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AMAC Appears on FOX News

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Marcia Cahoon
7 years ago

I have Aetna through my place of work. The Rx part of my coverage, in plan, requires generic. If the pharmaceutical companies succeed in removing generic for the most basic medications, I would have a serious problem with my insurance coverage.

7 years ago

without fox news i would never know how corrupt this government is. full of liers

N. Circle
7 years ago

My recent thyroid prescription for synthroid was filled and included a note saying the generic was not provided due to the fact it was more expensive. I thought generic was suppose to be less expensive. Is my medication provider playing games since I hear the drug companies are trying to combat the use of generics?

E. Barry
7 years ago

I take Advair for $40 per month (insurance co pay amount) – when I go into the donut hole it goes to over $120/month. I purchase the generic by GlaxoSmithKline (same company that makes Advair) – actually comes in same container made in the same factory in the UK – for $65 in Canada. Same thing with Spriva. Normally, my total drug cost per year is over $7000 of which I pay about $2800. If I purchase Generics from Canada my total cost is $1200 – as a result medicare and my insurance company’s are not involved. As a result,… Read more »

7 years ago

I tend to disagree because my husband takes Lipitor, tried the Generic which made him feel bad. Went to Pfizer website and found they offer a $4.00 copay card to get the name brand medication. I signed my husband up for it and he gets his Lipitor for $4.00 for one months supply which is $6.00 less than the generic so not all drug companies want to take people’s money. I don’t know of other drug companies that do this but there was no mention of income limits so seniors on this medication can certainly go there to get help… Read more »

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