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AMAC is pleased to introduce the AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan, now available to all AMAC members and their families.

The AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan is the strongest, most benefit-rich plan available in the market today, at prices that make it affordable for all. If you currently have a dental insurance plan, please contact us so that we can upgrade you into the AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan. There is NO WAITING PERIOD to receive benefits if you are switching from an old plan to the AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan.

The AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan is guaranteed issue, COVERS IMPLANTS, CROWNS AND DENTURES, and you have the option of a maximum annual benefit up to $5000 per person! We negotiated long and hard for our members and feel that we’ve really come through for you with this plan.

If you don’t have dental insurance coverage, then there’s never a better time to secure it. Premium is based upon the plan…not your age…or where you live…and has over 673,000 points of contact where the insurance can be used! (Note: the plan is not available in ME, MN or WA …unfortunately)

The AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan also has a Vision plan that can be added as an option. And don’t forget to ask about the Rewards Program that automatically comes with every AMAC Bright Idea Dental plan!

We are very excited about this new benefit and we know you’ll be as well! Call today: 888-962-4545.

PLEASE NOTE: Medicare typically pays almost nothing toward Dental Coverage. If you currently have any form of Medicare, please call in to get a review of your plan!

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Jim Barnett #1303086-1

I do not want to talk to any one I want to see the plan in writing and see what dentist in my area (88001) will cover the insurance. If you can provide this along with the cost I would be willing to change plans if the coverage is right. I now have met-life dental.

Edward Augstein

I don’t need a salesman. I need to see the plans. Lack of info on the site is a BIG red flag.


Why can’t you just post what the plan offers? I don’t want to talk to anyone, I would rather read what the plan offers on my own time.

Michael Finley

If I could actually see, read about the plan details, offers, I would be more inclined to actively look into joining, purchasing. If I like what I can read about without a salesperson, then I will contact them. Kind of a non starter for me.


Where is the integrity of Amac when all these people including me just want a hard copy of the Dental Plan coverage’s to see if it’s worth signing up for?

JB Yarb

I had big hopes to ditch AARP which I joined solely for their dental insurance. Your lack of transparency about your plans sends potential consumers running. Why hide behind a “first you must take the bait” approach? Bad business tactic.

Theresa Morgan

I want to see the dental plan in writing along with the cost of the plans. Don’t want to talk to anyone. My time is valuable and just want to see online what you are offering.

Megan Phelan

I am laughing so hard at these comments! I FEEL THE SAME WAY! I dont wanna talk to anyone i just want to LOOK at something and weigh my options! Very disappointed!

Nancy Nickless

I am with all the others. I also want to see the plan.


Just show members the plan!!!

Gib Kassing

I’d like to see the coverage benefits along with plan maximums and costs. A dentist list in my surrounding area will also be appreciated.
G. Kassing


Why tiptoe around the actual plans and costs, as it’s very frustrating? I read some where that AMAC also offers eye care with the dental plans and now I cannot find it. I like to read up on benefits instead of talking with a sales person. Please put it in type for us to read on the screen.


I agree, 100%. Providing a personal contact is great resource for some of Amac’s members, but forcing all members to talk to someone, salesman or advocate, denies members access. I’m sure many people react like I’m about to do. That is, give up on Amac as a resource and look elsewhere.

Margot Martin

Where can I get a hard copy or website page that lists the benefits of the plan and its options? Also is this a true PPO or do providers need to be part of a network?


I would like to see a plan in writing, so I can compare with what I current have and not happy with.

Connie Hayes

All of these comments are exactly my feelings. I will NOT chat on the phone with an agent or salesperson who just want to make a commission! Give me details in writing so that I can review and see if I can afford it and if it will give me what I need.

Charles H. Spencer

Would like written material on plan options and cost along with participating dentists in the 46514 Zip Code area. Not wanting to talk to a sales person at this point.

Kathi Marks

I just want to see the plan and if there are dentists either in Missoula or Helena are on the plan for Montana.


I am 70 years old and have NEVER found a Dental Plan that was anything but!!!! What monies I did spend was a total waste. I need some serious work and hoping even at this late date in my life, I can improve the looks of my teeth and, hopefully, bring back my smile…which I try real hard not to, as even my front tooth is chipped. I do, cannot, plan to spend endless of thousands of dollars…only to look good in a coffin. I am anxious to find the right fit and start going forward, as it will takes months + to restore even to a minimum level. I also have a Spouse that has great teeth, but needs cleaning and whitening…and maintenance going forward. Thank you.

Kiel Barnekov

I can review plan details on the AARP website. I currently have a dental plan through AARP. Coverage is very good but it is very expensive. Until I can review the plans cost and benefits from AMAC online, at my leisure without speaking to a sales person, I will not be considering AMAc.