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AMAC Calls for Peaceful Opposition to Violent Protesters Bent on Anarchy

There is plenty of proof that organized agitators are behind attempts to substitute mob rule for the rule of law

WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 17 – “Anti-government protesters seek to disrupt the work of our nation’s elected officials on a scale never seen before,” says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.  “And former President Obama says he approves,”

In fact, Weber notes, 10 days after he left office Mr. Obama’s spokesman issued a statement saying, “President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country,”

The AMAC chief points to the fact that the protesters appear to be well organized, earning the moniker, Obama’s Army.  That’s how the New York Times described the phenomenon.

“It is, indeed, a phenomenon because it is a serious breach of the tradition that former presidents do not criticize their successors, at least not to the extent that the current former president is doing.  By his own admission, he is part of an orchestrated movement to turn us into a progressive country.  The group, Organizing For Action, grew out of President Obama’s first campaign for the office.  It has been given new life in the wake of President Trump’s victory in the 2016 Presidential Election.  Its Web site clearly states: ‘OFA is committed to mobilizing and training the next generation of progressive organizers’.”

Weber says that there is “no substantial proof yet” that paid protesters are behind the widespread disruption of the Trump Administration and its elected and appointed officials and supporters.  But, there is plenty of proof that organized agitators are behind attempts to substitute mob rule for the rule of law, proof that organized agitators are taking the lead in the violent intrusions at Republican events.

“However, the vicious and unprecedented nature of the protests does suggest that these are not typical activists who show up to voice their views.  For example, when newly confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos showed up recently at a Washington DC school she was physically intimidated.  And, it was all caught on camera.  The TV news coverage showed agitators blocked her way in a very intimidating manner similar to how a visiting American official might be greeted in Venezuela.”

Weber also points out that violent protests have been disrupting Republican town hall meetings across the country recently.  And, he says that even some sympathetic observers are shocked at the ferocity and intensity of the protesters.

“But, at the same time, it is incumbent upon us, the silent majority, to let our elected representatives know how we feel on the issues in a respectful and civil manner.  That is why we are growing our grass roots efforts by establishing local Chapters all across the country.  We must counter the efforts of these divisive groups with a show of strength and not allow them to have the center stage and create a false impression that the people are behind them.  There is no place for violent protesters to be permitted to disrupt our society and we call on law enforcement agencies to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.”

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Weber says that there is “no substantial proof yet” that paid protestors are behind the widespread disruption of the Trump Administration and its elected and appointed officials and supporters. What do you call OFA if not a paid and professional protest group? These people are not working for free and their organizing and agitating efforts all take a substantial amount of money to sustain. There are many more groups out there and they have not been hiding what they are doing.


The fact that Obama approves of the protesters and the disruptions is nothing new. The EX President should be brought up on TREASON. He has been saying, and doing things and making every effort to undermine and destroy our Great Country since the day he walked into the People’s House in Washington, D. C. He has been a most arrogant and despicable person, and continues to be since his departure.

James Wildrick Jr

No doubt Obama and George Soros behind this anarchy.President Trump has got more positive things done in four weeks than Obama in eight years.obama will be known as the most devisive and incompetent president ever.No accomplishments for the good of our country.


the protesters arrested for violent protesting should have follow up the same way police do with drug dealers, where if you give up the next person above you in the chain of command, we will cut you loose. this will lead you to the top trouble maker whether it be george soros or obama himself.


Do you want to know why there are so many “leaks” coming from the Trump administration. It’s was planned by Obama! About 2 weeks prior to leaving office, Obama changed the rules for the NSA. The NSA is the agency that listens to all the phone calls, text messages, computers etc. They had strict rules about disseminating this raw information to the other 16 intelligence agencies. Under Obama’s new order, the NSA releases all the raw data to those 16 agencies. The left wing has “friends” in many of those agencies who give them the data. That’s why Trump’s phone calls with Mexico, Australia, etc. were given to the biased media within hours. Try to stop all those leaks. Obama is trying to form a shadow government!

Roland Morris

Bet George Soros & Barak Obama are not submitting 1099’s & W2’s on the paid agitators. If not they should be arrested & prosecuted


We live in such a lawless society! Disrespect for authority. Pride and arrogance is running rapid. I am tired of hearing, “I HAVE RIGHTS”! This ‘RIGHTS” stuff has progressed into a license to do, ‘ANYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE THAT THEY WANT’. You also have responsibilities, duties, consequences and obligations in an ordered society! These people have been taught to ‘do your own thing’. Relativism! Out right disregard for following the law. Most of these liberal progressives lefties believe they are either above the law or are the law! There is very little swift justice in our society anymore. The college educated professional lawyers and courts play at law not uphold their duty to execute (enforce) the law. The criminal mind sees this and says, what’s the worst they can do to me. Judges have a duty to protect the rest of the law abiding innocent people in society! People who… Read more »


THIS IS NOT FAKE NEWS!! George Soros is and has been the Obama Puppet Master for 8+ yrs. He has taken over the Democrat Party, and is financing, setting up all these organizations to tear down America, so he can walk in as King Soros, the greatest puppeteer. Money! Greed! and Power! Our only hope is that “CHRIST” comes, before America falls and we are servants to the Devil himself! Wake Up ALL you Good GOD believing people, before it is too late!!


Walk softly and carry a big stick.


Need proof !!! Where are these passive people hiding in bunkers ?? Just look anywhere you chose to get you information and the vile the nut job media is spewing out . Mr. President don’t listen to these nuts stop talking and engaging and continue pressing on your thank less job . There is much work to be done you will NOT get any help from those who say their are even in your own party , you will be questioned at every turn by these passive people and you knew all along will will never get help from the nut job media . You will deal with so called Americans who will leak top secerts to the harm of this great land for their own evil purposes . The security forces of America are paid to do their JOBS to protect all Americans so when Americans gathers and other… Read more »


Is it not time to stop feeding into the narrative that these groups are “progressive”? They think that by avoiding describing themselves as “socialists” they can disguise their socialist agenda by calling themselves “progressives”, a hijacked term for advancing something “positive”. Unless we are willing to change the narrative, we will assist them in “progressing” this country over the cliff.

Tom Wilde

What the Muslim/Communist Obama and his Dhimmicrat Party pals are doing is nothing less than insurrection. Treat it accordingly.

I have nothing against genuine protest, it’s part of our Constitutional freedom. THIS garbage is not protest. This is paid for violence organized by Globalists who seek to destroy this country.

Setting up an obstructive “shadow government” within the legal government, rigging elections and thundering constant anti-American hate through the media is revolt. Calling for armed resistance and assassinations and rioting, looting, burning and assaulting people to force political change is revolt.

Open fire when they get violent. Arrest the revolutionaries calling for the end of the Constitution. Then watch the Safe Spacers slink back into their cubby holes to curl up around their coloring books and sip warm mother’s milk to reassure themselves.

Sounds bloody minded? No, it’s national survival and We the People have a RIGHT to defend ourselves.

Jim Darnall

What is shocking about these protests is the unchallenged violence allowed. We all know where the funding comes from so why do we allow this man( George Soros ) to remain in the U.S.. Deport the enemy of our nation. Also law enforcement needs to really clamp down


Back in the 60s when people were protesting the war they sent in the national guard and the police and broke up the protests. These vial ignorant people should not be allowed to intimidate burn or break anything or anyone. The moment they do they should be arrested, tear gassed or blasted with water!


There is no other way to put this than it is an antiAmerican effort to turn our Republic into a socialistic one. Former President Obama has given us eight years of rhetoric and executive orders that are opposed to the values that America was founded on. President Trump may not be the most elegant speaker but he understands the problems created by the former Administration and is determined to restore America’s greatness.


I thank DENNIS, immensely, because he hit the reason for all of the protests – George Soros pulling the strings on Obama and the rest of the left wing. Nothing more need be said re who is behind this. The American people (have to admit by their votes) gave Soros the room to go deeper into destroying America by the Obummer administration spreading his socialism. The last four years almost put the “last nail” in the coffin, but along came Donald Trump!! In reality, the hysteria also represents fear of the Trump administration! Remember – Trump in his own words is going to “drain the swamp”. Now all the snakes are gasping for air,, because the poison is being removed!! Last, but not least, I’m extremely disappointed re what Dan Weber said about no proof that these are planned and paid for riots, This is a low blow to all… Read more »


Look at Obama and Soros for funding, training, giving locations to agitate. This is not normal with paid agitators burning, damaging and attacking people. If this is not brought under control soon, people might start dying from those who are targeted for attacks.


Under LBJ in the 60’s a law was passed that clergy cannot be political or their church will loose their not for profit status. President Trump has lifted that law recently from what I am reading online (God Bless him!!) I know, I’m retired clergy. I was in a meeting outside of church where there was another clergyman who refused to give his name because, “I do not want the IRS to know who I am and take my church away.” It appears, if you are Black clergy, this does not apply. For the last few years at least, IRS agents have been in the congregations monitoring from what I read.


“Heartened”? Change that to “AGITATING”. The obamanation is a community agitator. His “reign” as president is over but he doesn’t think that. He is trying to run a shadow government using the uniformed and gullible. His administration did as much as possible to tear down the country and usurp the Constitution. He is a traitor, plain and simple. The time for PC is over. Call him what he is…

Joseph ODonnell

I will attest to the efficacy of the idea for prepared non-violent resistence to these organized violent protests. On March 17, 2007 I took part in a Gathering of Eagles (G.O.E.) protecting our national monuments, especially the Vietnam War Memorial, from being defaced by anti-war activists from A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). A.N.S.W.E.R.’s goal was to disrupt Washington, shut down the government and deface National Monuments which they felt glorified war and the racist policies of the United States. Just showing up was enough to prevent the protesters from seeking to destroy monuments which were erected to the memories of those who sacrificed liberty, family and in too many cases their lives in order to defend Our Nation. The protesters numbered between 10 and 20 thousand, while the Gathering of Eagles showed up with 50k plus. There was no violence on the part of the G.O.E.… Read more »