AMAC Ambassador Leadership Program

If you feel strongly that our freedom,which is guaranteed by the constitution, is being threatened, that government is getting out of control and that our way of life is under attack, then we want you in our Ambassador Leadership Program.

Roles of an AMAC Ambassador

  • Develop a web of influence by introducing AMAC to prospective members and help them enroll. Membership, including spouse, is only $16 for 1 year, $42 for 3 years and $59.95 for 5 years.
  • Speak the virtues of AMAC to civic groups (Rotary, Chambers, Veterans, etc.).
  • Keep AMAC informed about issues that could adversely affect our members so that we can act quickly to protect our members from those who would do harm.
  • Be knowledgeable on all the current issues affecting 50+ citizens and share this information.
  • Encourage people to sign our petitions!
  • Help organize a local AMAC Chapter in your area.
  • Help AMAC identify additional benefits that are most needed and would be used by its members. We are constantly adding new benefits and you will be asked to help pass this information to the members.

Become an AMAC Member

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