AMAC Action’s Andy Mangione Joins Fox News to Discuss AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee

AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione visits FOX News to discuss Social Security and AMAC’s plan to make it solvent for future generations with Tammy Bruce.

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4 months ago

Thank you SusanP! Exactly correct! The Feds keep screwing it up every time they stick their hands into it and not paying back!

4 months ago

None of us were given a choice in the matter. We were forced to pay into Social Security from every dollar we earned throughout our lifetimes. Any politician who thinks he/she can get away with simply doing away with SS is in for a shock. Had I been allowed to have invested all those dollars, I and my employers had to pay into this fund, my current income would be much, much higher than the mere pittance I have coming in today. The government made promises that MUST be kept.

If there is too much going out today, then the government should STOP paying SS benefits the those who entered this country at or over retirement age and who never paid a cent into the program. The SS fund has been repeatedly plundered to support many programs it was not designed for.

The government owes every citizen who paid into the fund to reap the benefits they paid for until they have drawn their last breath. Want to get rid of the fund? The stop taking money from the people against their will and fund the program for those who have already paid in from some other source. Congress has certainly stolen enough from the fund in past years. It is time to pay that back.

Letts Brandon
4 months ago

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