute mob rule for the rule of law, proof that organized agitators are taking the lead in the violent intrusions at Republican events.

“However, the vicious and unprecedented nature of the protests does suggest that these are not typical activists who show up to voice their views.  For example, when newly confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos showed up recently at a Washington DC school she was physically intimidated.  And, it was all caught on camera.  The TV news coverage showed agitators blocked her way in a very intimidating manner similar to how a visiting American official might be greeted in Venezuela.”

Weber also points out that violent protests have been disrupting Republican town hall meetings across the country recently.  And, he says that even some sympathetic observers are shocked at the ferocity and intensity of the protesters.

“But, at the same time, it is incumbent upon us, the silent majority, to let our elected representatives know how we feel on the issues in a respectful and civil manner.  That is why we are growing our grass roots efforts by establishing local Chapters all across the country.  We must counter the efforts of these divisive groups with a show of strength and not allow them to have the center stage and create a false impression that the people are behind them.  There is no place for violent protesters to be permitted to disrupt our society and we call on law enforcement agencies to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

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Sempronius Densus
2 years ago

As of August 2020, there IS ample proof that domestic terrorists claiming to be “protesters” have been paid by organizations with ties to George Soros who we all know is an evil man who wants to destroy America. Even if we did not have such proof, the actions of the terrorists have become so violent that peaceful means to end the violence will only lead to more good people being injured or murdered as has too often been the case in recent weeks and months.
The difficulty in dealing with these terrorists is that virtually every governor and mayor of blue states have openly supported the actions of the terrorists, even to the point of saying they do NOT want help from the federal government to deal with the terrorists. Worse yet, those supporting the terrorists have even praised the destruction of property and even the murder of police as part of a legitimate protest against whatever they want to call injustice today. Of course, much of this is driven by Trump Derangement Syndrome which has made many on the left even more unbalanced than they were before Trump became POTUS.
One thing is for sure, which is our country cannot survive indefinitely when elected officials refuse to enforce the law, even when their refusal allows and encourages terrorists to Burn, Loot, and Murder as we have seen.

6 years ago

There is also another way we can protest. With our MONEY. Examples: Macy’s removing ivanka trump’s line of clothes from their stores. My reply: cutting up my Macy’s card and never doing business with them. I frequent a DQ restaurant because they have the courage to put faith based remarks on their marquee and Hobby Lobby for doing what their conscience dictates to them about their business provided health care. I will stop buying a product when they advertise on a distasteful show.
You get the idea.
Be sure to let the businesses like Macy’s know why you will no longer be customer otherwise it doesn’t make a statement that they will know about.

6 years ago

Spirit Of America Rally
Saturday March 4th ! !
Support for Our President,
First Lady & Country !

If you can’t attend a rally but would like to show support for our President, First Lady and Our Country …. Displaying or flying the American Flag on Saturday 4th would be a great way to express your support ! Please pass this idea on for anyone that may not be able to attend ?? ?? ??


6 years ago

With Jeff Sessions heading the AG’s Department the money links to these agitators can be verified and the funders prosecuted! Hey there is plenty of evidence on the web to verify the money sources.

Gary Ross
6 years ago

There is a time and a place for everything under Heaven, the Bible tells us. If the many levels of law enforcement in our country cannot or will not do anything to put a stop to this, then perhaps we should fight fire with fire. These people are clearly anti-American and should be deported immediately.

6 years ago

i wholeheartedly agree that we must organize as conservatives & keep the TRUMP ball rolling. we must not sit back & gloat on our accomplishments!!!! we have the dems on the run & must not show them any quarter!!! PASS THIS ON & LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

6 years ago

I don’t know why the Justice Dept is not going after the paid agitators, Whenever they break the law (incite riots and damages, block roads and entrances)
Huge fines and jail time might deter these cowards that use civil rights for illegal purposes.
Further, those who can should be there to stop these ass….. from destroying property. And these idiots don’t even know what they’re protesting for.
Lock em up and give then a civics lesson.

6 years ago


6 years ago

I would love to see bombs planted in the midst of these protests. America becomes a better place every time a liberal is buried.

6 years ago

Spirit of America rallies coming! Google it!

Jim LeValle
6 years ago

Pres. Obama’s actions and words are “deplorable”.

Marcus Carter
6 years ago

As soon as Conservatives realize this is a Leftist Civil War not seen since the War between the States 1865 we will fight with all our energy against this attempt to turn our country into a Socialist Government.

6 years ago

we Trump supporters need to be more visible. I still have my Trump signs on my car. I do understand the fear others have about possible repercussions from the left law breakers. What is the old saying? Take one for the team? We need to step up and show our support for President Trump. There are many of us, but not enough people know that. Put your signs back on your vehicles and yards. My yard sign was stolen after some minor vandalism. If I can find another yard sign it will replace the stolen one.

S w
6 years ago

I think AMAC hit it right on the head. This is so crazy when they have someone in the office who will bring jobs back to our country and do what he told the people to do. I grew up as a democrat and I am so sorry to admit this. THey care nothing about lives and following our Constitution. I do not know why the think they can change this and just make up their own rules. I think the ones that just bent on tearing up stuff should be arrested and punished. These people have just got to be stopped and NOW.

6 years ago

“Heartened”? Change that to “AGITATING”. The obamanation is a community agitator. His “reign” as president is over but he doesn’t think that. He is trying to run a shadow government using the uniformed and gullible. His administration did as much as possible to tear down the country and usurp the Constitution. He is a traitor, plain and simple. The time for PC is over. Call him what he is…

Thomas H
6 years ago
Reply to  Hdrydr

The ObeyMe followers here in Baltimore are doing everything possible to violently harass Trump and his supporters!

Clark Kent
6 years ago
Reply to  Thomas H

And it is only going to get worse…..

David Cole
6 years ago

Our new president is hard at work today trying to clean up the mess created by our (best described as anti-American) last president Obama. His best destructive effort to subvert the founding history and patriotic citizens that love God and Country and our fellow man is symbolized by trying to outlaw people reading and discussing the Bible while furnishing rooms in the White House with Muslim prayer rugs. And he says he took the Oath of Office. Liars abound and the last election was a voter turndown choice to shut the doors of deceivers.

Clark Kent
6 years ago
Reply to  David Cole

I disliked Obozo more than most but I will need specific proof of your claim that he tried to ‘outlaw people reading and discussing the Bible’. False claims only hurt the conservative cause.

6 years ago

Is it not time to stop feeding into the narrative that these groups are “progressive”? They think that by avoiding describing themselves as “socialists” they can disguise their socialist agenda by calling themselves “progressives”, a hijacked term for advancing something “positive”. Unless we are willing to change the narrative, we will assist them in “progressing” this country over the cliff.

Thomas H
6 years ago
Reply to  Michael

I long for the day when conservatives finally wake up and make inroads into our “unbiased” media so that real news can get out!

Clark Kent
6 years ago
Reply to  Thomas H

Don’t hold your breath……

Jim Darnall
6 years ago

What is shocking about these protests is the unchallenged violence allowed. We all know where the funding comes from so why do we allow this man( George Soros ) to remain in the U.S.. Deport the enemy of our nation. Also law enforcement needs to really clamp down

Thomas H
6 years ago
Reply to  Jim Darnall

Soros has been thrown out of several European and Asian countries for destroying economies and/or promoting violence.

Clark Kent
6 years ago
Reply to  Jim Darnall

Law enforcement takes its orders from political leaders. Liberal leaders won’t be having any ‘clamp down’, period. Elections have consequences and this is one of them. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.

6 years ago

Back in the 60s when people were protesting the war they sent in the national guard and the police and broke up the protests. These vial ignorant people should not be allowed to intimidate burn or break anything or anyone. The moment they do they should be arrested, tear gassed or blasted with water!

6 years ago
Reply to  mike

Perhaps there might come that time for President Trump to call in the National Guard troops to help restore law and order in this country! Things are just getting out of hand and he should also go after the leaders of those causing the problems and get them arrested too. Who needs foreign terrorists when we have our own “homegrown” idiots causing all the problems??? God help us and America!

6 years ago

An-Archaea comes from the Greek and means without a leader. At this extreme, there is no law. The riots we see are not driven by anarchy; the riots are the preferred tool of the totalitarians. Recommend naming these folks who they are; they are totalitarians and their end game is total power.

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