AMAC Attends Values Voter Summit in D.C.

AMAC associates Rebecca Keiffert and Dave Weber had a chance to meet former speaker Newt Gingrich at the Value Voters Summit in Washington, D.C.

“It was incredible to have the opportunity to meet with former Speaker Gingrich.  It was also nice of him to take a moment to say hello to us, despite his busy schedule.

The Value Voters Summit itself was an inspiring event to be a part of, especially being there on behalf of AMAC members.” said Dave Weber


AMAC Associates Rebecca Keiffert and David Weber meet with Newt Gingrich

We had a chance to see and listen not only to Governor Mitt Romney, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Joe Gibbs, but also some lesser-known speakers that reminded me of how great it is to be an American.  I’m hopeful that next years’ summit will be even better.”

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