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AMAC: Expect an ‘Avalanche’ of New Regulations in 2013

President Obama has earned for the country a new nickname, ‘the Regulation Nation’ – 

BOHEMIA, NY, Jan 11 – An avalanche of new regulations in 2013, and beyond, will have a profound impact on each and every American, warns Dan Weber, president of AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“For starters, there’s the Obama administration’s latest Regulation Agenda which contains tens of thousands of pages of new rules that will have a more than $123 billion impact on us.  The shame of it is that we didn’t see it coming.  President Obama’s Regulation Agenda was supposed to be published last spring, but was delayed for no explicable reason until the Friday before Christmas – in the midst of the Holiday Season when no one was looking,” Weber explained.

The AMAC chief noted that in just the last 90 days of President Obama’s first term his administration issued more than 5,500 proposals for new regulations.  “So this is just the beginning of a new onslaught we can expect in the next four years.”

John Malcolm, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, said the regulations are pervasive.  “They control the cost of the products that you buy, your living conditions, your work conditions, limit the kinds of activities that you can do.”

Weber points out that there are even some direct costs hidden in the President’s agenda.  “For example, there’s a $63 per individual fee that we all must cough up designed to raise $25 billion to pay for the admitted chaos in the insurance markets when Obamacare takes full effect.  We didn’t find out about this until his list of new rules was published on December 21st.”

Regulations also serve to stymie job creation and economic growth, which will have a damaging effect on future generations, he added.

He said that perhaps Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) was right when he said: “The Administration broke the law by withholding this document due in April until the end of the year, and broke the President’s promise to be transparent by releasing it at a time when they believed as few people as possible might see it.”

Some believe that the Executive Branch occasionally uses its regulatory authority to bypass Congress because sometimes it’s easier to make rulings instead of enacting laws.  “Whether they are right or wrong, said Weber, the fact is that under this administration we’ve earned the moniker, Regulation Nation.”

According to the Heritage Foundation, President Obama issued four times as many new regulations in his first term in office than did President Bush in his first four years.


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Please contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a chat. 


The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.

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jim collander

God has finally had enough of this nation! We as a people have allowed His presence to be eleminated from schools, colleges,halls of justice and every government function. Satan is more than willing to fill the void.and has! we see his presence in every mass shooting and ask “why?” there has always been “the gay lifestyle” but never before has the nation condoned it, supported it and protected it! 6 million jews were exterminated in nazi germany, a horrible tragedy. since roe vs. wade 1973 we have murdered 60 million of our own sons and daughters!a real dilema for social security.we have sown to the wind and we will reap the whirlwind. God’s word says “if my people (Christians) will turn from their wicked ways and repent, then will I hear from heaven and heal their land.


If I remember right and someone correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the way Hitler started?


Researching property in Belize. Thinking seriously of selling out and moving there. I don’t recognize our country any longer. Obama is ramming full speed ahead in destroying our great nation. Our elected representatives are infected with the dreaded “Wimp’s Syndrome.”


Obama and his minions have the IRS, Homeland Security and Obamacare. They only thing preventing them from having total control of the American people, are our guns. They are working on that now. Whose side will our military take. Will they side us, the American people, or with Obama against us. Not a happy problem to think about is it?


Actual President Obama quote: You haven’t seen anything yet!

John Tucker

This will all be settled when Christ the King is on the throne in Jerusalem. Until then we have to be involved and fight the good fight. He has won the victory, we need only to endure to the end.

Steve H

It is indeed time to fight this group of idiot socialists and weak kneed RINOS. Th only facet we have is the House of Reps. and these ‘Americans’ need to stand up at every corner. Go ahead and vote to impeach the ..astard to set the tone.
De fund all the socialist programs, EPA, NEA, Planned Parenthood, etc. Take the money away and tell America what and why. Go to war with the “lame stream media” with the voice of FOX, Rush, etc. on our side.
The lines are drawn for God’s sake, so start the fight and communicate. The liberal left is only 20% of the population, but most of the 80% are stupid, ignorant of the real facts or too scared to fight. They need leaders who know how to lead and most with any sense will follow.


I work in the environmental industry where we analyze environmental samples. In 2009/2010 the EPA ordered an Information Collection “Request” (ICR) for waste incinerators, coal-fired plants, utility plants, and more that included a “required” comprehensive set of tasks includied testing emissions from basicly all of our energy-producing plants. A large number of sampling and testing was part of the deal. The cost of all of this was billions of dollars: at their own expense. Then the EPA came up with regulated low levels that could be emitted (on organic and inorganic compounds, metal and Hg, aldehydes, dioxins & furans, and much more) that had to be met. When tne Industries called them on it the the EPA just denied it. A large part of BO’s agenda from the biginning was to destroy our cheap and enormous amount of energy right here in our country. Folks, it working. I could go… Read more »

Mike W

I believe it was Thomas jefferson that said ” The easiest way to control a Nation is to Bankrupt it” Well folks we are on our way ! The push for Gun Control is also part of the Plan, Disarm them and they can’t revolt !! Mainstreaming homosexuality is another step in the Plan. And of course eliminating God is also on the Agenda. It’s too bad some one does not investigate the NUMEROUS Poll results where 100 % was cast for Obama and 0 for Romney, a statistical impossibility ! Every time I hear polititians call Social Security an “Entitlement” my blood boils ! I paid into the system for 50 years as an Investment. I SUGGEST EVERYONE START PRAYING HARD TO THEIR GOD FOR INTERCESSION TO HELP AMERICA IN THIS DOWNHILL SLIDE . A VIET NAM VETERAN & GRANDFATHER OF 8 (NO FOOD STAMPS, WELFARE OR FREE CELL… Read more »

Paula Murakami

I think everyone should read the book ” Dreams From My Real Father” or watch the documentary version on Netflix.
It tells about Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis who was a Communist Party USA Propagandist.
It tells about his Marxist upbringing, his mother and Acorn.
This has some shocking footage about Communism , and Black persons in the USA and has things about Obama you would never have known.
If this had been exposed prior to his first term he would never have been elected.
The info is good and scary..

Leonard Uecker

As one writer above pointed out, it is the “dumbing down” of the electorate that kept Obama in the WH. 95% of a groups’ vote is not racist?? Yes we need background checks, especially of presidential candidates who were raised in religion dedicated to destroying “infidels” , have forged birth certifcates, another person’s SS number, and a non-citizen parent. (Obama has Arabic heritage, not “African-American”) In 1948 film producer Cecil B. DeMille gave a talk to Detroit businessmen warning that America could only be destroyed from “within”. The speech was aimed mainly at unions and communism. but describes the very tactics that Obama is now using to destroy America. The speech is still available. Look for “While Rome Burns” June 1948


As G. Gordon Liddy once said “Washington needs an enema” Who is brave enough to start administering it and when do we start?


Might it be that the Republicans are rolling over in Congress because of some previous secret agreements with Obama and the Dems? It would seem that it is imminently important that this horror to America be impeached immediately and we have a Republican Speaker of the House who talks a little rough now and then, but it’s easy to talk the talk. We need someone who will walk the walk. Congress is letting us down and that is why I think they’re all in this deterioration of our great country together. It’s easy to say what should be done, but getting someone to do it is the answer. The only bright spot in all of this is that those who voted for rhis abomination to happen will suffer, too. I’m jjust sorry that we, who didn’t, are also sucked into it and I thank all of those who will admit… Read more »


Where are we headed? will we be content to be Germany 1935 or America 1774?


Obama is a socialist and has his own agenda which he will not budge from. The House of Representatives needs to stand firm regardless of anything. We must stand up to the enemy within, which is obamanation. He grew up as a follower of islam and believes in income redistribution. He grew up hating America and it shows. We are in grave danger thanks to this moron. Impeach him.


Until we can get a handle on our school systems, (teacher’s unions), we will continue to fund a substandard educational system that continues to “brainwash” our children that it is wrong to excel. It is important for conservatives to work to change this situation by working to get laws passed to limit the power of these unions and bring back education in our schools. I think this movement needs to start a a very local level by working to inform voters what the unions are actually doing to our schools through letter writing, emails and putting pressure on our state representatives to act. The time is right as I believe there will be more listeners in the near future as taxes continue to rise and regulations continue to stifle innovation. Even the uninformed will start paying attention when the government continues to try to tell us what to eat, what… Read more »

Elizabeth Miller

I too have watched the direction this nation has been going in for the past 40 years. When I was a young women I was a Democrat. They paint a picture of a world through rose colored glasses. Everyone will have the good life everyone must be treated fairly and respected. Behind the scenes it is a very different picture. It is about power, money, and control. Especially control. Control of every part of a persons life, income, care, control of what the people hear and see. I clearly see parallels with the Democratic Party that are similar to what happened in Germany prior to world war two where the German people fell for the same lies to only be conquered and terrified. They too had a media that was totally in line with the government. It started with eliminating the weakest in their populations, unborn children, the mentally ill,… Read more »

Mark Steven

Unfortunately the folks listened to Romney. Romney said,
“If you want more regulation and higher taxes vote for Obama.”And that’s what they did

The electorate made their decision. It’s not any politicians fault.
I blame the people of the United States. They heard both sides. Romney was clear and to the point.



For 4 years I have read, over and over, how Obamarama keeps breaking the law, yet the lily-livered Republicans do nothing. When we have a president (of sorts) who continually breaks the law, should not impeachment be the obvious next step?

m. finneran

I do not own a cell phone, I try to keep my expenses down. I drive a 17 year old car that is paid for. I served honorably in our military. I am a very charitable person (my wife calls me a sucker). I really support the country and try to make things work. However, every time I go to WalAmart I see woman with to 2 kids under 5 and pregnant shopping with food stamps while talking on their cell phones . They are not even trying to help the country out. Is this what we are about to become?