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AMAC Applauds Introduction of SAVE Medicare Home Healthcare Act


By – John Grimaldi

WASHINGTON, DC, July 15 – The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) today applauded the introduction of the Securing Access Via Excellence (SAVE) Medicare Home Health Act introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives.  It provides relief to American seniors in need of home healthcare who are at risk due to 14 percent, four-year Medicare cuts implemented on January 1 as part of Obamacare.

Medicare cuts of 14 percent to home health services included in the Obamacare law are estimated to directly impact some of the 3.5 million mature Americans across the country who currently receive Medicare home health services.  Furthermore, Obamacare’s Medicare home health cut will force thousands of small businesses to cease operations and close, costing nearly 500,000 home health professionals to lose their jobs.

AMAC further notes these cuts affect the Medicare population’s most vulnerable demographic—older, sicker and poorer mature Americans.  Some of these people will now be forced to seek care in an institutional setting, driving up patient and Medicare costs and putting patients at risk for poorer health outcomes.

The majority of people receiving vital home healthcare are also women. The majority of caregivers providing this care are women, and the majority of small business owners employing the caregivers are women, all of whom are negatively affected by these cuts.

“We commend Congressmen Greg Walden and Tom Price for their leadership in introducing this bill that will improve patient care while reducing Medicare spending through proven payment reforms,” said Dan Weber, Founder and President of AMAC. “Millions of mature Americans have been promised access to Medicare services – a promise the Obamacare home health cuts threaten to break.  The SAVE Medicare Home Health Act puts a stop to these careless Medicare cuts, which is what we believe is best for senior citizens and mature Americans.”

The SAVE Medicare Home Health Act achieves the same level of Medicare savings as the Obamacare cuts by creating a program toreduce hospital readmissions through incentives that reward positive patient outcomes, which will allow mature Americans to remain in their homes, where they prefer to stay.

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Nellie Odom
7 years ago

Does anyone prefer a “nursing home” to being cared for in their own home??? Sleeping in ones own bed, surrounded by personal belongings, is very comforting. When home care is less expensive, is this not a win-win situation?
Let’s save money, while better caring for those genuinely in need of help. I would caution lawmakers to protect against abuse by those not qualifying for care outside of the home. Please protect taxpayers from any unnecessary burden.

7 years ago

Good news. Now for the important questions:

How many Democrat votes can Greg Walden deliver in the House to make this a truly bi-partisan bill that, when passed and the bill heads over to the Senate, Harry Reid will have to bring up for an actual floor vote?

Does AMAC know of any other Democrat Congressmen in the House looking to get this bill passed in a bi-partisan fashion?

Does AMAC have an idea of how many Senate Democrats would be willing to support this or a similar bill in the Senate? If not, is AMAC actively trying to build interest for such a bill in the Senate?

If the answer to questions one and two is none, then we know where this bill will end up, even it it clears the House.

The only way to force Harry Reid to hold an actual floor vote is to get a lot of House Democrats to sign on to supporting and voting for this bill. Then he can’t just toss it in his office’s trash can without facing political blow-back from his own party.

7 years ago
Reply to  PaulE

This is good news indeed. I have to believe that AMAC already knows that 51 Senate Dems are on record as opposing these cuts and that they have a plan to rally them should this bill pass the House. We could see a situation where Scary Reid has no choice but to bring this to the floor of the upper chamber. Go AMAC!

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