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AMAC Announces Support of H.R. 6320 – “Safeguarding Care Of Patients Everywhere Act”

AMAC is proud to announce the delivery of a letter indicating our support for H.R. 6320, the “Safeguarding Care Of Patients Everywhere Act,” or “SCOPE Act,” to Georgia’s 11th District Representative Phil Gingrey, M.D.   

The SCOPE Act appropriately repeals section 1311 (h) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), or “ObamaCare,” which grants the government-appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services sole power in determining what constitutes “quality care” and how physicians should administer that care to patients.  AMAC firmly renounces the PPACA’s endowment of the broad and open-ended level of authority given to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, believing that vast power in the hands of an unaccountable government official poses myriad dangers to the future of health care in America.

As the Federal government relentlessly seeks to exert and expand its power over our country’s health care, AMAC supports the SCOPE Act’s bold legislative initiative to reign in the excesses of the PPACA.  AMAC also believes this legislation is vital to maintaining the authority of state medical boards, in preventing the Federal government from making arbitrary decisions about what constitutes “quality care,” and to preserving the doctor-patient relationship.

AMAC will continue to advocate on behalf of the American people – especially senior citizens and prospective retirees – who remain concerned about their ability to access quality health care in the future.  You can fully expect AMAC to keeping battling for your interests and welfare in our Nation’s capitol!                

AMAC Fights For You!”

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Yes!! Obamacare must be ended. Fix our insurance systems so everyone can afford it. Most people don’t mind paying for insurance, as long as it doeswn’t take half their pay and still not get the care they need.

I’ve talked to two of my doctors. Both have stated that they will quit taking Medicare patients when ObamaCare takes hold. Obama promised that we could keep our doctors, but he didn’t promise that our doctors would keep us. One doctor said that he would go to a cash basis. The other said that she would leave the country. She came here because of the American Dream. With ObamaCare it takes away that dream. We need to vote Romney as president so he can repeal ObamaCare. Then our older system can be adjusted so insurance is more reasonably priced. There will always be a need for a safety net for the very poor. I don’t have a problem with that, but it can’t be for 30,000,000 people.

REMEMBER: we MUST also vote our Senate and House members in line with our presidential choice so he doesn’t have a brick wall to get through to repeal Obomacare! Watch what you and your friends vote for locally!

Let insurance companies go across State lines, and Tort Reform LOSERS LOSERS PAY. Also lawyers can not take more than 20% of what ever the PLAINTIFF won. It would reduce the insurance cost of hospitals and Doctors the only ones who would lose will be the LAWYERS

I’m not comfortable with supporting any bills to improve medical care until ObamaCare is repealed. Anything new just adds another layer to the mess, even if it’s supposed to help. What I’d like to see is going back to clinics where people who don’t have their own physicians could go and pay according to their ability to pay, but with a minimum that must be paid by everyone for every service and prescription they receive. These clinics could be much more in tune with what those of us who believe in nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and an avoidance of pharmaceutical solutions want in medical care. Why should we have to subsidize those who think popping pills and running to the doctor every time they sneeze is the path to health? At the clinics I envision, there would be one nurse on duty to tell people which natural or over-the-counter solution is… Read more »

I applaud AMAC for its “fight” for and support of the SCOPE Act.

Did you know that Obamacare pays for illegals while ?
Dems are looking out for the “New Americans” while they get rid of us old folks!

I would be sooo happy to see an article with a simple, clear explanation of medicare changes that are coming under Obamacare. With short, simple sentences. I would show this to many seniors I know who are Obama supporters. The articles I’ve seen are too complicated and the seniors don’t understand what it means. I encourage all doctors to send out letters stating they will limit medicare patients after January 1, 2013, so seniors will get the message and vote against Obama.

We are a small company with three employees and three dependants. We’ve been struggling for 3 years now to pay for a medical insurance policy that is $2300 a month. We’ve just found out that our same policy is going up to $3000 a month. And they call this an “affordable care act”? I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do.

The purpose of Obamacare has nothing to do with making medical insurance or medical care more affordable. It’s simply a mechanism by which the federal government takes over the health care industry in this nation. It’s all about control by those that sit in Washington.

Couldn’t Romney simply use an executive order to allow states to opt out? Since most states would, the few remaining would realize that they are sharing the load with the other “welfare” states and are better off going it alone.

We should remember that not one Republican voted for Obamacare. I for one think it is time to reward them for that,and vote Republican up and down the ballot.

I worked in health care for a long time! It seems to me that no one wants to admit the many insurance adjustors, more often that not without medical training, who currently come between the patient and the doctor. The solution is not to throw the baby out with the bath water, but to tweak the details. Face it, the current health care ‘system’ is broken. It is a sickness management system, that’s all.

The ‘system’ is broken! But fix it, don’t punish it. We need good health care in this country. Start fixing it by allowing insurance to be carried from state to state. That will eliminate a lot of pre-existing denials. Second, start looking for and eliminating insurance fraud beginning with Medicare and Medicaid, which Obama promised to do in his first year in office. Third, Tort Reform is long overdue in this country. Frivolous health claims drive up docs medical malpractice insurance premiums which drives up their fees. They are also afraid of suits against them and over test which creates horrendous costs to everyone. Why does the greatest health care on the planet need to be cheapened? Why isn’t it allowed to be enhanced. The medical breakthroughs in the last 20 years will go unfunded and we will quit finding cures that will save the lives of our children and… Read more »


No – the real problem is that the system would be better if the government
removed itself from the “system”. Right now enaction of this “O”bominable
medical edict will force really good doctors and nurses to remove themselves
from the system rather than subject themselves to longer days, unending
additional patients, less money and patchwork medicine….Really good
medical care will belong ONLY to the Congressmen who voted for us to
be under this czarist act.

Remember what President Reagan said ” The most frightening words you can hear, I am from the Government I am here to help”

For a broken system, it sure does a lot of good. Only broken part is the govenment part.

I’ve worked with Medicaid, Medicare & Private Insurance and the latter may have faults but is miles ahead of the first two.

Oh yes, did I mention, the first to are budget breakers, so why not add a third. What could go wrong?

Isn’t that what this bill and this post is about–tweaking the details? Maybe “details” are in the eye of the beholder.

It is already happening, even before obamacare takes full effect. When my friend recently went to her doctor, she was informed that he was no longer accepting medicare patients & that as of January 2013 he would only be seeing 300 medicare patients at any given time. The letters have already gone out to all but 300 of his existing medicare patients. He selected those 300 by whoever happened to ask first to remain a patient. The rest are left to go try to find a doctor that is still accepting medicare patients. This sounds cold, but the doctor explained that due to obamacare, starting in 2013, the government will be reimbursing him much less than what his costs are to care for medicare patients so he has no choice but to not accept them or go out of practice. This is what we all have to look forward to… Read more »

AMEN, I Share in this prayer to our FATHER in HEAVEN! I trust that HE will be with us if we are with HIM!

Of course when Obamacare fully kicks in and there will be millions of complaints B Hussein Obama will blame all the problems It is Bush’s fault

Katherine, educational consultant

Obama “Care” must be repealed. That means we all must VOTE in this PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. We also need to encourage ALL others to vote. Change can come. WE can do it!

People have to realize that Obamacare MUST be repealed! This is an abomination of epic proportion. How in the world can someone in DC be able to determine what medicall care I will or not need… depending on my age? Or what , if any, treatments elderly people can have. Care is suppose to be between a patient and his or her doctor….NOT some beaurocrat in Washington DC. I sincerely hope and pray that people will understand that our health care is heading in the direction of Europe’s, if Obamacare is not repealed… Wake up America… wake up and vote Obama out of office before it is too late……

NO, Donna! Obama Care is what not what needs to be repealed? The Democrat elitists need to be removed from elective office so that you and I and our loved ones may once again be free!

In addition, remember that Medicare is the most regulated industry in our country today, with nuclear waste second. The regulations are contained in books, as are the many companies hired by the government to audit providers. Private companies exist to teach health care providers how to comply with the multiplicity of, and frequently conflicting rules, or how to navigate the Medicare maze. The health care bill creates 159 new regulatory agencies, all writing their own new regulations. Do you have any idea of how much it costs providers simply to ensure they are following these rules?

Follow up on CCB’s about seniors not knowing obamacare? I think the congressmen/women don’t know what is in it!!!!!
And may not CARE!

The congressional filth don’t care what’s in ovomitcare because their health care programs are vastly different from ours, the slaves’. They live in a rarified atmosphere and don’t know what their slaves endure, nor do they care one bit.

The Congress won’t care until they have to live under the same healthcare and retirment plans with the same restrictions as the rest of the country. It’s always those who are exempt from regulation that seem to know what’s best for those of us who aren’t.


Remember that Congress, the president, etc. do not have to go under Obamacare. They opted out.

You Go Brother!

Obama talks a good game. Obamacare gives the HHS Secretary to much power. It’s a constant in the bill that the HHS Secretary will determine our coverage. I also understand that the “death panels” will not have any doctors on that board but just money people. Any senior thinking of supporting Obama shoud be aware of this and also know and believe how much money is taken from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Also, Medicare Advantage is going away. Off my soapbox now.

In this case, AMAC has taken the wrong position. The correct approach is the total repeal of ObamaCare, not trying to make the incredible mess ObamaCare will create simply somewhat less onerous around the edges.

Concur that Obama Care should be repealed in its totality, but since it won’t be, AMAC’s position is one of many smart moves it should continue to make to render OC powerless.

No, I believe AMAC has taken the CORRECT position. I do not believe Romney will repeal Obamacare if elected to POTUS. Everyone should support any congressman who stands against government health panels.

Romney will seek an appeal…Roberts sold us out….why?…don’t have a clue unless he was threatened in some way we don’t know

Romney will do everything in his power to do something about this…I know it in all my being he will

We must stand with him and we must not allow the Obama in again…EVER !!!

It’s not that Romney “will not” repeal Obamacare, he “cannot” repeal it. Remember that the President cannot repeal anything. It’s the job of Congress. So WilliamB is partially correct. What he can do, however, is encourage Congress to repeal it and then sign the legislation. Support any candidate to Congress, both the House and Senate, that is favor of repealing Obamacare. And support Romney who will most certainly sign the legislation to repeal.

I’m sorry, but I totally disagree with this article by AMAC of supporting this Act HR 6320. The only Act anyone should be supporting is one that repeals Obamacare in its entirety. When we start discussing other ways to get around this obamanation we lose sight of the original goal, which is to get government OUT OF OUR HEALTHCARE. If Romney wins this election we all had better stay on his case until he fulfills his campaign promise of REPEALING OBAMACARE as one of his very first actions as President. And if we don’t. then get in line at the doctors office.

Stay in touch with your congressman and senator. I wrote to my congressman about this subject and he wrote back that he is deeply concerned. Let them know constantly what your concerns are. Don’t let up! If you have C-SPAN, watch the House, Senate and various hearings to keep informed about what is happening in Washington as well as to see which congress persons are concerned about the people as opposed to those who are only concerned about the next election. We need to wonder about what kind of person would even think about changing our wonderful health care system into this disaster. If there improvements needed, then make those changes, but DON’T GET BETWEEN MY DOCTOR AND ME when it comes to my health! Be sure to vote this administration out of office or be ready to accept minimal, if any, health care. BE SURE TO VOTE!!!

We are going to have a coin flip decide if we can get treatment but we will pay as if all is fine.