AMAC Action On Capitol Hill

AMAC Attends Social Security Hearing on Capitol Hill

andrew-mangioneAndrew Mangione –  Washington, D.C. – 4/26/13 –

“As the legislative season has moved forth into spring, AMAC continues to increase its operational tempo in Washington DC. In addition to our regular interfacing with key offices, committees and caucuses, we continue to constantly monitor the movements and activities of the 113th Congress. On Friday, April 26th, AMAC attended a hearing held by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Social Security entitled, ‘Challenges Facing the Next Commissioner of Social Security.’ Focused on a priority of paramount importance to AMAC members, this hearing comes at a pivotal time, particularly given the fiscal policies of the Federal government, the enduring state of our economy, and the many concerns regarding the future of Social Security. With the selection of a new Commissioner, a host of specific issues rises to the fore once again, many of which were addressed by both Committee members and witnesses. Chiefly among these issues are how the program should or could be modernized, strengthened, and made solvent over the long haul. Committee members raised a number of important points in the hearing – touching on topics ranging from the long-term solvency of the program to more technical aspects of administrative efficiency; AMAC has already begun to help Congress answer some of these important issues through our direct engagement with member offices and committee staff.

Moving forward, AMAC members can fully expect the Congress to continue addressing these challenges and raising the necessary questions. At the same time, our members can fully expect AMAC to maintain acute observation of Congress and executive policymaking in DC, and to do our utmost to respond with timely information, experienced insight, and swift action on these crucial issues.

AMAC fights for you!”

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9 years ago


Edward Durfee
9 years ago

Glad to see that we have “Boots on the Ground” in DC. Thanks for your dedication and service to the membership. I got a chance to meet Andrew this evening and he is an inspiration for us all. Thanks again and look forward to working beside you to defeat our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

2000 Years of Questioning Authority
9 years ago
Reply to  Edward Durfee

Maybe this country would actually make some progress if we started working together for a change instead of maintaining this constant “at war” footing! Seriously, have you thought about those on your “side” with “boots” on the ground who would propose privatizing Medicare for those under age 54? It is not a workable proposal, and Amac is doing little to stop it or push back! And never forget, we are all in this together. Your so called “ememies” are also paying their taxes to support the services you use and enjoy!

Earl Grunden
9 years ago

Two or three years ago, I used to be a member of AMAC. Unfortunately due to financial hardships I had to drop it. It is a great organization. Thanks for giving conservatives like me a senior citizens organization that reflects our conservative beliefs. Thanks again, Earl Grunden

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